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why do nigerian men like to drink alcohol and cheat on their women !

WHY !!!

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i have to say after reading these comments i am non the wiser!!
if a man or woman is to commit adultery they do it weather they are intoxicated or not drink is just a excuse used when caught out, you know the one " i was drunk babe i didnt know what i was doing, and i cant remember anything"
i believe that no matter where the person comes from or weather he or she is black, white or sky blue with pink dots if their going to cheat on their partner then they will no matter what,
i myself am married to a nigerian man and if i ever found that he had cheated on me i would leave him that instant, i know that my guy gets all the bootie he wants and needs and more from me every day we been married three years and we have a sex life most people only dream about. i have a high healthy sex drive and hes the only driver for me!!OOOO.
and i know im the only one for him hes not got the energy for anyone else,
Maybe cos dey find alchohol sooting and not just the drink but the company of friends. most times the women can be too nagin. most importantly, naija girls are becoming more and more attractive and secuctive. men are moved by sight, dont 4get dat.
Questions are: why do Nigerians like to drink alcohol and cheat on their women,what is the cause of this act and what is the possible solution. Answers are: may the man has lost a job , and thinking about it is possibly gonna cause an increase to blood pressure. get your full answer the next time I log on cos my time is up. thanks.
I don't think drinking is the cause of 9ja Men cheating on their women, but because it is a 9ja mentality culture and it alway acepted by our 9ja women, reason is that divorce is a tarboo to 9ja culture (not regarded without a man).

To me divorce is not the best thing to do when you found your man cheating on you, try to see what went wrong and why there is a sudden change, i think the fault may also be from the woman, i don't conclude over things like this, expecially when it happen after years of married
well im married to a 9ja man and he ever cheated on me well id just fuck all his friends....
In response to your ques, why men drink alcohol and cheat on their women, the answer is not far fetch. First and foremost, what drives that man into drinking alcohol. Most of them developed the habit of drinking alcohol as a result of frustration they faced at home with their women. Once a man becomes an addicted drinker, such man avoid home to free him self and in the process find delight outside. Secondly many opportunities may open up for him, prominent among when he finds new women that are quite different from the litigated one he had at home. Sister so many break up homes today, 99% of it is caused by women, this fault most of them later accepted, this also doesn’t mean that men doesn’t have their own fault. Sister so many thing to say but the fact am commenting from my mission base in Darfur Region Sudan deter me to say much. Good u and stay bless note I also add u as a friend on 9jaface.
really, the saying that...."what a man can do, a woman can do better". looks like its really true.
It is not matter of drinking and cheating.Any man or woman dat has no control over him or her self ll cheat.It is only when you agree with ur self dat u ll nt cheat,u ll be a man.You can drink and not cheat or you cheat and not drink.
It is not matter of drinking and cheating.Any man or woman dat has no control over him or her self ll cheat.It is only when you agree with ur self dat u ll nt cheat,u ll be a man.You can drink and not cheat or you cheat and not drink.
nigerian men dont drink when compered with other contries of the world even in africa as a continent when you talk of cheating over women nigerian women isready for anyh thing never to care if a man is married or not ready to do any thing beacaus of money by so doing looks very cheep to men to use any howwhen you talk of cheating nigerin women is the worst of it all am sorry
This whole forum is a Joke. I can't believe 9jerians can be so base.
because ur are a victim doesn't mean all men are the ,so i would like u to rephrase ur question okey



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