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Asaba:Igbo, Hausa traders clash many wounded DPO Usman Yusuf, said the violence emanated from Onitsha,

A violent clash between Hausa traders and some Igbo youths left many wounded in Asaba, Delta State on Thursday.

Over 200 northerners, most of them soaked with blood, have taken refuge at the B Division of the Delta State Police Command, Asaba, as a result of the violence.

Though, there were various versions of the cause of the violence, our correspondent learnt that some Igbo were provoked by the burial of the easterners who lost their lives in the North in Onitsha, about 15 minutes from Asaba.

The deceased were suspected to have been killed by Boko Haram.

The Igbo youths were said to have been angered by the thinking that while they were still mourning and burying their dead, the northerners in the area were going about their trading.

Some of the injured were receiving treatment at the Police Clinic and state hospital, Okwe, close to the division at the time of filing this report.

The popular Abraka Market operated by the northerners was deserted as hoodlums hijacked the situation to burgle shops in the market.

More than 10 truckloads of riot policemen were stationed at the Onitsha Bridge Head to quell the violence which took residents of the state capital by surprise.

A victim, who identified himself as Ibrahim, who had several machete cuts, said he was able to escape from Onitsha but was stopped by some hoodlums in Asaba who injured him and escaped with his motorcycle and mobile phones.

Another unconscious victim, a yam seller who had his face bloodied, recounted how he was hit on the head by his assailants while he was trying to escape.

“If not for the sake of the policemen who came to my rescue they would have killed me by now. We were caught unawares and there was no way we could have fought back as they far outnumbered us,” he said.

The Divisional Police Officer, Usman Yusuf, said the violence emanated from Onitsha, adding that the division was only trying to save the lives and property of the fleeing northerners.

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Replies to This Book Discussion

Hmmm.....Nigeria is turning into something else o!

That's what we IGBO suppose to do them long ago, they cannot be killing our brothers and sister in  the north and expect to live in peace and doing their biz in East, kill them all ,let none escape the wrath of IGBO'S, PERIOD and MATTER CLOSE

i like this...

All the igbo's should start killing the hausa's in south bcos the hausa's has killed too many igbos 4 the passed few month.

Igbo pple,kill all the hausa's in the east let the country be devided is better. Nothing like one Nigeria is time 4 the southern pple and the eathern pple of Nigerian to wake up from their sleep and start to be sending and killing those fucking hausa's/mallams, if they  want war let go to civil war bcos the so called badluck Jonathan has been used by the hausa's he is just there doing nothing.

At a time serene world is exploring the universe my fellow citizens are busy killing themselves. Just too bad and disgusting!!! When and what these hatred from brother to brother. What is so special to a tribe or ethnic group? Fellow Nigerian do not be blindfolded that other Nations could take us as refuges,never. It's better to see others as fellow citizen rather than this maddening madness. How on earth could a region call for deliberate massacre of it's own fellow citizenry. What for God's sake is wrong wIth us all? Just couldn't understand. Is this the type of Nation we want to bequest to the younger generation? We all are an embarrassment, and a wasted generation of Nigerian. We succeeded in killing the health care system we met while growing up, we killedt the quality schools we all were trained in, we failed to improved the good roads we used to schools then,led to the extinction of all the industries our parents used toWork in when we were young,we thieves all the nation resources and squandered all of the Nation's opportunities and as if that is not shameful enough we are now occupied with preaching hatred to the youth. May be punish deservedly as we are all ingrates and selfish. The youth of this Nation from 12years to 32 years I beg of you to come together to wage serious agitation against any Nigerian who is 45 years and above as we are the source of your problem and lack of progress. We are truly not good to your collective existence and successful living. And iam really serious about this. Do not blame anyone we all are the root cause of Nigeria's mountainous problems. Refuse to listen to any of us any more, we are not to be trusted, we are deceitful. Period!!!

Yusuf bashar u need serious deliverance and prayer, i know u as a muslim will try to say one nigeria, but we are not one nigeria,bcos whereever muslims is all over the world it's problem, so Easthern nija and christians in nigeria need to fight back ruthlessly against muslim north and let see who beg for peace in nija, i never see u condem killings of igbo's or christian ,instead u are talking of one nigeria, u are joking, i urge all igbo's and christians to fight back to muslim withouyt mercy let see who beg for peace in nigeria, fuck u for saying that rubish

Iam too clean to abuse anyone. You are forgiven anyway. But still maintain my prayer to God that may He save my country Nigeria. That's all I have as a Nation. And may God enables you to see the good and promise that abound in this country where you are free to enter,exit and enter again at will with or without valid passport or Visa, alive or in a dead state. Too bad you are looking at my response through a coloured glass and by so doing you could hardly appreciate the clarity of it's import. Nigeria needs prayer from all of us and that is final, my brother.

Mr Yusuf ,if u think u are good,then carry ur preaching and go to ur northern nigeria and give them that preaching to stop killing christians and none muslims, if u cannot go and preach ur fellow muslims in north that,then u better keep ur prayers in ur pocket, we good Nigerians doesnt need that ur lying and hypocritial prayers, call a spared a spared,nonesense, u are happy seeing innocent igbo's and christians been killed by ur fellow Muslims and u couldnt tell ur people to stop instead u are preaching Nigerians to pray, right ? u better stop that




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