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Two of them were even cousins. Ugonna and IIyod. Both of them were upcoming rappers. Big L was the winner of a popular Rap Contest show on SilverbirdTV PH called 'Turb Show'. 

It was a typical Friday until about 6pm I think when my friend in Uniport pinged me to say it had happened again!! What had happened I asked? And he said he’d fill me in he had heard his friend Big El had been killed in Aluu village..Wow!
He was obviously shaken, but then I noticed on my bbm @iconbelladon was very angry and agitated and this was by about late Friday…she was very angry and crying a lot, I heard about the guys too nah buut I wasn’t this agitated but I didn’t know she had seen the video then. So I made efforts to investigate and she said her cousin was there in uniport and he was in town, he had fed her the info and given her some pictures and she had laid eyes on the video. This news wasn’t even full blown then…
Next question,what happened?? So she sourced for information and apparently some guys accused of theft were already burnt in Aluu village a couple miles from Porth Harcourt metropolis…By now it was already gaining steam online and a few comments on it.Luckily he contacted her “Ahhhh they were not thieves o” he said, victims of circumstance again. Then he began to narrate
These guys were cultists, they went to look for someone from a rival gang and he wasn’t around so they sat outside his house to wait for him and then rolled up weed and started smoking, this was ob obviously a bad decision as this probably was what drew the attention of certain villagers who alerted the vigilantes that suspected thieves were in the area..Fast forward 10mins the vigilantes came and questioned them and found some mobile phones a laptop and some crude weapons, notably knives and cutlasses..”i don’t know if they had any gun o” he said and then they started beating these guys mercilessly, in no time there was a mob and these guys were being inhumanely beaten and planked and they even had to agree to being robbers out of immense pain just as a last hope of being freed or taken to the police….but after immense torture they were burnt to death as onlookers were watching in silence. They were but victims of circumstance and even if they were robbers would it have been right to punish mere theft with such a gruesome murder?? I pondered about this as I was watching “Young People who kill” a program on E! and I saw serial killers get away with sentences such as 25 to life in jail. Even convicted murderers were not burnt this way in the western world!! Little wonder we are generally seen as barbaric because of these crude acts commited in the 21st century!! A certain popular blogger had already started justifying these killings and she made no effort to research about it CALLING THEM THIEVES!
This Sunday morning I got a broadcast messadge from a friend who knew Big El in Port Hacourt and it read thus “People don’t even understand how this world works, whether they did wrong or right, blood has been spilled and that blood must be avenged! So even all these people putting mouth in what they don’t know have to be really careful lest they put themselves and their families on the list!
From A Friend To The Victims. ”
So to those tagging them as robbers,rapists and what not I have one question for y’all is murder justifiable?? What happened to our judicial system and the right to a fair hearing? What happened to our penal system? What happened to the police force?? Even if they robbed did they burn anyone? We are swift to judge as Nigerians what a pity!!

Rubber tyres being put on them, to be burnt with fuel.

When the story first broke, it was reported that five boys were caught stealing cell phones and laptops, and so the members of Aluu community beat them to death before the police arrived. That was the version which went viral.

Later that night, some youths took to twitter, tweeting eye witness accounts. A girl using the twitter handle @penny_sugababe sent these tweets which went viral and got retweeted so many times. She got a very serious tongue lashing from people who read her tweets which may have prompted her to deactivate her twitter account.

Adeola Adeyemo reporting for Bella Naija, was able to cull these tweets below from those who retweeted them. According to Adeola, @penny_sugababe started off  with a cynical tweet: “Gosh! So because the criminals that were killed in PH today were cute, people are calling it injustice…Smh… Nigerians sha.” Then she continued with the tweets below:         

She concluded by saying,  ”They chose a wrong path and they knew the end…. Did they expect an angry mob to pat dem on dia backs and give them ice-cream? Oh please”

“Good night folks, pray for your loved ones, never to join a wrong crowd or be misguided. The fate of those boys…. It is well.”

Someone who gave his identity as ‘Oyb’ said this on Naira Land, a popular Nigerian youth forum:  

“These armed robbers have been terrorizing the place for some time now. In fact a neighbor who moved in after paying 300k left after staying for 6 weeks dashing the landlord his rent due to the frequency of  [robbery] visits.

From what we just gathered this robbers 5 of them after robbing went to a hideout to pack the loot hoping for day to break when they will emerge from the bush and blend in like normal people but a palm wine tapper saw them and after over hearing their conversation alerted the vigilante.

The aluu community of umucholu or so have been wrongly accused in the past of aiding these criminals, some evensaid it was[accused] the community youth. The people rose as one, went to arrest them together with the exhibits and took them to the village elders who after examining them found them guilty. It was then they were taken to the nearby burrow pit where rubbish is thrown. They were given a very generous beating and later burned with fire, it appears 2 died in the course of the beating.

The tale goes that a team of police came in a van but where chased away by the community who formed a human shield and also pelted them with stones. The sister of one of the boys came around and was crying that she had been warning her brother to stay away from such bad company and that only the previous day the parents sent 60k which she gave to him. Oh well they got what they deserved and who ever says its jungle justice should have his head examined. The elders declared them guilty. This is a country where I build my house, generate my electricity, pump my water and even build my road then you talk of government? In fact I pay police monthly so that if I call within 5 minutes they should be around just in case criminals like this come my way. Anyway, typical of the situation, one of the fathers of the boy is connected and went to get Joint Task Force to come and start shooting sporadically, he later exclaimed that he gave the boy 52k earlier. It is said that the JTF went away with the bodies and I wonder what for?

They were 5 in all but 1 escaped in the process of being captured by the vigilante, 1 of the 4 had done and failed the remedial programme in UNIPORT and had been hanging around the environment which is typical of most boys and girls in UNIPORT. It is not everybody you see that says he is a student of UNIPORT that is. The other day a parent told me that he does not want his son to return to the house when it was obvious that he was going to fail out of the basic remedial program. This same guy that was buying A1 in private secondary school was scoring 144 in post UME, 136 in ISLT entrance exam and 29/100 in the remedial program. The remaining 3 are students but trust UNIPORT to soon go on air and declare to the whole world that those people are not their students. That is how we keep deceiving ourselves in this country.”

Date360, another  popular Nigerian youth forum said it contacted a student who had witnessed the whole act. According to them, the eyewitness gave these details: “ The students involved are Cultists; they went to attack someone. They were about 5 in number. On their way out, a girl saw them and screamed, this alerted people who attacked them.. One of them escaped and the remaining 4 were caught with weapons and beaten by a man [though they were already helpless and weak after being attacked by the crowd] , hitting them mercilessly and bringing them to a slow and painful death.. The man later got fuel and poured it in their mouths and lit it; burning one student! The man was stopped by the arrival of the police so he couldn’t burn the rest. They were later taken to the mortuary where the families of the deceased came to claim the corpse…the news about stealing of phones, laptops, e.t.c are all Lies, probably in a bid to stall investigations.. Since they said they were mobbed!!..”

What I could deduce from all these accounts are:

1. They were petty thieves who were brutally killed because they stole cell phones and laptops;

2. They were part of a dangerous group of armed robbers who had been terrorizing Aluu Community; and

3. They were Cultists.

All these accounts do not change the fact that young men in their 20′s were brutally beaten and killed without a chance of a fair trial in a court of law.

When has a community of elders had the authority to pass a death sentence on crimminals? Are we back in pre-colonial times? Does it mean that Jungle Justice now prevails over our country’s laws and fundamental human rights?

I am very interested in the outcome of this story. I want to see how the Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi will handle this case. Already, he has reportedly ordered the immediate arrest of the killers of the students.

The proper handling of this case shall prove to right-thinking Nigerians and indeed the international eye watching us if there is still Law and Order  in our beloved country, Nigeria.  

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Replies to This Book Discussion

In the first place i condemn the animals who murdered them.Second,it's said 'he who goes by the sword dies by the sword'.They went to kill and got killed.Does this not send enough message to the so called cultists who terrorize innocent souls in the campus.     

Innocent people lost their lives because the evil striked. Its the day that changed peoples lives for ever. That day heroes were born too and they fighted till the end. Its a scar that remind us on the tragedy that happened to this boys but it still lives on. Lets stand up together for the lost souls, may their souls never be forgotten.Rest in peace. Boys "My heart bleeds for them when I hear someone gets killed, but it’s their own fault at the end of the day , but can not blame the dead and also my heart bled for the family's affected by this calamity and my prayers go out to the affected family's , dads, mums, brothers, sister an friends May God give them the courage to overcome their huge losses and continue life with renewed enthusiasm

Why would you kill those students you foolish village champions. even if they still 1billion dollars,dont you know police station. even the most actless criminals are not killed becos blood is very very dangerious you dont know it. if with them things evil beging to happen in that village they will start looking somewhere else for the problem not knowing they caused it theirselves. do not kill so that you and your generations will not be cursed and killed also. that boy won a rap music contest in ph not too long ago i wtached it why take an important soul out of this fucking crazy world. you know you can not create even human hair why take life you cannot create. please i want that village people to be burned alive. what is the student union and student of the university still waiting for, you need to fight back in case like this,so that it wont recall again. God is love fight for your own God be with you all as you do.

Please my brother I know you are angry , let not put the law in are own hands let the police do there job . Thanks Stay blessed

this a very fatal lie. i used the word fatal to describe the depth of the lies sent by this so called peniel. i am a die hard listener of niegeria info99.3. Manny of cool FM interviewed one of the sisters and it was played yesterday morning on nigeria info. the sister never gave him 60k as reported above but rather the parents gave him 15k. secondly, one of the sisters was beating when she told them that her brother was no thief. she was accused of being the one that sent her brother to go and steal. Police men where there and they gave their blessings to the community boys to go ahead and kill them. now from all the pictures we have seen, i am yet to see the so called items these guys were reportedly said to have stolen. and why would you be particular about killing them? if the elders said they found them guilty and gave the go ahead for them to be killed, then they need to be arrested and dealt with. but the story above is a complete blatant lie.




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