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While MTN preys on gullible nigerians with products like the mtn fastlink internet they confirm their desire to play to the gallery with such game shows that fool us into thinking they care for the welfare of the average nigerian.

A 10-year old student of King David Nursery and Primary School, Olodi, Apapa, Lagos, Anita Patrick, recently became a heroine when she won N1 million at the children‘s edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? television game show. The basic six pupil emerged the emerged the highest winner during the show organised to mark the Children’s Day celebration. Unlike other contestants who usually confess that being on the hot seat is not an easy task, Anita said not even the tricks of the host, Frank Edoho, could make her panic.
She, however, expressed gratitude to Ultima Limited and MTN, the producer and sponsors of the show, respectively.
The mother of the Edo State-born student, Mrs. Esther Patrick, said the money will be spent on her education and that of her seven-year old younger brother.




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Frank Edoho with Chimuanya ‘Aroma’ Ufodike the foremost winner of who wants to be a millionair

“Computer please take off two wrong answers and leave one correct answer and one wrong answer……you still have the opportunity to phone a friend” Those are Frank Edoho’s monologues in the Who wants to be a millionaire show .Mr. Frank, by the time am done with warming this soup, every one who will have a taste will abandon it because of its soured taste and sorry to say even MTN won’t have a friend to phone!

Some of the political opponents of the PDP once defined the acronym as People Deceiving Party, my dear reader, I am here to tell you that its not only PDP that is in this people deceiving party, there is a South African Telecommunication that was empowered to operate in Nigeria by PDP’s Olusegun Obasonjo while in office as the first Odua’s descendant to rule Nigeria for eight years, called MTN Nigeria.

MTN Nigeria has built the track record of a brand exploiting company. MTN Nigeria does not build, it exploits! How? Very simple, MTN does not believe in pumping its funds to sponsor any indigenous TV programme, it prefers to spend millions on foreign programmes that has attained success in other countries, for instance, MTN claims to sponsor Who Wants To Be A Million , the programme is running successfully in more than 100 countries all over the world , that was the record MTN saw before putting a dime into the show.Infact when the show started in Nigeria MTN didn’t  deem it fit to spend one kobo on the show, as at then it was Econet and UBA that believed in the show and supported it with adverts. When Oga Yhelo saw that the show was seriously gathering momentum, it came in and took over, there by exploiting what others have built. Another good example is the Big Brother Nigeria Reality Show (BBN) that was sponsored by MTN. MTN saw that the parent show, Big Brother Africa (BBA), had gotten massive followership even in Nigeria; it did everything possible to sponsor the show.

Now my dear reader, its time to drag the prostitute to the market square and tear her naked! Its time to stone this Prostitute to death, I just pray that Lord Jesus won’t come along to say: let him without sins be the first to cast a stone because I will. Why? Because the MTN sponsored Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is a complete scam! Probably a money making venture for MTN. Its seems that this South African company has expanded its business concerns into entertainment not just for brand promotion but as business. The bitter Kola angle to this is that they make the innocent Nigerians believe that they are doing a Corporate Social Responsibility programme (CSR) by helping those they say deserve to be a Millionaire by bringing them on set and trying to make them play for 10 millionaire (which is believed to come out from MTN’s bank account but when you take a critical look at the whole thing you will be shocked to discover that it’s the viewers’ money MTN is using to run the show, that is to say, that MTN is using Nigerians money to package a show that promotes its brand!). Did you just ask how? Ok, here is your answer. Frank Edoho asks the viewers to indicate their interest to participate in the show by sending an SMS to an MTN code number which costs N100(is this not another way of selling MTN’s #100 scratch card?). May I remind you that the show Who Wants T o Be A Millionaire is viewed nation wide in Nigeria, a country with over 140 million population! If only one million people send the SMS just once, because people send more than once to increase their chances, MTN will make nothing less than  N100 million , did that shift your jaw like Incredible Hawk’s deadly punch?, it will also interest you to know that, that amount does not include the huge amount the company makes from home play. Yet when the contestant mounts the stage, he or she plays for N10 million which in most cases they don’t win completely. So where is the charity? That money can go very far in paying the production cost of the show and even take care of the Air Time purchase. If you go inside its studio at Murhi International building at Omole Estate roundabout; you will know that serious money has exchanged hands.

Now who is the actual sponsor of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, MTN or the Viewers? Is your final answer the viewers? (Tension enthrones itself in the midst of silence as scary sounds shatter the heart) The answer is…. the viewers! Congratulations you just won yourself N1 million!!!

I believe that with these few points of mine I have been able to slay every form of deception MTN is using to exploit Nigerians , or is there any one else? I guess there is none …. This is Achilles resting his sword, thanks for coming with me to Troy.


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Replies to This Book Discussion

yeah..Baby.....Thumbs up!!
Congrat baby girl..
Ladies and gentlemen. We failed to realise this early. now we know the truth.
Congrats my dear girl......
with due respect to the writer of this article, do you call yourself a journalist? who paid you to write stuff  like this? Journalism is about objectivity not sentimentalism.I think you would have done better if you stuck to facts instead of digressing to emotions. Nice article ( even though we already knew that), but you blew it when you brought emotions into it.
you have succeeded in saying nothing. even oversea people pay for the sms they send to play WWTBAM. you are never coerced to send the sms.
To start with, I have one question: Where is MTN listed as a charity organisation? Is MTN not a business concern? If they devise new ways of making money, is anything wrong with that? This is the reason why we would never get to where we want to be; always believing that someone else, either government or a conglomerate should carry your cross for you, provide you with 24hrs electricity, give you running water, and even marry a wife for you. We have been so used to this subsidy and government provides all mentality that we fail to realise that even in the USA where they take constant electricity as a norm it is not provided by the government; it is the private companies that provide this and other social amenities. Quit your belly-aching about MTN and write something constructive. This write-up is less than trash; I expected better. And by the way, I don't work for MTN nor do I even use their network, I just get riled when someone who should know better start spewing nonsense.
Since mtn is not forcing any body play the game meanwhile mtn call it a game, from my own view it is not matter who sponsor it, what matter is that the educative aspect of it and how people respond to the show i mean in term of entertaining. The writer did a great job but there is too sentimental in his/her story
Totally BS written by an ignorant angry person. Question to you is, who is ever in business to lose money?
tanks achilles, so what is the point,do we stop viewing and sending SMS or What? kindly furnish us wit a credible solution cos all you did was Blah blah blah...........
Yiure very right and 100% correct. I was a victim. I load 3k and call the homeplay. Can u believed it that the whole 3k finished! All the pre-recorded message was telling me was you will soon get there. MTN is OLE.
No one forced you to make that call. You made that call in the hope that among millions of other callers you will be lucky and get the prize. You were getting the pre-recorded message because there were other callers on the queue before you. You don't expect MTN to make every caller a winner, do you? Be realistic. You played a game of chance with as much chance of losing than winning. Please take your belly-aching elsewhere and be realistic next time you play a game of chance. MTN owes no one any obligation to share their profits with you. No company anywhere in the world does that.





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