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LASU Cult War: Black Axe maintains "forgiveness is a Sin" says More Students will DIE in Buccaneer turf supremacy

LASU Killings: Why More Students May Be Killed!
Not a few Nigerians were jolted by the news of the murder of a fast rising hip hop artiste, Damola Olaniyan aka Damouche at the gate of the Lagos State University, Ojo on Thursday. Damouche was shot twice in the head, apparently from a high caliber weapon and at close range too. Though the police have intervened and suspects have been arrested, there are fears that the war might just have started. Street Journal’s findings revealed that the cause of the shooting was a clash between members of the Black Axe and Buccaneers confraternities. Some sources on campus also disclosed that members of the Supreme Eiye Confraternity had issues with the other two groups making it difficult for the uninitiated to “know who is killing who”. 

In what appeared to be a reprisal attack, another undergraduate of the institution who was simply identified as Kabiru was killed late on Sunday around Abeokuta Street in Okokomaiko, by suspected members of the Buccaneers Confraternity. Some students were later arrested at a party in Ishashi, Okokomaiko. Street Journal’s findings revealed that more blood may still flow because the supremacy battle between the cult groups has it has its root in the indoctrination members are given in their various groups. As such the supremacy battle may continue for a while. Findings reveal that one of the tenets in the creed of the Neo Black Movement, otherwise known as Black Axe is “forgiveness is a sin”.

In other words, any insult or injustice meted out to the brotherhood or any of its members must be avenged without delay or any option of forgiveness. The Buccaneers on the other hand are known to be firm believers in their “no price, no pay” doctrine. Their simply rule is that whoever comes looking for their trouble must be given trouble in full measure. A student disclosed to Street Journal that as it stands now, “the scores currently sand at 1-1 which is not a good way to end a game, everybody is afraid because more attacks will definitely happen and at times, even the innocent can get hurt”.

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Testosterone and the ever pervading mentality of "i am better than you " amongst today's youth fuels the carnage we see in Nigerian Gangs otherwise known as secret cults that eerie animosity for the other guys is shredding the fabric of our Nation's institutions . Thank God we have not experienced the senseless Cho mentality of the average schizoid American mass murderer posing as the atypical bully or alpha male .Nigerian College Students .

Please Secret cults are nothing more than tools bandied by a system that extorts not just your sense of purpose but inserts you within a family that can and will discipline and kill you should their need arise . If the call of the wild and the zeal for wine Women & Song is truly your lot .Join the Navy or Go to Borno State or get an al qaeda application form or your local neighbourhood Kidnapping & Armed Robbery Gang in Nigeria ! They will Accept you into their fold and one day when the owner of the house reclaims his own day. You will eventually ask .. What have secret cults or gangs really done for me ? as you lie bleeding to death in college in school where you were sent to get knowledge to get understanding and now you lay dying foolishly senselessly because of some silly altercation someone else started who is now miles away safely

yeye bois.... this is lack of ignorance we have in our educational system, going to school but still remain illitrate what a shame... i wish all those cultist could read my comment ...they are all fools and if they know they are so powerful why not attack in pieces and not mass.. and see if they wont be killed...

useless stupid illiterate boyz na thunder go strike and kill all of you to hell!

I don't understand y i should join a group that i won't ve rest of mind. GOD LEAD US, YOUTH!



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