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why do nigerian men like to drink alcohol and cheat on their women !

WHY !!!

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D population of drunks & crimes under d influence of alchol in 9ja's very low. Nigerians are resonable drinkers. An Afrikan man is polygamos. There's notin like cheating on thier women. It's our nature
Do they really like it? Not so sure about that. My take is that they indulge in it simply because they can. Alcohol smoothens social networking so it makes good business sense to indulge in it once in a while. unfortunately, it also increases libido so once you overindulge you are likely to get randy. The more unfortunate part of it is that there are always some ladies on the prowl for men in such situations. So you have a combination of a lot of alcohol, increased libido & ladies in heat on the prowl. The only men who can resist the temptation are 'happily married' men. So go figure!
that is just the point.som men who are married but wit no happy home also fall into d category of men that do cheat on there wife
9ja buzz hardly intoxicate & no enough box 2 buy 2 intoxication level. we nd women 2 fill in d gap. sori babes. its just us men
This is not a naija thing alone, it is worldwide. May God enters the mind of those who partake in this and change them for the better. AMEN!!!!
Well I don't personally know enough Nigerian gentlemen up close and personal to really contribute to this topic. I know the one I dated was nuts and I see that as an individual character flaw. I love my African brothers and sisters and do not generalize.
The girls are worse
how do u mean,?both d girls and boy are at fault
Different things may be responsible for this.
1.Background matters in anything one does in life.
4If there's gap between the person and GOD
5.Bad company
And lots more
for the fact that the women chase there men out of the house when u all come with ur nosy and nasty behvious and when he is out he feel like engaging in an activity he ends up drinkin and at the end of the day when they are drunk they need a companion they pick a pay as u go becose they cant afford to go back home to their nappy headed wiffy.
You are a trip!!!!....LOL
That is best known to them that cheat on the woman and that is not to say its becourse they drink that make dem to cheat on their woman. They who like to drink do so and who want to cheat also do that on their own.



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