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what re u going to do for love because you have tried everything ,yet you dont get the love.now ask your self what does gurls want ?.why cant they stick to one guy.?is it money or body or what,can some body answer this for me before i go crazy....

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If you like go mad, don't you know that God created good and evil? if one girl is evil why don't swift to the good one and stop bothering urself over spilled milk. Was lucifer not angel befor he decided to challenge God? You sef since ur mama born you na only one girl you be with?, let face the fact and be proactive and do the positive things
if you like go mad, go mental even sef waka naked for road say girl get plenty guys, na you born her? if a girl like get 20 guys na ur bizness? God reated all things good and evil, lucifer no be God creat am? why God no cry, if a girl want be evil then leave her and go for the good one you like, lets be serious here with serious matter, no be girl and guy matter, lets be positve and proactive, always think logical and constructively, not with trival and unimportant issues abeg
all girls wants............... a correct,stylish,smooth talking,understanding,STRONG,focused,hardworking,clean guy.no much grammer this one na quick action.
this is how i get them fighting each other.use this and tell me how it goes.
but basically i think its time 4 young men to get up and be enterprising them u can play with the finess gurls.b;liv me
u can go crazy.......gurl need everything u have.if u crazy...!!!gurl only need to go away........hahahahaha
It is not money, if it is cash, Aishat should have agreed to Dangote's proposal. Yeah, U need t radiate confidence, dressed well and have the ability to make them laugh. That is what they want, finally you must have money to touche them up if they are from poor or middle class background. But if they are rich babes, learn how to be funny and radiates confidence in your speech.
Why can't women stick to one guy? I'm in love with two women, I don't know the one to pick as a wife -lyrics of Tony Tetuila- I think the case apply to men also, Tony just confirmed that. Just try to possess the quality they want.
Majority of Nigeria babes have preferences for Tall, Handsome, intelligent, confident and funny man. make them feel as a woman. Women don't like a weak man.
men na wa oooooooooooo this girls no go kill man the truth is u can never understand them what they want or do not want just take it one step at a time lol to all those looking 4 love
Gurls want true love n nothing more than that.
Girls expecially girls from Nigeria, they like efizzy alot. they like rich man too much money man.since theem no want surffer oh. if you do not have money you can not get a girl oh, you can get girls that dont stay with one man. after they finish sleeping with other rich men,they take money from them, then they will give it to you the boyfriend, you think the money is from them. for where that na lie oh. na sugar daddy and rich men give them money oh. that is nigerian girl problems for you. they pretend to love you, maybe because they found something in you,they want, after they got it, wow they are gone like the sun fade away. lol.

Guys be careful, it is better to make money and find good woman to marry oh, instead of keeping girlfriends


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