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Maverick politician and four-time senator, Chief Francis Arthur Nzeribe, has again stirred the hornet’s nest by calling on the military to rescue the nation from further degenerating into a state of abyss. The leader of the controversial defunct Association for Better Nigerian (ABN) observed that politicians had failed to sustain the country’s 10 year unbroken democracy with wanton encouragement of crimes.

Nzeribe at a news conference in Owerri on Wednesday said that Nigerians were experiencing fatigue with democracy and heading consciously or unconsciously towards military dictatorship.
“It used to be fashionable to say that politicians have learnt nothing from the experiences in the hands of the military. This time around, we can say that politicians have learnt nothing from each other which makes our case as a nation worse.”

According to Nzeribe who dubbed his press statement ‘Our’ Democracy has its innocence, “it is unfortunate that after 10 years of committing huge sums of money in building democratic institutions, politicians are still unable to live up to expectation.
“Our country has spent huge sums of money building legislatures at all levels of government. We have spent huge sums of money nurturing and sustaining the executive arms at all tiers of government. But, what have we gotten in return?” Nzeribe queried.
He noted that it had all been tales of woe from executive to the judiciary, pointing out that no single legislation had had any positive impact on Nigerians since 1999.

He further said that the country ended up having state chief executives who had turned their states into private estates as they had failed to distinguish their private pockets from the public till.
He noted that, what appeared to be a repentant judiciary at the beginning of the current dispensation had turned out to be a fluke. “We are all witnesses to the rigmarole in election cases.” He therefore expressed fear that some governorship disputes pending in the courts had no prospects of being resolved before the next general elections.
According to him, what the country had only succeeded in achieving in the last 10 years was emergence of a new crop elite who took advantage of the innocent yearning of the people to appropriate the commonwealth.

He, observed that there was an atmosphere of panic and uncertainties in the country prompting politicians to shower praises on the military for protecting the nation’s democracy. Nzeribe described such praises as blackmail.
“Does it not worry us that the same military we were abusing 11 years ago, we are now praising to high heavens not for going to war and excelling but agree to look the other way while we fornicate with the innocent democracy?”
“The nation’s relation with the military is precarious. We do not want to stage a takeover. Yet, we keep on committing the same act that makes coup plotting a profitable venture. My position is that the military should strike if they think the environment is ripe for that. Who are the people turning the screw from the background? We talk of the cabal, which cabal? The bubble will soon burst.”

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Replies to This Book Discussion

Nzeribe should not wait for the military. He should just go and buy guns arm his followers and take over the government. Ewu!

Mr.Tony I.If not for the fact that some things should not be said,I wld have said you shld think of your stands before you speak or write.The same useless Nzeribe has been a four term gone senator,what change did he create for the Oguta people? The same Nzeribe during military regimes,imported weapons and arms into Nigeria and that was his business.Now it is clear that there is no room for his manipulative ideas he cries stupidly like a sheep for military to take over.When the world is absorbing democracy and Nigeria is a champion in the proclamation of it.Listen I believe the Igbo people are so wise that people like Nzeribe don't really count anymore in this political era.A conman,a confused political beast and a disgrace to Nigeria for even making mention of the military to take over.

yes the military should plsssssssss take over this politicians want to kill us with corruption

What! Nzeribe has the gall to talk to the media????? That self-serving opportunist! Doesn't he know that  our democracy is bearing the burden of cleaning up the mess that the military dictatorship left behind.We are still suffering the effects of the military rule. Our present politics is still largely influenced by ex-military Generals and their beneficiaries.Isn't it bad enough that they have the plate, now you want to give them the whole pot!!!!!!


Nzeribe don't you have a conscience???????????????


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