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Terrorists On Facebook Nigeria - The Fact is There are Actual Terrorists on Facebook and From what we are hearing they are Die Hard paid Emotional Assassins Sent to Make Sure The Sentiments of a nation are Divided by Spreading False Stories and inciting One Tribal Group against Another .IU used to think these were just people with personal vendetta against Certain leaders but they are not .They are Paid to do this and they are very prolific . Creating Stories and Websites that Troll the Web spreading False Stories and dropping sentiments of sedition .Like The Devil They Exist .

RESIST THEM on Facebook They are Anarchists . No Nation on this Earth is Single Ethnocentric anymore .It is not a global village no longer folks it is more like a Global Cosmopolitan planet . Look at Edo State It is even more multi cultural than the Rest of Nigeria Put together

The Earth is Evolving into a One Nation One Minded Organism as predicted by Evolution and Ancient Cities like Babel Where Structures like The Burj Khalifa are tending towards Cities of Skyscrapers . Imaging a City with Twenty Burj Khalifas That is the New world we are Tending To and Nigeria is in the Fore Front in its Diverse Ethnicity .

Very Few Understand Peace no one has ever understood War . Peace is Life and War is Death. The First American Soldiers to land Omaha Beach in WW2 Never Fired a Shot They were Slaughtered before even they got off their Warships . They were promised Valour Glory and Fighting for their motherland all they got was Death . Today They no longer exist .

Same Thing as the Biafrans & The Federal Forces who Fought that Pitiful War .
Many alive today remember Sons & Daughters who perished for a Cause That became a Curse for the poor but Elevated the Rich who even Survived and Thrived Till Today .

We have not gotten the hang of Peace with Buhari and His Change and we wantto change this from change to angst . You are crying about No Fuel What will you do when there is no car no washing machine no house no leg no wife son no life ?

Anywhere we See Them Resist Them .
All we need to do is make Sure Those Who Kil & maim For Religious and Political Reasons are Brought to the Full judgement of Law . And Wherever Nepotism Shows its head we are to CRY OUT ! CRY OUT CRY OUT LOUD !

We are One Nation under God One Nation many Tribes Many Cultures but yet One .
Abi Writes from

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