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Shocking ! UK to Sanction Nigeria over Ban of Gay Marriage - UK PM David Cameron.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on Friday said his government might consider cutting off aid to Nigeria over same sex marriage bill passed by the House
of Representatives on Thursday.  The Senate had passed its own version in November 2011.

Cameron spoke on a British Broadcasting Corporation programme monitored in Lagos.

He said he would take up the issue with President Goodluck Jonathan soon.

The prime minister said he would restate his government’s strong objection to the passage of the bill.

The prime minister was reacting to a question by a Nigerian resident in London, Bisi.

“When we meet with Nigerian politicians and leaders, we will be clear about those things we agreed on. We have to be clear where we disagree. We will make clear where we stand on those issues,” he said.

When asked whether Britain would consider stopping a projected 50 per cent increase in aid to Nigeria or cutting it outright, Cameron said, “Nothing is off the table. We need to have these conversations. We also have some very important objectives with Nigerians, for instance on how to deal with the appalling rates of poverty in Northern Nigeria, which are part of the problems confronting the country.”

Britain and some Western Nation had previously expressed opposition to the bill.

Cameron had in October 2011 threatened to cut off aid to countries which ban gay and lesbians.

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Replies to This Book Discussion

Mr. David Cameron, with-hold your forking aid, we cannot compromise our faith and believe with immoral behaviour of your society, individual we have culture and religious belief.  Ours in Nigeria is forbidden us for man to marry  man and lady to marry lady.  We cannot compromise your wealth with what we believe upon.  


Mr. David Cameron stop threaten us with your aid, we cannot compromise our culture and religion believe with these world properties.  In our society in Nigeria, it forbidden for men to marry men and women to marry women.  Limit your sinful character  in your UK. UK laws is for UK and Nigeria Law is for Nigerians, and for anyone that like to leave with us in harmony, as you apply your law for any foreigner that abuse your law, if any foreigner abuse our anti gay law shall be punished according to our law, Nigeria government has never prognoses to your affairs, so, stop prognoses into our affairs especially the our laws. We are still battling  with where your fore-fathers misled us to.


OMG!!! So na by force again mek we support wetin una dey support ehnn??? Wch kind problm b dis? Luk, una no fit threaten us o! We say we no want nd anybody wey dm catch dey practice am, we go punish am..... So wetin com b una own 4 here again??? Y una go dey detect wetin we want 4 us. Mr DEVIL or wah eva ur agnomen is, tek u ilicit law 2 ur place nd let it b embeded in d four walls of ur realm. Dnt try xtendn it here cos we've got our rules & believs here in 9ja. Spare us d trash nd keep ur aid 2 urslf.
  1. Mr David Cameron please we Nigerians CANNOT agreed to your proposal with regard to same sex marriage as it is against GOD and our tradition, what ever aid you and your govt feel you are rendering to Nigerians and want to hold it back due to our collective and joint refusal to bend to your same sex marriage please hold it back to urself. U Camron don see where they dey skin person manhood b4? if we see any gay or lesbian say they de marry for Naija na their manhood or womanhood we go skin then let then die slowly...

What a hell.Is Nigeria in any way running a proxy government.These cult leaders are upto something in Nigeria.This man should be greeted with massive protest if he tries to set his leg on Nigeria soil.You Mr Camy,mind your own business.Nigeria is a sovereign nation.We have a different culture right.Culture that abhors evil.Why did you marry a woman?Your great grand fathers thought you the word MR and MRS.Now you feel it good to change it to MR and MR.Your forefathers must be feeling displeased.Who makes rule should set an example.First divorce your wife and marry a man then come and preach to us.Another insult to Nigeria is that a handful of people sent you a letter to intervene over a matter regarding Our president.You honored that letter bypassing our court.You spoke of poverty in Nigeria.I ask,was it not the British government who refused to write off the  debt we owed Britain?Where were the EU when the Nigeria military  destroyed our infrastructure?Please dear Prime Minister Camy,don't cross border with aim to disturb our fragile peace.   




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