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what re u going to do for love because you have tried everything ,yet you dont get the love.now ask your self what does gurls want ?.why cant they stick to one guy.?is it money or body or what,can some body answer this for me before i go crazy....

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pls u can go crazy
GOD...... man dont you get it yet..... young and horny are you? or just want some Godsend love back? iya will try to help you there... ok

first you must remain on God path he designed just for you... see I prayed for an african husband... twenty yrs it took me to hear God tell the answer to this on important question, why do i always have go home to my mother house when you know i dont want to be there with them ungodly ppl... the answer came till you do what I need you to do... my whole life passed before my minds eye, that I had been running from my path for yrs... I agreed to live christ like, I agreed to be God Embassy within my mother house...I was on my way back to California to help mother buy a house.

One day mum refused to pay mortgage, the family thought i would go crazy, but i kept calm and at peace... I watched and didnt react to any thing done to me... and afterward another answered prayer was to have them all removed from my life... I then started receiving blessing in 2006 January 29th I met my now husband and that lady is dead now died the same day I filed for my husband to come to usa.

that is why I stated it all starts with God... secondly ladies have forgotten that they are a treasure to be found, they are to study how to become a good wife and mate... but it is not happening... see i am from old school i learned that i am to be good with money, garden, with planning and managing home affairs...love is to be from God.

we humans in our present state of minds are not of Godly quality, but we have a Brother/Master/ Saviour that came down from heaven and showed us it can be done... and God gave us the Bible "basic instructions before leaving Earth" I close here with this picture of a true woman of God where you will find that love you seek in this life.. God bless Mrs Fanimo

Sincerity is all we need
hahahaha..its really funny dude, well what gurlz wants have noting to do with ur body
..money or appearance but what matters most is how you treat 'em, are u real or you are just faking 'em
and also ur attitude, be slow to anger and above all stop jealousy ...give her room when i mean room ..enuff space..seeing someone everytime can create alot of stuff....

but some gurls nomatter how treat 'em they still FUCK around and to me those one are posses or they just a SEX freak... FUCK 'em like u wanna KILL 'em they still fuck another
but if do the above lines, one day she will come back to her sences or if she dnt have the grace to come back to u
then she will be dying of missing u where ever she is....hahahahaha....GURLz tuc..lol
Girls want exactly what boys want. what happens when a guy dates more than one babe, is it the body, money or sex, whats good for the goose is good for the gander, so whatever you guys want in multiple relationships, is what girls want too, FUN
we need attention,but not too much
dont choke us,hang out with your guys but make time for us
A girl doesnt need much,just the little things guys overlook
To have a real woman not girl is of God, sick God first, the Bible says sick ye the kingdom of God and every other will be added ('''every''' that means all things na' jara) just sick God and He will bless u with a real woman
why are men selfish? all they want is to be with a good and understanding girl. How good are you to her? if she doesn't look good enough simply because she doesn't have the means and try to understand with u for the little or nothing you give to her(money) you will end up admiring another girl that sleeps around and looks better. Pls lets forget the issues of seeking God and face reality. whats ur attitude like toward these girls? if u feel u are 60% ok attitude wise, then the type of girls u end up with are not the type u should be with. u admire chics wen no send you.
Hey girl how can you talk about forgetting the issues of seeking God and facing reality.Girl, without God we would only be faking reality and not facing it.Seeking God first would automatically bring our heart's desires.I believe the problem which has given rise to this problem is the issue of not wanting to wait and walk in God's plan for our lives.Boys and girls have become webbed in this mess because we want to belong and let it be said that we too have bfs and gfs.Lets just be ourselves and reality would play itself out.Take care Seniorita Amanda.Ciao.
There are categories of Girls. Some always date guys because of money, while others date because of pleasure (sex). As a young guy, you must find time to discover the kind of girl she is. If you date a girl, you spend for her, but on the long run she left you for another person. The reason is this. 1- you dont satisfy her with sex. 2- you are you flirting.
You all are wasting alot of time, trying to convey your opinions. The simple fact is, Guys should focus on their life dreams and aspirations, when you are settled with them, simply lookout for a nice girl and marry. Since i left Nigeria, visiting different Cultures and Nation, i had realized the value of a women, especially in the middle east. Who born a girl to straff or wire, how do you want to do it? she can't even tell her Sis about a guy that likes her. This however gave rise to huge V-Yarnsh (Virgins) and sincere relationships. Bringing back my experience to Nigeria, obviously, Sex is part of the criteria to judge a steady relation. A girl can go to hell and do what ever she wants, for all i care, cos my guy, once you hammer! Every women go want your magic stick, but please make sure you settle with V yarnsh!!! shukran.
hey man, thats your personal coordination with ur partner that how you understand, satisfy or please each other. sit with her and speak to her...... what does she really want.

this shall be ur mutual understanding....


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