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gongo aso african queen which has been more succesfull ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Don't think you can start comparing 9ice to 2 Face just yet - It's still early days if you ask me...
9ice is avin upper hand than 2baba
Cozzy please now!!!!!!!!!can't say gongo as isn't good but african queen has been more successful.this song took 2face to places,got him awards and made him.though gongo aso is more original but african queen has been more successful.rate Gongo aso with Why Me
I think African queen has been more successful.Its gotten international recognition,its still a classic in the minds of Nigerians and i heard it was part of an American Movie soundtrack.Let's give Gongo Aso more time and see how far it goes.But i doubt that it will surpass the success of African queen cos It wont appeal to listeners of different genres like African queen did.

As regards their careers,2face may be on the decline.I listen to him sing and i can hear a man who isn't doing anything to improve his craft.His voice still sounds raw and unrefined.And the sound quality of his music sounds like an improved version of a demo.I am not trying to diss or anything but i believe in progression.His music must rise to meet his new status and as well as the demands and expectations of his fans.

As for 9ice, if he continues on the right track and stays focused (a rare quality amongst Nigerians) there's no doubt in my mind that he will excel.
my people,this should not be a topic for discussion.
all i expect us to busy ourselves with is to seek for a way to encourage our acts.
tryn to draw a distinction btwn both successful 9ja artists may result to something else.
i'm not sayn that we cannot engage in such but we have to be very careful .'cos wherever we find "vs",it tends to show a "battle" for superiority.
In a nutshell,Tuface Idibia has done 9ja great ! 9ice has equally done well for 9ja .
Both of them has made us and are still making proud as a people. let's try to avoid comparisons btwn them as it will do us no good if we start comparing at this time.Thank you !
2face is unique,so is 9ice...their music is off the hook...looking at the most succesful is still african queen,but GONGO ASO!!!!hmnn....i can`t saut
gangan aso is tight but african queen is far more sucessful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that song has taken tuface placessss!!!!!!!! even a soundtrack in a foreign movie
what is the yardstick for success here? they are both unique and very skilled artistes.

but let me attempt widespread popularity and root causes of just the 2 songs mentioned

african queen is popular because black women anywhere in the world could relate to a song hailing them as queens in a time where everyother song is labelling them as bitches and hos. And its in english. Thats why it made its way into MoNiques holywood production about self esteem and black women. MoNique and her holywood people arent nigerian but they could understand the message and select a nigerian song over american ones. The message was too strong. I actually have caribean and african american friends who love it and never even guessed a nigerian did it. Sadly 2 face cannot even measure how far that song went.

gongo aso is wildly popular with an infectious rythym but probably wont have the same international spread, not because it isnt as good...

i hope i make any sense
C we all know d truth,u cant compare 2face and 9ice.2Face is d bomb mein,he has gone places and he is still going.Well,2 Face African queen has gone internationally(as in d whole world) and Gongo Aso is just i Nigeria.So 2face is more successful.........
african queen so far had more success n fame i guess,. gongo aso is still new i think with time it will go places.


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