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Ghana built a refinery in less than 2 years No committee, No noise, No propaganda. Pls broadcast till it gets to mr No Shoes.

Ghana just built a refinery in less than 2 years & it will commence operation tomorrow. No committee, No noise, No propaganda. Pls broadcast till it gets to mr No Shoes.

Ghana Tema oil refinery to restart on Monday

Tema oil refinery near Ghana's capital Accra March 28, 2005. REUTERS/Yaw Bibini
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By Kwasi Kpodo

ACCRA (Reuters) - Ghana's state-run 45,000 barrel-per-day Tema Oil Refinery will resume crude processing by Monday, the plant's managing director said on Thursday, following a two-week shutdown.

"We are set to start processing this weekend - we believe that (at the) latest by Monday, TOR should be in production," Ato Ampiah told Reuters.

Ampiah said the plant had undergone an upgrade to its boilers to allow them to run on gas instead of oil.

"It's a big turn around and we expect this upgrade to save the refinery millions of dollars a month," Ampiah said.

He added that the refinery had purchased 630,000 barrels of crude oil, meaning feedstock was on hand for the restart, and that another 200,000-barrel shipment would arrive to the refinery by next week.

Sources close to the plant's labour union told Reuters the plant had been shut since April 11 due to lack of crude.

The Tema refinery has been hobbled by repeated shortages in available crude since 2008, when its main lender Ghana Commercial Bank cut off support due to unpaid debts totalling $600 million.

Ghana's government repaid the debt to the bank early last year, but officials said the refinery still remained indebted to some bulk oil suppliers.

Ampiah said that by June, the refinery would have the capacity to produce high octane petroleum as part of plans to increase its expand its profitability. Currently, Ghana imports high octane fuel and other complex refined products.

Ghana is Africa's newest crude oil exporter after starting up its offshore Jubilee field. But authorities have said the Tema refinery needed an overhaul to be able to run the domestically produced oil.

Ghana's planned $6 billion 200,000 barrels per day New Alpha refinery has secured a 20,000 barrels-per-day take-off deal in Nigeria, and is also looking to China for funds, a senior executive said on Monday.

Expected to come on stream by 2015, the new refinery, which would be the biggest in West Africa, was designed to serve the local Ghanaian market, and also target the continent's top oil producer, where attacks and lack of infrastructure had severely crimped the Nigerian crude and refined oil products output.

“We have concluded an off-take agreement with Ross International Nigeria Limited, based at Port Harcourt, for a 10 percent of the finished product, which is 20,000 barrels per day,” Merlyn Julie, Executive Chairman of New Alpha Refinery Ghana Limited, told Reuters in an interview.

“We are looking at a further off-take agreement with the River State House of Assembly government, and a US-based oil company for an additional 20 percent or 40,000 bpd,” Julie said.

He did not name the independent US-based oil company, but said it had links with Ross International in Houston, and expected a deal to be concluded within the next two months.

Many sub-Saharan refineries are small, and analysts believe only a tiny proportion of the planned refinery projects for the region will be on stream by 2015, because of a lack of foreign funding. The region imports about 1.4 million bpd of refined products, excluding fuel oil downstream, Afican consultancy CITAC said.

“There is a huge constraint on available cash flows to projects like this, although we are eliminating a lot of the risks by vigorously pursuing off-take agreements to confirm the viability of the project,” Julie said.

“We are also looking to the Far East, specifically China's national companies involved in this sector.”

He said New Alpha was also in talks with Nigeria's federal government for them to supply fuel feedstock — possibly Bonny Light crude — to the refinery, in exchange for refined products.

“The exact volume hasn't been ascertained yet, the exact mix of crude blends will depend on the configuration of the refinery,” Julie said of the refinery which was being designed to ramp up to 400,000 bpd if necessary.

Julie said Ghana Oil Company (Goil) also expressed an interest to take a minimum of 30 percent, or 60,000 bpd, of the finished product.

Ghana's 45,000 bpd Tema Oil Refinery, the country's only refining plant, was currently running at 80 percent of its capacity, due to financial problems.

A pre-feasibility study for the new project, which consists of the refinery, a terminal with loading and discharging facilities, and a tank farm with pipeline infrastructure, was expected at the end of October, Julie said.

The oil precinct will be sited in Ghana's Western Region, at the coastal port town of Takoradi, in close proximity to the Jubilee offshore oilfields.

Ghana expects oil to generate an average annual $800 million revenue for state coffers from next year, as cash from its Tullow Oil Jubilee field starts pouring in.

“The pipelines that will be linking the wells in the Jubilee Field to the mainland will be at Takoradi,” said Julie.

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Wao, soon my people shall form dozens man committee to Ghana to study how they did it. Can we learn for once that vision is not learn in classroom? It is innate and nurtured by sincerity and truth.

Nigeria needs BLOOD REVOLUTION like the one of Rolings in Ghana to weep out the people like Jonathan Ebele goodluck Mr. No shoe.  Now they share 155billion naira again,  we need to hold the bull by horn.

Why all the blame on Jonathan who has just been there for less than 2 years as an elected president? what shall we then tell Obasanjo who was there for eight unproductive years? Where is the place of the likes of Babangida, Abubakar, Shagari and the rest of the damned pack? We keep resisting every move by Jonathan to sanitise the oil industry and make it more productive and plug the leakages created by the oil mafia through which they suck the economy dry. What about T.Y. Danjuma and his friends that have occupied the choicest oil blocks for scores of years? There is no better alternative to Jonathan for now as president. The likes of Buhari and co-travellers are agents of sharia Nigeria. Q.E.D.

their sins does not justify that of jonathan.

They once called Ghana a banana republic.Which one is the banana republic?

Jona is to blame. he was fully aware of the problems on ground and still asked Nigerians to mandate him to solve them.there are a thousand and one Nigerians who are capable of solving the issues. By failing he becomes a clog in the wheel. He may as well emulate Babangida and step aside. 2 years is enough to show your worth. A chick that will become a cock is known from the day it is hatched.





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