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Are Nigerians Resident In Uk Jealous Of Their Visiting Counterparts ?

This has been on my mind for quite some time but i personally thought that it was just me that noticed this trend anytime i am in the Uk for a visit,but recently some of my friends who also got first hand cold shoulder treatment from these so called "Permanent Resident" Nigerians in UK who often act in ways that suggest that they are envious of we Nigerians who can afford to just come over for visits in the Uk rather that come and join them in the hustle over there.

My second cousins who live in Liverpool always try as much as possible to avoid me visiting them anytime i am in town and sometimes i want to believe that probably it is their conservative nature at work but when the tables turned around and they were the ones visiting us at our family house in Nigeria, the youngest of my 3 cousins confessed that it seemed that the other 2 had issues or just outrightly jealous that i could afford to come over to UK  like 2wice a year .As funny as it may seem this has always been the case with some of my old school mates who decided to make UK was their final destination. They are always obtaining their visiting counterparts who come for holiday.

Even on naija websites, there was the same attitude of outright cold shoulder on the thread about the Lagos Dump hustler (Vocal Slender) whom by fate and goodwill is currently in the UK for some shows. right on that thread it seems the permanent residency Nigerians in UK are getting so worked up that they couldn't hide their envy  about this guy's visit

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The naked truth is they actually are. The other part of it is they have initially been brainwashed about " making it" yonder since they were kids. My own very first cousin left the country in 1986 and has nothing to his credit because of the initial orientation that life is better than what obtains then. That was when Nigeria and what it represented then gained respect all over the world. Five of his mates in secondary school then now have doctorate degrees and each time he calls, i give him the news. The envy and respect will always be there because you can afford to visit as many times in a year as you want, spend as much time and money as you can, enjoy yourself which they cannot attempt because of the over policed and over taxed environment they find themselves. ADVISE: Limit your visits to them whenever you are in the UK.
I wish they are truthfull to themselves.It is better here than there!It has not been easy over the years and they can not swallow their pride and return,get something better.
It could be and very unlikely it might not. Nigerian could be visiting United Kingdom back and forth just like going from Lagos Mainland to Ebute Metta or Mushin, but the fact of the matter remains everybody wants to run away from Nigeria. All Nigerians wants is manipulating somebody to their advantage or who would do the dirty work in securing them. This ulterior motive wouldn't be disclosed until you gave them a step only to take two or three and before you knew it you're neck deep in only to be subject to insinuation and family agitation that he doesn't want to help other families to rise up.
Nigerians in general are very cunning and manipulative. They're green snake under the green grass. What is the economy of the country to take twice a trip visiting United Kingdom or what kind of business they were into to finance such a trip. There's more than meet the eye and I wouldn't blame their friends or relatives who abstained from compounding their situation talkless of taking care of an adult who would turn around to bite you before you knows it. 9ja......! 9ja......!! 9ja............when you heard it be prepared to jump or run and fast too. They're not envious nor jealous of them but who 9ja are is the factor.
This is a very interesting topic you raised! You know the simple fact is that life is not easy for most folks who live overseas...some find it hard to squeeze out a pound, not to talk about feeding an extra mouth, and so they are nervous, just in case you expect them to extend the traditional Nigerian hospitality to you.

The European selfish culture is something that is more convenient....so seeing you fall in and fall out at will, may of course stir up feelings of resentment, which is only natural.
If you have a friend or family run away from you anywhere across africa, lt's not always dat they're jealous of you travelling back and forth as many time you like.... sometimes they might have some story about you as well as you're either not giving them kind gesture you are getting, bcos sometimes most of us travelling there don't sometime treat them the same way/hospitality when they come home to Naija, it's when they come home that either the children school fees,car breakdown etc, needed to be done, so all this burden will put on them and you know they communicate with each other to tell about us treament we gave them when,,,,,,, That we're just showing off coming up and down, and so many other dissappointment of assistance on all other things we don't give them.
WHY?? they think we have it good in naija or what?? I have 2 siblings in North-West london and they NEVER want 2 smell naija soil. They dont mind d hustle at all. Well, its probably and individual thing ...
Speaking as someone who has just returned to live in Niga but lived in the UK for a long time, I think part of the displeasure UK residents may have toward Niga visitors is the lack of care that Nigerians show when visiting. They come, make all kinds of demands without much of a thank you, spend money like there is no tomorrow (yet sooner or later they will tell you they or someone else in the family needs financial help), dont buy any food into the house but eat everything(as if that is how they eat in Niga), dont help to maintain the appearance of the already small house\flat(leaving their suitcase anywhere and everywhere), and then insult their host by saying "I can never come and live in the UK(meaning that the host is a fool for living in the UK). Of course their host will be irritated. Visitors should try and treat their host home with respect, decency and leave with thankfullness and the host will be happy to welcome them again.


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