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From the uncensored opinions of men to scientific evidence about what turns men on,
And what guys are really paying attention to

1. Your makeup
we ask 100 guys on the street “what do you notice first on a girl” her eyes, lips (face) 81% said eyes and 19% said lips,
Your face is your look, it is an expression to whomever is looking at you, so your makeup tell a lot about your appearance

2. Your Scent
You can seduce a man with a single whiff (smell)
What am I saying? Researchers have found out that there’s a scent combo that drive guys crazier than any other pumpkin pie and lavender. (Pumpkin pie is a yummy aroma that drums up cozy feels, while lavender is a floral fragrance that induces total relaxation. When combined) the effect can increase blood flow to the penis by 40 percent! So baby girl pick up that perfume (body spray) that drive.

3. Your Hair
Style and Respect
Asked 100 guys on the street: do you care if a lady styles her hair the same way every day? 71% said NO and 29% said YES
From my own perspective, the kind of hair style you carry, enhanced your beauty Take a look at some celebrities I will not like to mention names , you will see that some of them have their own peculiar kind of hair style that give them that look that drive their fans crazy, I call it signature style,

4. Your Body That secret skin he craves seeing
Flaunting that body is not the best but what are you putting on that body, that designers wears that shows off the curve of your neck, shoulders, hips down to the legs. It pretty obvious that the whole of the woman body is sexy, it depend on how you casing yourself.

5. Your Nails
Asked 100 guys on the street: Are nail decals fun and flirty or too over-the-top 55% said too over-the –top, 45% said fun and flirty.
Your nails are a small part of your body but they have an important role in protecting your fingers and since they are the end of your hand, your nails get frequent exposure in front of people. So, it is important to keep your nails healthy and in good shape. And achieving this is neither difficult, nor expensive.

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Regardless of anything a woman had on her hair is the first attraction. That's what I was made to known while growing up and they always say the woman's hair is her beauty. Anything after that is an add on. Another saying is that the woman facial attraction is the key and that of the mad woman isn't any different. The key here is the hair and their seductive eyes attraction anything else matter not.





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