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Video going round Five Boys Gang Rape Female Student Of Abia State University

Or investigations reveal that this was online already by the 6th of September 

A video clip depicting a wild sex scene is currently causing ripples at the Abia State University, Uturu. The video, Daily Sun learnt, is being circulated among the students. It could not be ascertained, however, if the incident took place within that institution, although the senders insisted the rapists and the victim were students of the institution.

The five-minute video, a copy of which is in possession of Daily Sun, shows a young lady being forced to have sex with five different young men in a room. The audio wasn’t too clear, but the lady appeared tired while the young men were excited.

The faces of the men in the clip were blurred, but the lady’s face was very clear.
In the video, the apparently fatigued girl, even begged the suspected rapists to kill her. In response, the men threatened to detain her in the room for two more days if she did not cooperate.

Those who spoke with Daily Sun on the incident believed that the young lady in the video was gang-raped. Some said the video was in parts and that some other clips beside the one in Daily Sun’s possession were also being circulated on the campus.

Investigations revealed that the video had been circulating on the campus in the last two weeks.
A concerned mother, who has also watched the video, could not curtail her anger in a letter she sent to Daily Sun.
“This lady was raped by five boys. This video going round the school is in parts. This is just a fraction of it. The girl went through this ordeal for hours.

“This rape incident happened last Tuesday and the culprits sent the video all over campus by the next day, Wednesday. I saw this video on Thursday, August 18, 2011 same week in Abia.
“Our Nigerian universities should be made safe for those of us who can’t afford to send our children abroad or to private universities. The minister of education should be informed about this. You could see it was a planned event. You see they all have their condoms on.”
It is believed that the men in the video are members of a cult.
Authorities of the institution could not be reached at the time of filing this report.




Gang Rape or Gather Do as it is called in The south is back 
Screen shot of the gang rape of ABSU student. 

A female student was gang raped by five boys in Abia State University. This incident happened Tuesday August 16th , 2011. These boys raped this girl, recorded it, passed it round their friends, who then passed it round ABSU campus.

And do you know what her offense was, why this girl was raped? She supposedly insulted one of the boys...that was all.

In the rape video, which lasts for over an hour, the girl cried her eyes out and tried to fight them off in the first few minutes, after a while they subdued her; by slapping her, rough handling her, threatening to kill her and having rough sex with her. After a while she gave in and instead of fighting, she started pleading, and after her pleas fell on deaf ears, she begged them to kill her that she couldn’t take the pain anymore. These boys laughed at her, made fun of her and told her that if she didn't co-operate, they would keep her in the room and continue raping her for two days.

Please continue to read this horrid story ... Then she starts mentioning names, saying ‘What did I ever do to you’, (they spoke in English and Igbo language) she mentioned at least two names.

And in between, you will hear her scream out in pain as one guy stands up and another penetrates her...and all the while, these boys are laughing.

In the video, you can clearly see the girl’s face; the boys faces you really can’t see clearly... but they talk a lot and one of them said he’s a 4th year law student, another one said he’s an IT student...names were mentioned...these boys can be fished out.

This girl is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s friend, and God’s creation. You cannot do this to another human being and get away with it.
culled from various sources 

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Replies to This Book Discussion

Frm my analysis of the video I just watched finally. D girl in d video is not a student but a sales girl in a shop, bcos in d video she kept on saying that she needs to get back to the shop before her aunty comes to d shop and dat she will find her back to d shop no need for dem to drop her off. She spoke in igbo if u listen very well. She wasn't screaming or fighting wit any of dem. These guys had no weapon pointed at her. I think she was lured to dat room and got more dan wot she bargained for. Now my question now is why hasn't she come forward to report to any of those guys? D reason is not far fetched. Bcos she doesn't want her aunt to know wot happened. Her aunt will of course ask her wot took her there in d first place. She must have had sumtin to do wit one of those simple and short. Guys do stuffs like dis at times. He simply arranged his frnds to have sex wit her instead of him alone. In dat video she was indirectly telling dem to hurry up dats she needs to get back tod shop b4 her aunt arrives. I believe she is still alive, why hasn't she spoken out yet? Pls   !
Anonymous said...

I attended Abia State University and in my first and second years, rape was very rampant in the school. The school is actually very well built, but lack of maintenance and the bestiality of men towards each other has been the bane of its existence.
Back then, girls would never leave alone for any destination once it started to get dark, and even then that was no guarantee of safety.
The same thing used to happen in ASUT or whatever they call it these days and IMT, both in Enugu.
One boy told us how the motherfuckers would go out and get girls, bring them to their hostels and gang bang the life out of them, i mean literally. Some of the girls were prostitutes they would pick up, mostly young secondary schools girls trying to hustle a quick buck or two.
He said sometimes, lines would form outside the room whenever there was any information that anyone had brought any girl and more than 20 twisted souls would take their turns at the poor chicks.
Back in the day, they even raped a nun that was in the school the depraved souls.I heard she rained curses on all of them, not that it dettered them in the least.
Even now, i see some of the individuals from my school (ABSU) who I know for sure were doing things like that on Facebook. Most of them are married and living in places like London, US, Germany and so on. Doesn't seem like they've suffered for their misdeeds.
Things like this are not new and the only difference between now and then is the fact that everyone has a phone with a camera or some sort of digital recording device.
Its not my intention to write an essay but I left that fucking school more than ten years ago and i'm still surprised that shit like that still goes on there even now.
Fuck the bastards. Fuck the so-called school authorities and the same to any government that will not make the environment safe for
law-abiding citizens. If it is not randy lecturers, it is cultists or
bastard rapists--that is, if the school is not on strike.
Lawless country.
Not only does the poor woman have to deal with the physical and emotional scars, she now has to contend with the fact that the animals put her out there like that.

but there is no video here to watch and see, what you just said
These guys must be apprehended and executed
from my point of view, there is a lot of inconsistencies on what you guys are saying. if you have the video inbox me.
jeez! Unbelievable! Incredible! Outrageous! Bizarre! Wot a wicked act, wot a devilish heart. Mehn! Our youths aint got consience again.anyway nowadays evryfn hapens and dt shws signs of endtym! Pls b careful




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