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Chinese immigration Plight :two 9gerian men jump from chinese window allegedlly killed

Chinese government had agreed to issue exit visas to Nigerians resident in China illegally, to enable them leave the country without molestation, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

The development is coming on the heels of street protests last week, over the death of two Nigerians who jumped out of a window to escape police clampdown of illegal migrants in Guangzhou Province.

This is as Chinese Embassy in Abuja, has said it was yet to receive detailed information on the alleged death of a Nigerian, Emmanuel Egisimba, in the Chinese town of Guangzhou last Wednesday.

The Embassy’s Spokesman, Mr Peng Yijun, said they are still waiting for confirmation and approval from Beijing before any reaction could be sent to that effect.

"There is an agreement in principle with the Chinese authority to issue exit visas to Nigerians who have overstayed without arresting and clamping them into jail,'' Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ayo Olukanni, told NAN yesterday in Abuja.

'This is what the Nigerian mission in China is currently negotiating. The mission is working with the Nigerian community to ensure that the list of those affected is compiled for necessary issuing of the visas,'' he said.

Olukanni denied that two Nigerians died after jumping through a window.

'No Nigerian died. The two people, Mr Ndubusisi Ohaneme sustained some injuries and had been discharged from the hospital, while Emmanuel Okoro, who was in intensive care, is now out and is in stable condition in the hospital,'' he said.

According to Olukanni, nearly 20,000 Africans, including 5,000 Nigerians, reside in the Guangzhou Province, adding that in recent times, the Chinese had embarked on an exercise to `flush' out those staying illegally.

He advised Nigerians against overstaying their visas to avoid harassment from the security personnel of their host countries.

What nigerians face as written from ucboboy in china

Over the years, Nigerians in China have been suffering untold hardship in the hands of the communist police of China,notwithstanding the deplomatic and trade relations between Nigeria and China.While other smaller african country's citizens are treated fairly one wonders why the citizens from the most populous nation in africa is being treated with levity in China.For example the Chinese authorities has been very considerate in renewin the visas of other african countries with the exception of Nigeria.Other african countries have been getting their resident permit with ease but the case of Nigerians is different.

Even when a Nigerian is married to a Chinese Citizens according to the Chinese law the person is still being denied the one year resident permit that the Chinese government give to people in that category rather they will be renewing the person's visa every three months in the case of Nigerian Citizens.One therefore is pushed to ask if the then president Olusegun Obassanjo just signed a bi- lateral relation with Chinese government just to give millions of Chinese citizens free accsess to enter Nigeria so that they help and send our half dead industries to their graves. It is supprising that these Chinese citizens scattered all over Nigeria enjoy their freedom and carry on their businesses without any interference.

It is absurd to hear that Nigerians in China do not enjoy any freedom at all and that there are many Nigerians that are being detained by the communist police in an underground cell.It is too bad that while many Nigerians wish to go about their legal businesses that the Chinese communist police are trying their best to frustrate their efforts especially in the commercial city of Guangzhou.The police in the commercial city of Gunagzhou is a carbon copy of Nigerian police in corruption.The difference is that while the Nigerian police collect a pea nut as bribe their Chinese counterpart collect a furtune.Right now in Gunagzhou Nigerians are paying between 10,000 to 13,000 RMB that is 175,000naira to 227,500 naira bribe just to get themselves released as soon they are arrested to avoid being thrown into the underground cell.

Even as the Chinese government says that anybody that overstayed should pay a fine of 5000RMB they still cannot not allow Nigerians to pay the fine with ease and go home if they wish to go,rather they will handcuff the person and make him to suffer in the cell and still pay the fine.The wife of a Nigerian who have a resident permit can never claim through her husband's residency, rather if she wish to come to China she will apply and get a one month visiting visa within which she will leave. If not she will be there as illegal allien.Many Nigerian wives are in these category right now.

The most annoying thing is that these Nigerians that are being denied the legal stay in China employ Chinese Citizens in their various offices and shops, where they pay them a huge sum ranging from 2000 to 3000RMB monthly that is 35,000 - 52,500 naira. An amount that most Nigerian graduates are not receiving as minimum wage. I was recently informed that among the multinational companies in Nigeria that Chinese are the least paid workers. It is disheartening that these Chinese will cheat us in their country and rob us of our due at home.

In Nigeria Chinese are importers, hawkers, clearing agents even visa vendors. In China, most Nigerians hardly see breathing space to carry out their legitimate businesses. A situation that most Nigerians have been helpless about.
I need a general advice on how to get this problem solved.
Since Nigeria have her own laws, is there any means that we can get Mr Ude the boss of Nigerian immigeration to try and enforce our own laws?
Can we unanimousely in this discussion group write pettition to Mr president about this situation.

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Comment by Adiele Rita on July 23, 2009 at 9:29am
All these people gain ground in Nigeria, but Maltreat us in their own country which is too bad to hear. Nigeria is a place where Dogs, Goats, and any kind of thing comes in and do whatsoever he/she likes without questioning. May God see us through.
Comment by Choochoo Sports Book on July 23, 2009 at 8:26am
The thing is, mostly white people are buying the drugs from Nigerians in Beijing. White expats and travelers won't engage Chinese in drug deals because the Chinese cannot be trusted not to turn a tourist in to the police. The Chinese also generally can't speak English as well or as comfortably as the Nigerians, and the Nigerians are more "western" and fit in dancing in the expat clubs in Sanlitun etc.... Drugs are coming from Australians and French in Thailand, as well as from Muslim Chinese in Xinjiang and Central Asian nations like Kyrgyzstan. Of course, there are many sources and avenues of importation, but those are the rumors and stories I heard while living in China for 3 years.
Comment by Choochoo Sports Book on July 23, 2009 at 8:25am
animashaun olanrewaju

Wuxi, China

i gained an admission in a university in china,jiangnan university to be precise.on getting to the school i was 2 month behind my first semester because i got my visa so late,before leaving i called the school authority to inform then that i wont pay the full semester cos am behind,and they accepted,but i am so suprise when i paid the agreed amount,they gave me a letter to the police to give me my permit,but on gettin there i was giving a visa that valid till july,and i would not know cos everything is in chinese,so i got back to the school,and ask why but i was told not until they are sure of me paying for the next semester,before they can issue me a student permit.so i hope of getting on with my studies,but the way they treat nigerian so bad,other small african country like sudan,benin,and others are go about do bizness,but they will not check on them.so i was on my way from pudong airport to welcome my sister who also gained admision to my school,we took a taxi but to my suprise we were robbed,they took my sister passport and 4000usd,so we went to the nearest police post to make a report but on knowing we are nigerians,the said if we cant speak chinese no case,i pleaded with the little chinese i know but to avail.we left for school,on getting there to explain to the school authorities,they show no sign of concern when i told them about my stolen money what they said is :THAT IS YOUR OWN PROBLEM ALL WE WANT IS PAY YOUR MONEY TO US"i now discover that they only want your money nothing much.i try to get in touch with niegria consulate here in china,no respond to the number placed on there site,the ambassador is useless:NOT SORRY TO SAY"now i am stranded here with my sister and my air ticket will only be available by 10 of this month.i made a vow on getting back home any chinese i see any where is in trouble,i swear with my life.many nigerians that are stupid and self centered will tell you that it only those that cant work legally that complain,cos there are getting there on way by a crooked way,sayin stop whatever and find something doing,they are mad,pls my brothers jus forget about coming here it is here,for you to be sure i paste my number whoever wants to callme +8615094380578.i am lanre.
Comment by jackie webLondonGirl on July 23, 2009 at 8:22am
wow ... cant nigerians just try to make their country better even in china they get mistreated !



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