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Gay Marriage Fallout: American Students might be forced to Call Parents, Parent 1 & Parent 2 instead of Mom & Dad

Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says federal student aid forms will now be more inclusive.

The U.S. Department of Education has been criticized for replacing the terms "mother" and "father" with "parent 1" and "parent 2" on its student loan forms.

The change to the student federal aid form is supposed to accommodate children brought up by gay parents.

But critics say the move is “deeply offensive.”

Cathy Ruse, of the Family Research Council—which campaigns for traditional marriage—says, “I carried my children for nine months in my womb, I endured the pain (and joy) of birth, I nursed them for many months after they were born, and every morning they jump into my bed screaming, ‘Mommy!’

“But the federal government says I’m Mommy no more. I am Parent 1. Or maybe Parent 2. Mr. President, I dare you to tell my daughters I’m not their mother.”

The changes are to be brought in for the 2014-2015 student aid form.

“All students should be able to apply for federal student aid within a system that incorporates their unique family dynamics,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said in a statement.

He also said the change to the form will help the department calculate federal student aid more precisely, “as well as provide an inclusive form that reflects the diversity of American families.”

The Department of Education said in a press release that for the first time it will “collect income and other information from a dependent student’s legal parents regardless of the parents’ marital status or gender, if those parents live together.”

It said the new form will not use “gender-specific terms like ‘mother’ and ‘father.’”

Some states in America have legalized gay marriage, but the Supreme Court is currently deciding whether marriage will be redefined for the whole country.

Under Scottish government plans to redefine marriage, the words "mother" and "father" will be dropped from matrimonial law.

Official consultation documents that accompany the Scottish government’s draft bill spell out the changes to terminology.

Where current matrimonial law refers to "mother" and "father," the Scottish government plans for legislation to use the gender–neutral term "parent."

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Replies to This Book Discussion

This should be made comprehensive.Brothers and sisters should be replaced with boy and girl.What good does one expect from a nation that has no culture.From teaching children to carry guns to teaching them to insult their parents.This is a deliberate wickedness devised by satan to bring moral conduct under the submission of moral decadence.The kids will ask questions,and so called gays and lesbians would dominate the replies.Some law makers in America are confused.They are driven by a certain wind that has no direction.   





I have told many people that USA is not the country to emulate for anything morals, the country as been taking over by satan and he is dominating over them, I can never go there to leave with my Family, America is no more a country to recognise as GOD BLESS country, not only American also some so-called western country.   THE END OF LIFE AS COME, LET US BE PREPARE TO RECEIVE THE KING OF GLORY.





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