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Netchurch: The Bible, Money & Investing: The Biblical Money Code- by Sean Hyman, Advice from Jesus,Solomon & More Bible minded very Rich men

Sean Hyman is the editor of "The Ultimate Wealth Report" and a regular guest on shows including Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg Television. He is known for his uncanny ability to predict market moves, but what many people don't know is that Sean is a former pastor. His tactics for investing are linked directly to the Bible and now he has created a presentation to offer his insights to others. The August 10 issue of Money News talks about how the "Biblical Money Code" presentation has gone viral.

the video

What you'll learn from 'Biblical Money Code'
Though Sean has years of experience with brokerage service Charles Swab, he points to the Bible as his secret to investing. He attributes the "Biblical Money Code" found in Scripture for taking him from making only $15,000 a year to now being able to give away up to $50,000 a year. He doesn't share that to brag, but to show that it is possible to change your financial status and to be a blessing to others.

The presentation shows how he applied ancient biblical principles and radically changed his own life and helped do the same for others. For example, he used these principles to transform his father's $40,000 retirement account into $396,000. He also used the code to help a friend change $2,000 into $10,000 in about a year.

Strangely enough, it all had to do with establishing a righteous relationship with money and to "un-love" it so I could become more prosperous than I ever imagined. -- Sean Hyman via Biblical Money Code

Not a get rich quick scheme

The Biblical Money Code is not about getting rich quick but it's not about playing it safe either. The presentation offers specific recommendations that can be put into practice immediately. This code has been used by successful investment giants including Warren Buffet and John Templeton, to accrue billions. The "Biblical Money Code" guides investors through the confusing attitudes regarding money and wealth by looking at what the Bible actually says about how we are to use the resources we have been given.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, and by craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pains (1 Timothy 6:10).

Money is not evil

Sean makes it clear that the Bible does not say money is evil, but it's the love of money that leads people to make poor investment choices that can lead people into "wealth-stealing investments," or the "fear-and-greed" market cycles that often leave people destitute. The video takes a look at King Solomon and the wisdom found in Proverbs. Those who want to honor God with their money can learn how to become wealthy without falling in love with money. It starts with "looking well" into your investments which is based on Proverbs 14.

People are hungry to learn how to honor God with their money, and the video has gone viral. Not only does it teach Sean's three-prong system for investing, and his "12-12-12 plan for investing" – he does it for free. It's a clear example of his giving to bless others which he also talks about.

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