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Beyonce I AM PREGNANT ! Did Beyonce outsource/surrogate her pregnancy ? then she is really "Pregnant" else ? ? ?

BeyonceSurrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or person. This woman may be the child's genetic mother (called traditional surrogacy), or she may carry the pregnancy to delivery after having an embryo, to which she has no genetic relationship whatsoever, transferred to her uterus (called gestational surrogacy). If the pregnant woman received compensation for carrying and delivering the child (besides medical and other reasonable expenses) the arrangement is called a commercial surrogacy, otherwise the arrangement is sometimes referred to as an altruistic surrogacy.[1]




The problem was that there didn't appear to be much of a baby bump, prompting some to question what all the fuss was about.

But it was a televised interview for Channel 7's Sunday Nightprogram that really sent the internet nasties into overdrive.

You see, Beyonce was wearing a fitted red dress, and when she sat down her baby bump appeared to fold in the middle, sparking suggestions that she is only pretending to be pregnant.

Of course, her rep has quickly denied it, but the rumours are persisting.

And now everyone seems to be trawling though recent pictures to assemble a shame file of evidence to show the whole thing is fake.

Her recent appearances at the Glastonbury Music Festival and the Billboard Awards are now being closely scrutinised. People are wondering why she looked pregnant one week, but not the next, and why the baby bump seems to be missing in action occasionally.

I can't imagine that any woman - especially one in the spotlight - would fake a pregnancy.

In fact, even the mere suggestion without good hard proof is pretty nasty, if not profoundly sexist.

Sure, stranger things have happened. Some deranged women do fake pregnancies - usually before they steal another woman's baby and try to pass it off as their own.

And I am sure there are some women out there who don't fancy messing up their perfect bodies, so choose to outsource the whole pregnancy and birth - although I'll bet it is very rare.

But it is impossible to think that Beyonce would fit into any of these categories. Sure, the world she inhabits is totally different from our own. She's already turned her pregnancy into a business opportunity, and is working on both maternity and baby clothing lines.

She is a global fashion superstar, and has hits at the top of the charts in dozens of countries. However, this doesn't make her a baby faker. In the absence of proof, I think the sceptics should just settle down and put the knives away.

Accusing someone of faking a pregnancy is a pretty big call, and shouldn't be done just to fill a few column inches in a newspaper.

It's hard enough being a pregnant woman in the spotlight anyway, without the scary sceptics having a field day every time you appear in public.

However, Beyonce had better get used to having her baby bump being judged by others.

Pregnant women are often amazed to find that their baby belly is generally considered public property.

Everyone has an opinion about whether you're too big or too small - regardless of how you look, you never seem to be just normal.

People you've never met will feel free to touch your stomach in public and offer you unsolicited advice about drinking and smoking.

I even had women I'd never met approach me to talk about whether I had stopped eating ham (fear of listeria), was taking folate supplements (to guard against spina bifida) and was drinking enough water (keep baby hydrated).

And of course there's those horror birth stories other women seem to love to tell: why do so many mums feel the need to share the gory details of their 36-hour drug-free births involving 70 stitches and an emergency caesarean?

Beyonce would be wise to ignore the whole damned debate, and get on with enjoying her pregnancy.

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I wonder why someone's private life should become a national news. Even if she is not pregnant whats the big deal about it? Shouldn't it be her business too.
can u imagine, how e tak concern dem


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