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Evil if not checked, eventually becomes a tradition and the norm. The same goes for the ever-increasing wickedness perpetrated on Nigerians who wish to travel abroad for greener pastures by the numerous so-called Nigerian travel/foreign-school agents scattered all over the country and even beyond. Apart from the few whose parents/guardians sponsor for studies in different colleges in the developed countries, most Nigerians traveling abroad do so solely as the best way to counter the ever-encroaching hardship rocking the boat of their lives and their families’ as a result of the satanic governance that has gone on for decades in our country.



Most Nigerians born in the country grew up with this business mentality that, in order to gain more, one has to invest the less he has. Some of the early people who traveled overseas from Nigeria got caught up with the obvious disparities between the “two worlds” and most of them never made it back home as expected. But as the story of Nigeria kept becoming less interesting, men got wiser and made their overseas migration clear: to make money, come home and help the family. This becomes the best patriotic act a fair Nigerian can hope to offer while the leadership keeps at refusing to lead. Most foreign countries got wiser too and their borders got tighter for Nigerians, refusing the majority entry unless they are coming in to spend the little they have - to study.

This immigration law of accepting almost only those Nigerians coming in for study by different countries has its numerous ills, but has also helped in bringing back to school most Nigerians that wouldn’t mind avoiding education entirely as long as they make the money. This law gave birth to the worst kind of corruption in Nigeria, released the worst kind of attack on Nigeria and spread the worst kind of disease on Nigerians. This law gave birth to rogue school agents who will stop at nothing in defrauding people of their life-earned money. Taking the advantage that most countries would readily take Nigerians in as long as they are coming for education, these “agents” cash in on the determination of the Nigerian youths to avoid turning to violence at home by traveling abroad for any job that could help them and their families back home since there are actually rooms for foreign students to work part-time in some of these countries. ( Continues below….. )


One of the setbacks in the Nigerian education is the more or less absence of Internet connectivity and availability in the country. The absence of Internet anywhere in this generation is the absence of information, and the absence of information is everything bad. Majority of Nigerians, even home-taught IT graduates are far more limited than their counterparts in other nations as a result of web scarcity in the country. These agents cash in on even the wisest among pals and deceive them with fake informations about countries, and so, the Internet absence totally puts the future of most Nigerian youths who would wish to travel abroad in the hands of these blood-thirsty agents.

These agents are responsible for getting, most of the time, passport for the would-be travelers, the route and/or the country to travel to, the ticket, and even how to pack one’s luggage-removing the essentials for their self-use. Deliberately intending to squeeze all the money they can out from these travelers, these agents, most times, buy return tickets for people going for studies and sell the return ticket once they know that the said travelers have got to their destination, acquire visas for these travelers from countries never heard of and never intended, promising them of a place to stay and a good job to help with school. And so, most Nigerian youths going abroad collaborate with their families, even to the extended, to get all the fund needed, believing that it’s an investment with a life-long returns.



Ninety-nine percent of these youths meet with an entirely opposite situation as assured by their agents. Most of the so-called negative stories about Nigerians abroad are the fruits of these agents. One thing worthy of note here also is that some of these foreign schools are in collaboration with these agents in this wickedness because they have turned deaf ear to numerous complaints coming to the international students office desk regularly by some of the affected people. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Nigerian Naira Notes



The result of this agents’ evil quest for money is immeasurable but I will list few implications of these to include:

1. The near-sureness of most of these Nigerians abroad turning into anything to make ends meet, no matter how bad it tells on the individuals or the nation.

2. Mass extinct of future leaders.

3. Broken marriages, homes and trusts.

4. Some youths who find themselves in this mess end up becoming agents in order to avenge and make some money. Some even use their family members as scapegoats.

5. Disappointments and heartbreaks.

6. Induced lawbreakers.

7. Uncertainty of the future of the Nigerian youths as a result of misdirected destinies.

Unless and until this evil by some Nigerians who call themselves agents with the collaboration of some of these foreign schools is checked, Nigeria will be left with a big gap in the heart in the near future. There are a few measures to correct this, but the government of Nigeria and other countries involved in taking Nigerian student should and must be fully committed towards checking these ills. Few of these measures include:

1. Proper registering of school/travel agencies in Nigeria and making sure they follow the policy.

2. Setting up a unit (if possible) at different embassies that will work as guidance with the intention of finding out what the would-be traveler knows about his trip and his expectations. If this unit has been in existence, it’s dormant.

3. Setting up a body that every would-be traveler would pass through to ensure that proper information has been passed by their agents and understood by the traveler before embarking on the journey.

4. Creating a body and its website where the affected individuals can lodge their complaints and expect investigations to follow through.

5. The speedy spreading of Internet connectivity all over Nigeria, and the affordability. This will help everyone intending to travel with all the needed informations.

These measures are inevitable if the overall fight against corruption in Nigeria is to bear much fruits. A good leader sees the future in the eyes of the youths, and in order to counter this madness and save the future, this present administration should address this matter with a high level of urgency and importance.

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Replies to This Book Discussion

You show yourself to be one of the greatest problem we still have in Nigeria today by copying my full work and pasting it here without as much as saying how you got the information. You are a scammer and soon you will face the hot water. If you are really among those Re-branding Nigeria, you aught to report fully on what I wrote, including my full name and email address as it is in the Nigerian masterweb. Today, It's more or less an advice to a brother: DO NOT COPY ANY OF MY WORK WITHOUT REFERENCING THEM. The original work can be found here at http://nigeriamasterweb.com/blog/index.php/2010/10/25/curbing_the_b...
IK, That there was an error/omission in reference
Should not be your bases of calling someone
a scammer. It's Too Insulting. Besides I'M Not.
Go through My Profile Very Well, If That was Why You
Became A Member.
If your brain has developed to the level of gathering informations that could help Nigeria and posting them for all to benefit from, you should also know that there is no reason for you to remove the reference of your post if you do not plan on taking your credit and that of the writer. This is one of the many evils rooted deep in Nigeria and if we must move forward as a nation, we must be individually ready and willing. WHAT YOU DID IS CALLED PLAGIARISM AND I BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE NOT DUMB ENOUGH TO CLAIM IGNORANCE-IT'S NO OMISSION OR ERROR, JUST A DELIBERATE ACT. Your other posts here show that you deliberately avoid referencing your work; you remove the author's name and contact and then claim the entire piece. You could be jailed long term for this. However I believe that you have the interest of Nigeria at heart like many of us, but we must eschew the things that make us stumble whenever we try to advance. Try to reference any work you are presenting which is not your original work-is that too much for somebody who wants our country to be better? What you did is a serious offence and calling my response "insulting" is a display of the root of our country's problem-arrogance in ignorance. The only words I expected from you were : "I'm sorry, it was a mistake." Not taking responsibilities of our mistakes is the problem with Nigerian leaders; it's the problem in our country as a whole. Please let us conform to the singular purpose of re-branding Nigeria. It can only start from our individual selves.
Ayk, Pls, accept my Apology. "Am so Sorry for my wrongs".
Let's not quarrel over this matter despite what the reason is.
We are brothers. I want you to forgive me and let your mind be clear please.
Let's continue better things that benefits. If my plea is accepted,pls may i know.
Many Thanks....
100% accepted. I held nothing against you per se; I just wanted us to lay every weight aside and move on singularly in this vision. And thanks for your response; many wouldn't accept any responsibility. You are not a scammer, so I take that back. I hope God will use our sincere passion to trully re-brand our country. God bless you.


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