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Thursday, the 11th of June marked the beginning of the journey into the Koko Mansion for many hopeful ladies, who were convinced right from the day they purchased their entry forms from GT Bank that they had what it took to be the Ideal Kokolette. For some, that decision will prove to be a gross error in judgment, when they eventually discover that the Koko Mansion isn’t just about the pretty face and the curvaceous body. Yes, all the girls were beautiful, but beauty is peripheral when it comes to projecting the virtue of the Nigerian woman – there has to be more than beauty, isn’t it?

Composure. Confidence. Eloquence. And of course: brilliance. These may be some qualities that may come to your rescue, in addition to your beauty. But without these, your beauty is like an empty bottle of champagne, still pretty but of very little value to anybody (except for the guys hoping to start a bar fight).

One interesting contestant was called upon, and asked by one of the panelists to, “Tell us what you’d consider to be the rights of an African woman in the society” and she plunged into a diatribe on oppression, lies, and cheating – and the habits of men in general. When she was quizzed further based on the fact that she claimed to be a good actor to reenact a scenario were she just caught her cheating boyfriend in the act – she broke down into a protracted emotionally-charged confession that threatened to flood the auditorium with tears of empathy. Was she acting? Or was she reliving a painful past?

The social networking site, Facebook came under fire when one of the wannabe kokolettes was asked to share her thoughts on internet-dating. She was short of condemning everything that exists online, based on the fact that she fell in love with this guy with whom she hooked up on Facebook (whom she never eventually met in person), and because he was living abroad, they spent about 7 hours daily on the phone making marriage plans – but then after years of waiting for her ‘suitor’ to come to Nigeria to officially take her hands in marriage, the guy dropped the bombshell that he didn’t actually believe in mail-order brides (or in this case Facebook bride). That is one hell of a story.

One of the applicants was asked, “What do you think is the recipe for a good relationship?”, and she smartly responded boldly, “communication, understanding, and love” - now, here is a girl who understands how to effectively communicate her thoughts to elicit the love and admiration of her audience.

Some of these applicants were just preachers who were yet to identify their calling. One of them had a word of wisdom to share with ladies of her ilk, “ before you ever agree to date a guy, make sure you ‘form’ for him for at least 4 weeks, 6 months, 2 years –the duration is up to you, but for me I’ve been ‘forming’ for a guy for 4 years now” she stated proudly – now time for translation, the word “forming” can be interchanged with either of these words “Stalling” or “pretending” – take your pick. Well, the “forming expert” continued her preaching with a warning, “but remember that when you ‘form’ for a guy for too long, don’t ever give in to him, because once he sleeps with you, he’ll dump you like a wet rag, so just keep stalling”
Be warned. If you’re about to take this girl’s advice, you’ll be sitting on a very long thing. And guys; now you know!

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