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boy and his girl are caught having sex on the roof of USC building... in front of hundreds of people

An inquiry has been launched after a couple were caught apparently having sex on the rooftop of a USC building - allegedly in front of hundreds of people.

Officials at the university were outraged as photographs of the couple - many of which were too graphic to be shown here - quickly went viral. 

The images apparently show the man, who is a student at the university, and a woman cavorting in a variety of sexual positions on top of the school's 12-storey Waite Phillips Hall in…


Added by jackie webLondonGirl on April 1, 2011 at 4:48am — 10 Comments

Donald Trump: I've got my birth certificate, where President Barack Obama's?

Donald Trump now sees himself as something of a patron saint for the birthers – and he's even released his own birth certificate as he steps up criticism of the president.

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Seeking to pump more energy into the birther movement and quirky chase for the White House, Trump on Monday provided a copy of his birth certificate to the conservative website Newsmax – which has played a leading role in trumpeting birther… Continue

Added by jackie webLondonGirl on March 28, 2011 at 9:56pm — 1 Comment

9ice has a baby ? shhhhh it is unconfirmed !

Sources close to 9ice tell us the singer -who’s separated from his wife Toni Payne – has been a regular visitor to Abuja, since Bukky – a fair-complexioned older woman – took in last year.

The relationship has never been public, even though those close to the singer are well aware they’re seriously dating.

We cannot tell for now, if the pair is planning to get married; especially as 9ice and Payne are still legally married.


she’s a fair-complexioned lady with…


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CNN's World Coolest People . No Naija ! Jamaica at Number 3 Mon !

The world's coolest nationalities: Where do you rank?

6. Spanish…


Added by jackie webLondonGirl on January 29, 2011 at 2:50pm — 1 Comment

Gay Ugandan Activist Slain, US Military begins Gay Training , France stays Ban on Gay Marriages

The Pentagon has begun preparing the US military for the presence of openly gay troops in its ranks and said a training programme would begin in February.

Gay troops could begin serving openly by the summer, once training has been completed and the White House agrees the policy will not hinder fighting.

But the Pentagon warned that troops' same-sex spouses would not…


Added by jackie webLondonGirl on January 29, 2011 at 2:43pm — 8 Comments

American Cities That Are Running Out Of People Naija Take note for 2011 emigration plans !

American Cities That Are Running Out Of People
They will soon beg Naija to come to America just like the Movie ! 
The population of the United States has increased steadily by roughly 2.5 million people every year since World War II. Throughout prosperity and hard times, Americans continue to…

Added by jackie webLondonGirl on January 3, 2011 at 11:21am — 1 Comment

Iranian President to sell 34 year old Peugeot 504 for one million dollars

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has received a $1million bid for his 34-year-old car, only a day after it was put up for sale.

The Iranian president, who is auctioning his 1977 white Peugeot sedan to

raise money for a low-income housing project, has been made the offer by

a foreign source.

The project is aimed at disabled and young…


Added by jackie webLondonGirl on January 3, 2011 at 11:10am — 1 Comment

Korean Crisis: How do you solve a problem like Korea? China ! that it’s in its own interest to rein in the Kims

IF EVER a ruling elite seemed to justify the Bush-era doctrine of “pre-emption”, it is the Kim dynasty in North Korea. No government anywhere subjects its own people to such a barbarous regime of fear, repression and hunger. And the Kims are complicit in international outrages ranging from murderous terrorism and nuclear proliferation to drug-smuggling and currency-counterfeiting. The present dictator, Kim Jong Il, is apparently not long for this world, and seems to be boosting his 27-year-old… Continue

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The Economist: Brazils Rio favelas gangs as Cariocas’ hopes start to come true

EVERY four years, just before newly elected state and federal governments take over, Rio de Janeiro’s drug gangs start to throw their weight around. This time has been no exception. Just over a week ago, they began hijacking cars and buses, ordering out their occupants and setting them alight, in a show of force and an attempt to terrorise the city. They have become more media-savvy than they were the last time around: rather than murdering policemen, as they did in 2006, they are trying to… Continue

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3 Americans shot to death near Mexico-U.S. border

Three Americans died in weekend violence in the area of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, a U.S. official said.

"Two citizens were fatally shot early Sunday close to the Zaragoza international bridge," State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said

Monday. "In a separate incident, another U.S. citizen was fatally

wounded in Ciudad Juarez itself."

Violence is rife in the area, as the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels battle for control of lucrative smuggling routes into the United…


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WikiLeaks: At Least 109,000 Killed During Iraq War

Nearly 400,000 Military Documents Reportedly Contain Details on Iraqi Torture, U.S. Misdeeds

The whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks today released a trove of classified reports that it said documented at least 109,000 deaths in the Iraq…


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Man Strips Naked in Front of Obama for $1 Million

If billionaire Alki David is an honest man, the man who streaked in front of Barack Obama at the president’s rally today in Philadelphia will be paid $1 million for his stunt. The man who

performed today’s stunt, which captured the attention of the Drudge

Report , is 24-year-old Juan James Rodriguez, THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned..

Photo Credit: Joey "Boots"…

Added by jackie webLondonGirl on October 12, 2010 at 9:00am — 3 Comments

Cigar Guy Steals Limelight from Tiger woods "Cigar Guy" gets Web fame 'Cigar Guy' Creates Web Frenzy

A photographer for the Daily Mail got an amazing picture at the Ryder Cup of Tiger Woods flubbing a shot headed directly at the camera. He didn't duck and Tiger's golf ball actually hit the lens — but not before the image was captured midflight. The photo has been seen around the world.

But that's not what's captivating the Web. It's the amazingly unique look of the fan standing just to the right of Tiger's shoulder, chomping on a…

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Segway boss Jimi Heselden dies in scooter cliff fall More like "Overthrusting" on your own product

The millionaire owner of the UK Segway company has died after apparently riding one of his company's motorised scooters off cliffs and into a river.

Jimi Heselden, 62, crashed into the River Wharfe while riding the vehicle round his estate in Thorp Arch, Boston Spa, West Yorkshire, on Sunday.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. The scooter was found in the water.

Mr Heselden, who founded Leeds-based company Hesco Bastion, acquired the…


Added by jackie webLondonGirl on September 27, 2010 at 2:40pm — 2 Comments

Colin "Yahooze" Powell criticises Obama .

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell & Great Fan of the Nigerian Olu Maintain Dance Hit Track Yahoozee ! , who endorsed Democrat
Barack Obama for president in 2008 despite serving three Republican presidents, said Sunday that Obama needs to change his approach in the White House because voters are feeling overwhelmed by sweeping new laws that expand the scope of government.

Photos: Two "Black" Men with questionable…

Added by jackie webLondonGirl on September 20, 2010 at 10:01am — 1 Comment

Swimming with Giant Crocodiles the Ultimate Dive !

How to make a crocodile smile: Swim in a pool full of deadly salties with just a perspex cage for protection

Tourists to this unusual theme park are sure to get some holiday snaps with a difference.

Inspired by the popularity of cage shark-diving, a tourist attraction has opened that allows adrenalin junkies the chance to swim…


Added by jackie webLondonGirl on August 28, 2010 at 10:31am — 3 Comments

Bull leaps into bullring stands in Spain, 40 hurt

MADRID — A bull leapt into the packed grandstands of a Spanish bullring and ran amok, charging and trampling spectators and leaving 40 people injured, regional officials said Thursday.
Video showed the bull jumping several meters (yards) high out of the ring, clearing two barriers before landing in the stands and raising a panic as he lurched through the screaming crowd, charging and tossing everything he could.
The 500-kilogram (1,100-pound) animal was…

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Another Black & White Naija kids as Black and white twins celebrate 4th birthday * Their mom is of English-Nigerian heritage

Black and white twins celebrate 4th birthday * Their mom is of English-Nigerian heritage

THEY look like friends who met at nursery school but Kaydon and Layton Richardson are in fact twin brothers with different-coloured skin.

Black aand white twins, Kaydon, (left), and Layton Richardson, recently celebrated their fourth birthday. Photo: North News & Pictures…

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BP to replace CEO Hayward with Robert Dudley

LONDON – BP's embattled Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward will be replaced by American Robert Dudley on Oct. 1, the company said Tuesday, as it reported a record quarterly loss and set aside $32.2 billion to cover the costs of the devastating Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
Photo:Reuters – BP Plc (British Petroleum) Executive Vice President for the Americas and Asia Robert Dudley speaks at…

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