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Disgraced Fmr Speaker Salisu Buhari of "Toronto University forged certificate" Now in UNN Governing council

FG constitutes varsities boards

1999 Nigerian speaker quits in tears over University Forged certifi...

2013 Speaker appointed to University of Nigeria's Governing Council

President Goodluck Jonathan, has approved the composition and appointments of the Chairmen and members of the Governing Councils of Federal Government-owned Universities. In a statement signed by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, some of the prominent Nigerians that made the list of the appointees include the Managing Director,

The Sun Publishing Ltd, Tony Onyima, former Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro, the Publisher of Champion Newspapers, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, former Speakers of House of Representatives, Salisu Buhari and Ghali Na’Abba, former Bauchi governor, Adamu Muazu, former works minister, Adeseye Ogunlewe, that of sports, Taofeek Adedoja, PDP chieftains, John Nwodo, Rufai Alkali and Tunde Akogun among others. The board as constituted are: Mohammed Dewu as Chairman, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Members include, former Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro, the Managing Director, Sun Publishing Ltd, Tony Onyima,

This is not the first time in 2005  he was ....

FG names Salisu Buhari (ex Con) others as board chairmen

And someone is trying to convince me OBJ is not a thief.....

FG names Buhari, Williams, Chikwe, others as board chairmen

Michael Faloseyi, Abuja

The Federal Government on Wednesday reconstituted boards of 174 federal agencies and parastatals with President Olusegun heading the boards of two of the agencies– Energy Commission of Nigeria and Nuclear Regulatory Agency.

The Script-ed Comeback of Salisu Buhari


I'm not sure if I'm the only Nigerian who is perturbed by the clandestine plot by the Obasanjo administration to return former disgraced speaker of the House, Alhaji Ibrahim Salisu Buhari, the phantom graduate of University of Toronto, back into the saddle of speakership. I hope, for the sake of our country, I'm not. I have read the recent developments regarding the possible comeback of Buhari with much grief and consternation. It seems like a plot from a well orchestrated fiction movie where the characters are well vast in the enterprise of con-artistry. From the very beginning, I have smelled a rat regarding this Buhari saga. From the fact that the IG of police refused to investigate this fellow when it became known that he had defrauded the country with his University of Toronto bogus claims, not to mention his underage status, to his sentence which many would consider a slap on the wrist, to his presidential pardon and now to his august bid to launch a comeback.

Without equivocation, these developments have the fingerprints of the presidency and other higher elements which have had a very soft spot for the former speaker. He is certainly an "Obasanjo boy" who, unlike Okadigbo, had no problems dancing to the dictates of Aso Rock. He was young and naive, unschooled in many respects and seemed the perfect person for the job of the speakership from the executive's standpoint. The president saw in him a zealous stooge who will do anything to curry favor in the eyes of the executive. In retrospect, I do not believe it was a coincident that his false credentials slipped through INEC "rigorous" checks and he was not detected before he disgraced the nation in irreparable fashion . Its all now coming back to us that this may have been a well orchestrated and perfectly scripted event from the very beginning. Hollywood, with all of its famed script writers could not have done any better.

Nigerian history is replete with politicians who have defrauded the people in many ways, but none of them, to the best of my recollection have received such quick and expeditious pardon which, for Buhari, came only ten months after his transgression against the Nigerian people. For instance, it took the federal government twelves years after the war [1982] to pardon Chief Ojukwu and thirty years [2000] to pardon Biafran soldiers, most of whom have already passed on given the passage of time. Not that these groups defrauded the country in the sense in which I have used it, but a worthy example to illustrate this point of an expeditious pardon for one group and a well delayed one for another no matter the [perceived] infraction.

It seems apparent from the very beginning when I learned of the pardon for Buhari that something was in the offing. As though, to douse the flame, the former speaker gave a press conference in Abuja denying reports of his comeback and was quoted as saying something to the effect of "at this time, there is no vacancy in the House and if there is no vacancy then there is nothing I can do. There is nothing anyone can do." Moments after this statement, came a vacancy, behold, his successor, Ibrahim Inuwa, abruptly resigned from the House for "personal reasons" and we are told it was without pressure from Buhari's supporters in the House or in the presidency. O' yes, these lawmakers must think we were born yesterday and we are all naive as they are. We should have known better that a leopard never loses its spots no matter the crocodile tears shed. Buhari, since his conviction, has be gallivanting the country preaching the gospel of honesty to young people. While this is very noble, would he have done it if his fraudulent claims were not unearthed? Wouldn't he still be our speaker today?

These pathetic finaglings certainly do not augur well with our new found democracy and with our image at home and abroad. What message do we impact on our young people when those who violate laws in the most vicious and deliberate ways, bringing disrepute to the nation in all corners of the earth are pardoned willy-nilly and are encouraged to reclaim their high positions? What then is the deterrence for such violations? The only thing one needs to do, thus, is to have uncle Sege on one's side and all will fine. This latest move by the presidency and the powers that be to reinstall Buhari as the speaker of the House may be between the ambits of the law, but it certainly runs fowl of moral law, its repugnant and absurd. It negates the much talked about fight on corruption and makes an utter caricature of this administration's resolve to fight against indiscipline.

If the former speaker feels inclined to give back to the nation, for heaven's sake, there are one million ways he could accomplish this without returning to the Speaker's position. He could do community service in the villages, perhaps, he could help market women learn how to use computers to enhance their trading skills, he could go around the country, to the universities and high schools and talk about his experience and dissuade young people from following his footsteps, he could open up a foundation and call it "The Buhari Foundation For Moral Upbringing" and preach the gospel of honesty and uprightness. The possibilities here are endless.

What is next in this well script-ed comeback? The resignation of Representative Ibrahim Ineuwa has been achieved and all Buhari needs to do now is to contest a bye-election and lo and behold he is a lawmaker again. The mind now wonders what script is been shoved down the throat of the current speaker to read to the nation as an excuse for his resignation from the speakership position to make way for Buhari to complete his comeback. I'm sure there is always that ever reliable excuse of "I'm resigning for personal reasons" he could use in his resignation speech. Who could argue with such an excuse?

Nigerians must stand up and condemn this legalistic shenanigan that is be wrought on them. They must write to the authorities and appeal to the conscience of the nation, they must take a stand and make it known that they would not be taken for a ride. We shall not be fooled a second time. The Obasanjo administration is certainly losing its shine with its assorted blunders and dictatorial tendencies. It wants to control the legislature by enthroning the "little boy" a second time in order to continue unabated in its dictatorial and undemocratic ways of imposing its will on the nation without due consultation with the National Assembly as prescribed by the constitution. Our lawmakers should resist this latest attempt by the executive and stooges of the executive in their midst to outwit them. They should act now or be prepared to abdicate their sovereignity and co-equal status to an executive that seemingly has lost sight of its role in a democratic government.

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