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Man EATING MEN ! CLifford Orji's "Brother" Innocent Orji Cannibal Kidnappers .Chinese man buried in bush

Clifford Orji the celebrated Cannibal and alleged Human Spare Parts Marketer, now 43, was arrested in February 1999, by the police, under the bridge along the Apapa-Oshodi expressway. He was subsequently charged before the Ebute-Metta Magistrate’s Court, on 19 February.

Items reportedly found on him at the time of his arrest are a cheque for the sum of N88,000; cell phone, allegedly sent to him by his brother, Linus, Managing Director, Crocodile Nigeria Limited. Other items were identified as fresh and roast human flesh, bones and some women underwear. His arrest was celebrated in the media. At a time, it was speculated that he had died in custody.

June 2009 Introducing Innocent Orji no apparent relation to Orji Uzor Kalu

As the South East is reeling under the problem of kidnapping, one of those behind this crime has made a shocking revelation on the activities of kidnappers. He said that apart from collecting ransom, kidnappers have killed many of their victims and policemen. He also said that at one instance kidnappers killed, roasted and ate their victim.

Innocent Orji Clifford Orji's Brother in food

These are a part of the revelation of General Innocent Orji, who claims to belong to the high command of the Biafra Liberation Force (BLF), a unit of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB). The police recently nabbed the suspect, who was on a wanted list in connection with the kidnap on March 17, 2009, of two Chinese nationals and a Nigerian in a new auto plant in Nnewi, Anambra State.

Orji, also called ‘B’ Stone or Biafran Stone, had been linked with the invasion of a police station in Anambra, during which sophisticated arms were looted and an undisclosed number of cops killed, among many other criminal acts. He met his waterloo on Friday, May 29, more than two years after the three victims – Niu Guiqiang, Sylvester Unigwe, both of who survived the ordeal and Feng Shenyi, who died in the hoodlums’ bush camp, were abducted in Nnewi and taken to a hideout in Ebonyi State.

Orji had run into a police checkpoint in Onitsha, as a passenger on a commercial motorcycle with army uniforms. This had aroused the suspicion of policemen, who quickly took him into custody. A few days later, he was paraded along with 18 other kidnappers and robbers at a press conference organized by the Anambra State Police Commissioner, Amusa Bello, with Governor Peter Obi in attendance.

Meanwhile, Orji has made a startling revelation on the activities of kidnappers. He revealed in a confessional statement to the police, which also in video, that his group had set a policeman ablaze as well as killed, roasted and ate another victim. He revealed that his group received financial and material support from an Nnewi-based businessman (name withheld), who drafted a hit list for them.

The 28-year-old Orji, from Ebonyi State, said: “I am in charge of this gang operating under MASSOB. I schooled at Asaokpa Aja Primary School Over-rail from 1788 to 1994. I also schooled at Eziama High School, Aba from 1995 to 1999. I later learned tailoring work for a year under one Emelike at Jiakpu Street, Over-rail, Aba. When I finished learning, I worked for him for some time on payment basis.

After I was appointed the Commandant to be training MASSOB members on military parade from one province to another. Before the gang and I left for Edda, one army officer was training us at Ojoto (in Anambra) on military tactics. While at the Ojoto camp, one Ikechukwu, whose surname I don’t know, with one MASSOB chairman whose name I do not know but hails from Awka, brought N400,000.00, saying they went round collecting money from one chief (name withheld) and that the N400,000 was what they realized from the public.

“After our stay at Ojoto, we then moved to an abandoned prison yard at Nnewi. At Nnewi, the army officer with us called Chukwuebuka led our boys on morning jogging and therein burnt down Nnewi Central Police Station. They also killed some policemen and snatched two AK 47 rifles. Later in the day, the police invaded our camp and scattered us. Chukwuebuka, who hails from Ideani (in Anambra), ran with one of the AK 47 rifles snatched from the police at CPS, Nnewi. We later regrouped at Edda, in Afikpo South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. It was at Edda that Ejiofor, one of our members, asked me how much Ikechukwu brought from chief and I told him that it was N400,000.00. He said that the chief gave us N1 million, and not N400,000.000. I then called Ikechukwu and relayed the information I heard, and he denied same and I gave him two weeks to bring the balance of the money (N600,000). I insisted that he should bring the balance. When he failed to bring the balance, I instructed Ejiofor to go and arrest the chief who gave the money.

The chief’s arrest and kidnap of Chinese

Ejiofor went on the mission with nine other members. He was arrested and I asked how much he gave to us and he said that it was N1million and not N400,000.

When chief asked us what he would do to secure his freedom. I told him to pay N50million, but he said that he could only give us N20million, as he had no much money. He thereafter called his manager to look for the money. Chief instructed his manager to bring the N20million with one of his vehicles.

In the process, Chief said that he was not the only one to be arrested. Chief gave a list of names to Ejiofor who brought same to me. I can only remember three names for now: The Chairman of Innoson Group (Chief Innocent Chukwuma), and the owner of Capital Oil, Nnewi. There were about seven names on the list, but I can only remember these names I mentioned above.

After the release of Chief, about two months and some weeks, we went for the arrest of the (chairman of) Innoson Group. It was Ejiofor who led the operation. My group went to Innoson Group, but missed their target, but they arrested two Chinese men with one black man and brought them to the camp. We later released the black man on payment of N10million and he promised to bring more N10million for the release of the two white men. Suddenly, the Nigerian Army attacked us at the Edda camp. Some of us were killed, arrested and some ran away. I escaped with the two white men and with some of my members. After two days, we got to Erei, where I disguised myself, by giving one of the white men my uniform and putting on his own dress.

I then handed over the two Chinese men to one Okpai, Incredible and Miliki, to take care of them while I left to search for food. I left with three of my members to search for the food. The names of those who went with me were Ogbuebuke, Garbros and Ishmael. As we were going towards Ohofia area, the Nigerian Army pursued us and we ran into the bush. We were inside the bush for about three days and we later found our way out. I later learnt that my boys I left behind at Erei had been scattered by the Nigerian soldiers. I was also informed that the Nigerian Army had rescued one of the white men.

After three to four months, I asked Miliki and Incredible about the remaining white man. They told me that the remaining white man died from cold occasioned by three-day rain that fell on them and that he was buried at Edda, in Afikpo South LGA of Ebonyi State.

Edda camp

From the money we realized, five of us married from it. They are Sunday, Diwila Living Stone, Heavy Stone and Innocent. I do also paid my boys N20,000 every month and also gave money to take care of their family problems when such arose. The structure of the camp at Edda was as follows: The Centre building was known as Defence Headquarters and it was where I used to stay; X1 – This sector is headed by our armourer called G.O.D. and the said armourer is now deceased. He died while preparing explosives, which went off in the process; X 2 – this sector is headed by Ejiofor; X3 – this sector is headed by Miliki.

All the sectors will report daily events to Okpai, who will, in turn, report to me as the General. It was the army officer by name Ike, with one other boy, simply called Abala, that led me to one Emeka at Abala, where I bought eight G.3 rifles at the cost price of N200,000 and one revolver pistol I also bought for N100,000 each. I also bought the seed (the bullets) for N300 each and I bought 1,000 pieces.

I do not know where the dead Chinese man was buried at Ugwufe Edda. It was Incredible, Bruce Bunker, Papa Wamba, Francis, None and Onyema that can know where the dead Chinese was buried as I left him with them at Erei. The Erei is located between Ohofia and Cross-River.”

My waterloo

Ike, an Army officer based at Lagos, called me on phone, informing me of the death of his mother in-law. He requested that I should accompany him to the burial at Nteje. I then left Aba and met him at Upper Iweka. He then called one Sunday who told him that he was at Obodo Ukwu road. He brought some army uniforms from his bag and told me that he bought them for us to regroup. He gave me the uniforms and instructed that I should hand over the unsowed and sowed uniforms to the said Sunday at Obodo Ukwu. He said Sunday resides at Obodo Ukwu Road, Okpoko (Onitsha). I told him that police were too many on the road and that he should talk to Sunday by himself, but he said that wherever I was arrested by the police I should call him. As I was going on top of a motorcycle the police stopped us at Upper Iweka and I called him. He told me that he was called on phone that his pregnant wife had major operation and that he was on his way back to Lagos. He called an army officer at Onitsha to come and rescue me. Before the arrival of the soldier, I had been transferred to this place. I know too well that I have been declared wanted for series of crimes I took part.

Why I joined MASSOB

Yes, I wanted to join the Nigerian Army, but I was blocked by lack of what we the Igbo call ‘IM’ (ima mmadu). I was fit, in terms of training, in terms of race, in terms of anything, I was very, very fit, but at the end of the whole thing, due to some people knew the high-rank officers, and I did not know anyone, my name was out of the game. I tried it two good times, no way before Mr. Chima introduced me to MASSOB, and I said if that is the case, if Biafra could be actualized, I would be one of the Biafran solders.

I doff my hat for the police

I am very, very proud of the Nigerian Police. How they did the investigation of this my case marvelled me. It is not good to judge any man by hearing from one man. Make sure the two persons are there before you judge. I have been here for some days, and in this my case, I have seen how serious the police are with the investigation and the seriousness with which my I.P.O. and co-officers have been taking my statement. Right inside me, from my heart, I know I have sinned against heaven, against God. I have sinned against the angels, and even against the land. I am not even worthy to live, but if there is any way they will allow me to live, let them put me straight in the police and I will work. I thank God that I have been arrested. I was declared wanted, but I could not just come out like that.


The one that I wear on my neck is for my protection, so that nobody will arrest me. Other ones are ordinary rings. Razor was used to put marks on our bodies for successful travel so that nobody can arrest us.

Killing of policeman

Yes, a policeman was thrown into a fire by Ike. It was done by Ike u, the Nigerian Army operator.

Another man roasted, eaten

That is correct. A man was roasted and eaten. I went to Aba to buy some food items. By the time I came back, I got the information that one man was killed and eaten. And our native doctor whose name is Eni from Akamkpa Local Government Area of Cross River State, roasted the man and ate him. But, it was not only Eni that ate the man. It was Eni, his master, and another man called Onunu Ekwensu.

Women in kidnap business

We have many women, but in this particular security of a thing, that is BLF (Biafra Liberation force), there are no women.

Our arms

The first guns we had were double-barrelled guns. The first one was given to us by one Sunday and the other one was given to us by one reverend, Reverend Ekeh. We got the guns to keep on the movement, thinking that that was the way Biafra would be actualized. Today, I thank God that I have known everything. If my life will be spared, I must be a policeman.
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Adapted and Rewritten by Choochoo Chuks J & Akin Osunlaja from Daily sun

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Comment by Ella Baby on June 30, 2009 at 3:06pm
Na Wah O!
Comment by Oge Joy Paul on June 30, 2009 at 11:36am
9ja people God says that in every situation we have to give him thanks because he the situation charger in every thing, him further says that thou shall not judge, every judgements is upon him. Since he have make some confesion about his life, and nobody is perfect on this earth. I once again congratulate Nigerian Police Men Job welldone.
Comment by eucharia ukoha on June 30, 2009 at 11:22am
let GOD b d judge.
Comment by osuji linda on June 30, 2009 at 10:27am
its true we shouldnt judge but this is very sad .they require death penalty but nobody knows what God has in plan for exposing them .who are we to condemn the thing is God should intervene and act on this issue by directing the people in charge of what to do.
Comment by Gbadebo Oluwafemi Adelowo on June 30, 2009 at 10:24am
Quite unfortunate. Before u know this man will be let loose by the influential ones that he serves.Unfortunate Nigeria, only God can save us
Comment by Adiele Rita on June 30, 2009 at 10:07am
God is great in all things,he has no comparisons at all times. Just Imagine people, if not the person was cut, he wouldn't have surrounded of his mischievous act. Every day for the thief one day for owner.A killer with sword, will go back with sword too.the judges do your work.our Nigeria forces are also to be blame for selling their birth rite.
Comment by michael on June 30, 2009 at 9:55am
hw can he be spared after such an act.? abeg if they spare him, then more will occur, its like unleashing a dragon..no way..remain for cell till sentence.
Comment by Kris Emelu on June 30, 2009 at 9:52am
Is it proper to rehabilitate such people and use them for better productive objects for our country.
I mean which is preferable - Restorative Justice or Retributive Justice?
Comment by Kris Emelu on June 30, 2009 at 9:52am
Oh gosh! Wat a dreadful and degrading society!
All d same are these kind of people truly normal?
Comment by Tari on June 30, 2009 at 9:16am
Juxtapose the mentality of this set of criminality/ kidnappers against the activities of the Niger Delta militants, make your choice of the better 'evil'



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