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7 Things Nigerian Men Find Unnattractive In Nigerian WoMen and one thing they CANT Resist ! SOME SOME SOME !

this is in no way a true definition of Nigerian Men It is the result of a discussion amongst Some women Read the bottom to hear the final word ! 

Every girl wants to be able to attract a man, if possible, without even talking to him (i know some MEN who like this dumb approach). However, most of them don’t understand why they can’t. Here are a few things that might be turning those Men off you:

1. Poor Hygiene

Body odour, mouth odour, dirty or stained teeth, wearing wrinkled, unflattering clothing, looking scruffy and uncleanliness in general are not attractive and will keep Men completely away from you.But if you give them SEX with poor hygiene you will still be quite attractive to them 

2. No Ambition

Men love being around women who have "their" own life, ambitions and goals. Looks can take you a long way, but once a conversation gets going and Men realize you have some goals whatsoever or you have goals but no concrete plan to achieve them, they will become instantly turned on ! .

But if you give them SEX without ambition  you will still be quite attractive to them in short many Nigerian men love a woman with one ambition to serve THEM ! Some men think Women were created to serve them for ever ! 

3. Irresponsibility

Men don’t want to invest their time and energy into girls who cant handle their own lives effectively and will more than likely become just another burden for him. The last thing a man wants to deal with is a woman who can’t ever seem to keep a job or pay her own bills.

But if you give them SEX and you are irresponsible with no Home Training whatsoever they will pay all the bills and  you will still be quite attractive to them in short Nigerian men love this arrangement ! 

4. Lack of confidence

Men want their women to lead the way, protect them and make them feel secure .. Yeah Right ! . Putting yourself down, engaging in self-pity and constantly complaining about your circumstances are guaranteed ways to turn a Nigerian Man on and make him stay with you for good.This can help out to boost his own low self esteem as If a nigerian man is not driving a jeep even though he has no house nor wife he has not arrived ! 

But if you give them SEX and you are a complete idiot with no confidence in yourself whatsoever  ! you will still be VERY attractive to them.Nigerian men actually  prey on women with a lack of confidence ! this is why some like underaged girls so much in the north !   

5. Having no sense of humour

Whether you realize it or not, humour is critical to your success with Men. In fact, a sense of humour usually tops a Man’s attraction wish list and is one of the best ways to turn him on Another yeah right ! A woman who laughs with every Man is a NO NO for Nigerian Men . No Man wants to be with a girl who can never laugh at herself "I am not fine I am fat I am this or that ", make a joke or find humour in a situation.please ask me how many comediennes are in Naija sef ! 

And worst of ALL Nigerian Men think a woman who laughs with a lot of men must be having Sex with them ! and they will want their own too ! 

But if you give them Sex without a sense of humour   they will hire basketmouth i go die Gordons Alibaba for  both of you on a date out and a laughing woman is a willing woman  and you will still be quite attractive to them ! Why do you think Night of a thousand laughs is one of the best places to take your girl to on a date ? Especially with all those raunchy jokes basketmouth & co are dishing out these days ! 

6. Giving too many compliments

Men love compliments, but if you make too many compliments, most Men won’t believe you and will wonder what your real motive is. Giving too many compliments makes you seem insincere and desperate for money. 

But if you give them Sex  you will still be quite attractive to them in short then they will record your Compliments as  "sweet nagging from my babe"  and post it on facebook & twitter .Nigerian men actually like a nagging wife for a silent woman is a dangerous woman o ! She is either praying to God to deliver her or calling some kidnappers lol ! 

7. Being a Drunk.

Nothing is less attractive to a Man than a girl who is a drunk ! Right ? Wrong ! Nigerian men love drunk ladies and If you can’t maintain your alcohol consumption, then you obviously won’t be able to use good judgment and avoid misbehaving around other Men when they are dating you.

But if you give them Sex and you will when drunk  you will still be quite attractive to them  even though Nigerian Breweries & even Guiness & smirnoff ice  

has hired you as Brand ambassador for life . and they will then dump you and go for the next drunk babe !  give her BIG stout ! 

The one thing Nigerian Men can not Resist is ....

Sexy  (women who want to sex ( there is a word for it (prostitutes)) !)  Ask Men what their Sex budget is and you will be shocked !   Dont mind all the plenty brackets jor ... There is a slang that says if you want to date or hit on a woman in Nigeria you want to bracket her ! Actually a top Actress in Nigeria is also called omoSEXy ! Yes you guessed it right  be fat ugly uneducated dark skinned polygamous but sexy (maybe willing to have sex anytime ) &

SOME Nigerian Men will Find you IRRESISTIBLE ! ask the late MKO Abiola's wives & many others 

So what do you think guys ? What else do you find unattractive in women ? Let us know in the comments box.

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u just got it wrong, cos sex is not all, some of the women are not even good in bad, like wise the men too.to me understanding each is what keep both parties together, and dat is what has kept our fathers and mothers together.

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