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Adenuga's Kids: Like Father Like Son ? Mogul "denies" them Exit Visa from Kingdom Glo !

There is a growing disquiet between  Otunba Mike Adenuga and two of his children, Paddy, his favorite son and Oyin, his daughter.

Sources attribute this development to attempts by the children to move out of the world of the father without the latter’s consent.


Both Paddy and Oyin have   sought their father’s blessing and support to set up businesses of their own.


According to sources, the venture they had in mind would divorce them from the operations of their father’s business activities.

The celebrated face of multibillionaire enterprises such as Globacom, Con Oil and Equitoria Trust Bank was said to have refused their entreaties.

One of the torch lights of the Nations commerce is said to prefer his children eke their living within his web of businesses.

He was said to have been at logger head with his first son, Babajide for years over the latter’s refusal to tow the line. Unlike his siblings then, Babajide had opted to be independent of his father’s wealth and influence, staying back in America working as a D.J amongst other things to survive.

But he eventual succumbed to his father’s influence- came back home and joined one of his father’s businesses- Con Oil.

A compromise was later reached and Babajide left the company to kick start his own personal business.

According to a source ‘ for a man that loves to have his family around him and could go to such an extent, Paddy and Oyin coming to him and seeking permission to tow a path he fought to get his son back from was definitely out of it’

However sources claimed that both Oyin and Paddy refused to take the matter lying low.

They were said to have initiated moves contrary to their father’s desire- and in order to drive his point home, the Billionaire was said to have stopped allowances due to them.

And forbade provision of funds to them by the managers of his businesses.

no paddy for jungle :

Paddy while trying to act independently was said to have secured a loan facility that went sour from a ‘friend’. His forgiving father was said to have waded into the matter when anti graft agents were invited into the case.

But despite this, the favorite son of the man many want to be like still refuses to do away with the idea of moving out of his father’s world.

And this adamant still upholds the tension between them.

On her part, Oyin is said to be faring slightly better.

She is said to have kick started a cosmetic trade outside of the country.

Those in the know however insists the lady that made headlines with a ruse intending wedding to party sojourner, Wole Aboderin still needs funds ‘to make things happen’

The two children, sources claim, are inspired by the attitude and confidence their brother, Babajide used to embrace life outside of their father’s wealth and influence.

What those in the know of this development find mystifying is why the children of the man widely celebrated as an exemplary Nigerian and generous giver are so bent on moving outside his sphere of influence.

Oyin recently linked by media to Wole Aboderin in a marriage of the high society kind debunked that claim apparently in a march city people interview .

How did you meet him and did he make any advances towards you?

Oyin: “I met him through a female mutual friend and the only time I saw him was in company of this friend. And yes, he made advances but I told him point blank that I wasn’t interested. He even went as far talking to people who know me to talk to me on his behalf and I told them exactly what I told him, that I wasn’t interested.”


Oyin: “Being a quiet person, I just felt this brought unnecessary attention to me. I live a very quiet life in America. I am home for vacations of family functions. It’s rather sad that journalism in Nigeria is not what it used to be. To know that someone paid to have a false story written about me and for no one to do their research and ask my family members or friends to find out if the story is true was very appalling to me. Till today, my father has never met him. My family members and his family members have spoken to him countless time to leave me alone, but he has refused to listen to anyone. I hope with this interview, he gets the message and finally leaves me alone.”


But as they say a Picture Says a Thousand Words 

Voila ! 



All three Photos show Oyin in company of her Stalker Wole Aboderin .






adapted from various sources .

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na paddy paddy family be dis o !

who dey lie?......no be small thing


An apple doesn't fall too far from the tree and that's what continuity builds~~~~~~!!!



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