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why do nigerian men like to drink alcohol and cheat on their women !

WHY !!!

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Alcohol locally known as shepe' or paraga gives man every instinct/inspiration to do his WiLL but when woman cheat on a man & want 2 pay back.The man need 2 be high in order words he took some shepe and.................
it like tht around the world
the women are the reasons for that, firstly, most men who drink alcohol are not womanizers.......but the general assumption is that they do. And nagging women also contribute to why they drink alot.
bcos dey r vry stupid
becos women are special specie and they need special ways to handle them.and as for the alcohol thing its just getting in the mood for love in every ramification good or bad.
Since when did having a few drinks become a crime? look there is nothing wrong with it and nigerian men dont drink, go to europe, america and other parts of africa and see for yourself. and the cheating game is played by both parties so stop pointing fingers cos gals are worse
srew u man!
i think nigerian men find solace in drinkng and smoking....n they cheat because they r not contented...they do not have contentment in their nature..nat only wen it comes to cheating.all oda areas of life..they always want more...basically this all falls to greed.men r greedy beings...sorry to all da men in here, bt dis is ma opinion av share, so pls i shud nat b incarcerated...
Bcos Some of them re use to it. nd it has become the nature of doing sometin, Most women do saw their men drink alcohol nd dey don't say a word instead, they re happy bcos they tink they re hving funy.
But all the same that very bad.
Why do Naija men like 2 drink alcohol and cheat on their women?

Madam, first, I must point out that your question sounds very malicious. This is so because it appears like you want to just rubbish the Nigerian man just for nothing. Alcohol drinking is everywhere and not particularly a Nigerian thing. Perhaps if you phrased your question asking why a man should cheat on his wife after getting drunk, I can begin to see reason not to feel offended. May it be known that no sane man cheats on his wife just by ordinary means or for no reason. Any man who has a peaceful home will always run back home at the slightest opportunity.

In the Bible, there is not one single place where it is an offence to drink alcohol. It is actually Drunkenness from alcohol or any other substance (Cocain, Heroin etc), that is sinful.

On the issue of "cheating", you must remember always that you are African, more so, a Nigerian Woman and not a Westerner. The word cheating was developed to suite Oyibo people when they found out that the term "Adultery" is unsuitable for them, just as marriages were eluding them more and more. In the advent of this ugly trend, they even adjusted their law books to provide for "Live-In Lovers" under an arrangement tagged "Civil Partnership".

What I am trying to point out is that The Holy Bible does not call it cheating. What we know is "Adultery" hence the second definition for unmarried people, "Funication". Madam I ask you in your own definition of this sinful act, is "cheating" an offence committed only by married Naija men? If you say married Naija men drink and cheat on their wives, what then do unmarried Naija men do?....Drink and service single women?

To cut the long story short, Nigerian men are Nigerians and I consider it inappropriate to have you equate all of us with westerners. Have you forgotten that polygamy stinks in our blood; so much that even though many of us will not marry more than one wife, we have the tendency to lust after other women. Look around you today......women everywhere....beautiful women! Na who go help them?

I have not even mentioned the newest trend where married women also adulterate.....that na subject for another day.

Madam, Nigerian men don't drink alcohol to cheat oh! We just booze up and where necessary, indulge ourselves in "Extra Marrital Affairs".........bad as it is, one of the greatest offences one can pose before God Almighty. Sad isn't it? We be Naija.....na so we see am ooooh!
i believe same goes for the women and is not limited to naija


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