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Elrufai Blames Christians For Boko Haram Bombings. "wikileaks" evidence of Boko Christians

Controversial former minister of the FCT has blamed Christians for the string of Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria. In several tweets on his twitter profile, Elrufai bitterly unleashed his accusations on Christians claiming that an SSS official was caught in Gombe attempting to bomb a church and that a Christian named John was behind this past weekend's string of bombings in Zaria, Kaduna state (see tweets above). But when NaijaPundit investigated these claims they were found to be untrue.

Elrufai also posted a similar claim on his facebook profile claiming that Boko Haram is a Southern Christian plot to destroy the Hausa Fulani and Islam.

Is Boko Haram real or the metaphor of an agenda against a section of the country? - asks Aminu Sarki.....

Agenda against the North, Hausa/Fulani and Islam


So, without doubt there is Boko Haram which aims to establish, according to them, a just social system of governance as they understand it, which path to its establishment is strewn with violence and there is a “Boko Haram” which uses the violence of the authentic sect as a cover for its own violence aimed at psychological warfare, the need to maintain the status quo of northern division and to, through massive propaganda, cast a select set of northern leaders or politicians as sponsors of terrorism “because they have lost political power.” Any objective observer couldn’t have missed how through massive propaganda certain northern politicians are being made to look like the sponsors of the terror group because of their insistence on President Jonathan to honour the zoning agreement of his party, the P.D.P., cleverly avoiding the fact that the terror group’s existence preceded the zoning debate. In fact, this deliberate misinformation and miseducation will benefit more those who want to perpetuate the ethno-religious division in the north as these select northern leaders are cast in the mould of the Hausa/Fulani enemies of Christianity bent on enslaving or exterminating the northern minority tribes to engender a Hausa/Fulani hegemony or oligarchy. This latter “Boko Haram” could possibly be a mix of some Christian and Muslim psychopaths who can do any work for money in the same fashion as there are gangs of armed robbers with memberships cutting across religious and ethnic lines.

Evidences of my claim are: 

(1.) The reported arrest of the suspects that sprayed bullets on the Gombe Deeper Life Church worshippers of which the suspects arrested were alleged to be Igbos. Keen observers would remember that “Boko Haram” claimed responsibility for that attack. Noteworthy also is the fact that the arrested suspects were moved from Gombe to Abuja and since then nothing has been heard about them.

(2.) Shortly after the Gombe Deeper Life Church massacre, following quickly also after the Gombe township bombing fiesta two men, named Hassan Ojudu and Samaila Yakubu, all of them Christians, were arrested in the same Gombe town with a vehicle loaded with explosive devices and ammunitions. If they were part of those who did the bombing fiesta Christians should note that “Boko Haram” also claimed responsibility, and if they were not a part of the bombing fiesta be assured that if they had not been arrested and they succeeded in using their own merchandise “Boko Haram” would have claimed responsibility. Curiously, since they were moved to Abuja nothing has been heard about them.

(3.) If the eight COCIN church members arrested with explosive devices at the Miya-Barkatai branch of the church in Bauchi State had succeeded in detonating what they were arrested with, be assured “Boko Haram” would have claimed responsibility and since the village is near Jos, Plateau State some brainwashed youths with hearts filled with hate would begin to pounce on any available Hausa/Fulani on sight for revenge.

(4.) If Miss Lydia Joseph had succeeded in burning down the St. John Catholic church in Bauchi city be assured it would have been attributed to Boko Haram or to Muslims.

(5.) If Emmanuel King, the guy who disguised as a Muslim wearing a turban and kaftan, had succeeded in bombing down the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Yenagoa the Bayelsa capital “Boko Haram” would have claimed responsibility, and the intended desire for reprisal would have further brought the real desire, which is polarization. It doesn’t matter whether the guy is sane or insane as he was later touted to be. Also, possibly in further pursuit of this polarization agenda some persons were reported to have burnt down a worship centre of the Church of God Mission International in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital as reported by the LEADERSHIP newspaper of Sunday, January 15, 2012 on page 9. Who did it may not be known now, but there is the possibility it could have been meant to trigger some kind of attacks against some undesirable elements with the added benefit of maintaining a national division.

(6.) If Madam Ruth had succeeded in bombing down the ECWA church in the Kalarin area of Kaltungo in Gombe State verily, verily I say unto thee “Boko Haram” would have claimed responsibility notwithstanding whether she was hypnotized or not as some may want to claim.

(7.) After the COCIN church headquarters bombing in Jos defence authorities issued a statement disclaiming the man lynched while trying to escape from the vicinity as not a soldier, whereas the man was wearing military uniform and was later identified as a member of the church. To lend credence to this possibility the Special Task Force (STF) on security in Jos on Sunday, March 25, 2012 paraded one Mr. Alex Danladi who was caught wearing army camouflage t-shirt, cap and boot while parading himself as a soldier. He was paraded alongside one Mr. Dung Bulus, a suspected fabricator of guns and some others whom the authorities said are students of the University of Jos. Also on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 the 2 Brigade, Nigeria Army, Bori Camp, Port Harcourt paraded one Abba Ibrahim allegedly caught with military uniforms and other gear including weeds suspected to be cannabis. He was said to be a dismissed military personnel and hails from Billiri, a predominantly Christian town in Gombe State and that at the time of his arrest he was standing trial for another case of impersonation (see THE NATION newspaper of Wednesday, March 28, 2012 page 57). Now, for a fee wouldn’t this Alex Danladi, donning his military gear, ask some persons manning some church entrance to open the gates and some paid murderers would drive in and detonate their bomb laden car? Or wouldn’t this Abba Ibrahim do the same for money?

(8.) On January 11, 2012 two Nigerians named, Sunday Eze from Anambra State and Samuel Taiwo from Ogun State and some three Ghanaians were arrested in Ghana with some heavy weaponry carefully concealed in a truck, which was to be brought to Nigeria. Opposing bail for the suspects in court on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 the Office of the Attorney-General of the Republic of Ghana said “the arms and ammunitions seized on transit to Nigeria were to be used to fuel terrorists’ activities in the country.” See the DAILY TRUST newspaper of Wednesday, March 28, 2012 page 3. These Nigerian suspects are from southern Nigeria and bear Christian names. So, on whose behalf were they bringing in those arms of which the Ghanaian authorities said were to be used for terrorism in Nigeria? And which terror group do they belong to?

(9.) On Tuesday, April 10, 2012 a 38 yea- old man named Monday Davou was arrested while planting a timed Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or time bomb, if you like, at the Makera weekly market in Riyom Local Government Area, Plateau State. This was with intent to commit mass murder, for that is what planting a bomb in a market will do. Now if Monday Davou’s bomb had exploded be sure that a “Boko Haram” spokesperson will have claimed responsibility and even before the statement of claim comes Monday Davou’s kinsmen would have launched “reprisal attacks” on any person that looked like Hausa/Fulani and their properties, and would have probably roasted some of the Hausa/Fulanis and eaten them like they did sometime in 2011.

(10.) The DAILY SUN newspaper of Monday, February 20, 2012 on page 12 reported the arrest in Akure, Ondo State of a gang of five armed robbers led by one Evangelist Wale Adelu, “an evangelist of one of the old generation churches, which has branches in the state capital…..and they were said to be meeting in his church before they proceeded on any robbery operation.” Wouldn’t this “evangelist” and his gang agree to bomb churches for a good fee?

(11.) Similarly, the SATURDAY SUN newspaper of Saturday, March 10, 2012 on page 10 reported that 11 cartons of explosives imported from South Africa and “carefully packaged to beat security checks” were intercepted by the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. The consignments were said to be for “Miero Marble Granite and Stones Limited in Kaduna State, with one Mr. Michael Awara Ernest as the representative to collect the explosives at the cargo terminal.” The Customs Area Controller in charge of the airport, Mr. Charles EporweiEdike while parading the suspect said “If these items were released to him, they could have been used to cause mayhem; we are now going to hand him and the items over to the police for further investigations.” Well, since the handover to the police nothing has been heard about it again. And let the Muslims bearing Michael Awara Ernest step forward to the nearest police post for proper identification and documentation, please.

(12.) The THISDAY newspaper of Friday, January 13, 2012 on page 6 culled a news report from the BBC in which a British-based arms dealer, Gary Hyde was being prosecuted in a London court for unlawfully arranging the shipment of about 80, 000 guns and 32 million rounds of ammunition from China to Nigeria in 2007. But, the big question is, to whom did he make his shipment? To Muslim radicals or to some church going criminals?

(13.) On Sunday, February 19, 2012 four persons were arrested while trying to detonate explosives at the St. Theresa’s Catholic Parish, High-level in Makurdi the Benue State capital. The LEADERSHIP newspaper of Wednesday, February 22, 2012 on page 10 reported the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the state’s command, Mr. Alaribe Ejike as saying those four persons arrested were Christians and not Boko Haram members as speculated by members of the public. He said “We are still trying to find out certain things about them, but we have not confirmed whether they are Boko Haram members. It remains one thing, and as soon as we find out, we shall inform you accordingly.” Up till now nothing has been heard from the police. But, poor Alaribe Ejike may not have known that there is a “Boko Haram” with members possibly cutting across religious lines impersonating Boko Haram for some people’s strategic interests. 

These few examples are possible involvements of Christians in betraying the church and Christians and the nation.

Aminu Sarki














Those interested in reading Elrufai's allegations against Christians may do so by clicking on the following linkhttps://www.facebook.com/nasirelrufai/posts/10151832787470128 or go to his facebook page.

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Replies to This Book Discussion

It is obvious  that is this is cleverly written and executed, but you forget the fact that Nigerians and the international communities reading this are not as stupid as some people in one part of the nation.

nobody claim that some christian are not criminals and greedy to have accepted money from the influential Northern leaders to disguise as a boko haram member to carry bomb and allow being arrested for you to shelve responsibility for your evil.

The question is WHY WERE THEY CAUGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE and WHY WILL BOKO HARAM CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER ENEMIES ACTION? Because the enemies that the sect is fighting are the christains and its civilisation so will it not be stupid to claim responsibility for christains evil. 



Blame, lies....all I see is Nigerians killing Nigerians.....other countaries treating us like dirt...we don't appreciate ourselves damn look around no one cares about you ....not even you...we need to look within

Its a function of selfishness and greed on the part of some influential few. an average nigerian is only concerned with what to eat and have a good life.

Its the greedy and selfish rich who hide under religion and ethnicity to pursue their selfish interest

Elrufai or whatever you call youself , from these your writeup , it means that you 're supporting and abating

boko haram terroriest act . i thought that you 're wise and learned , how in your widest imagination

do you think that boko haram will claim an act committed by a christain or christains . never mind

time will tell who is who . you all have a hidden agenda , as you and your co-host boko haram

are fighting to islamized the country , it wont work  . period !

An Open Letter to Muslims in Nigeria Dear Muslims,  I didn’t think before writing this letter to you. I will not apologise for anything I say here, either. For so many times now, I’ve kept quiet. I have been silent over things I should scream about. I was quieted, not because I am not fit for your violence, but because I know nothing about your religion of ‘peace.’ I do not sincerely understand the concept of peace you all claim to have. What I’ve realized from your Way of Life, is the mentality of going against anyone that doesn’t agree with you. It is distasteful that you have chosen to unleash terror and fear upon Christians in Nigeria every Sunday. This has become a tradition and when things turn ritualistic, they begin to bug me. I am very troubled, dear Muslims.  You are very good at inflicting fears into the souls of people. You are also very quick at calling your religion a religion of peace. You are very good at calling anyone that does not buy your ideology, an infidel.  I am not a Christian and will never be. Yet, I do not believe these gentle and sober Christians deserve all these bombs you throw at them every Sunday in Nigeria. I used to think that all of you worship the same God? Now I know better. I assume your God is a very sadistic one, who pardons you when you spill the blood of an infidel? For just yesterday, jokingly, I made a prediction to a friend that there would be another bombing today. Just look at it, more lives have been wasted, for no reason.  People think I’m a ridiculous person by calling on Christians to take up arms against you Muslims in Nigeria. Someone will suggest I be tried for saying such.  Yet, I stand by what I say. I have seen unseen fears in the eyes of Christians. The kind of fear I saw in my aunt’s eyes last Sunday in Lagos troubled me. When will you stop this nonsense? I have also got to a point in my life where no one will be able to deceive me and say these bombings are not religiously motivated. There are no political detractors involved. This is a state of total religious repression.  I will not blame you for bombing churches. I will blame it on how delusional all you religious people are. It is laughable that a Christian would suggest that ‘Jesus Christ doesn’t want Christians to retaliate.’ It is as laughable as any stupid thing anyone would say. I am not writing you to beg you to stop bombing churches; I am only asking that you abstain from killing Christians. If you want to make a caricature of Christendom, there is another way to do that. If you want to show Christians how violent and religiously fanatic you are, there is also another way to do that. To bomb churches on Sunday and kill these innocent, demented and delusional people who are under the cover of their Unseen God? I do not agree. I do not favour you on that. I do not respect any of your ‘peace’ balderdash.  If there is a political war, we’d know. This has nothing to do with politics. It is about you Muslims trying to overshadow the Christians and make them understand how more powerful you are. But it is a shame that you do all these things for your God. I pity your God, the bloodthirsty King who sits on the throne in the clouds, like a pervert and watch the world destroy itself. The world that you presume he created? How strange!  May the souls you have wasted already, please rest in peace, while I urge Christians to come out, prepared, with violence for violence.  Sincerely,  Oyedapo Oyetunde

nice writeup

El-Rufai needs to be hospitalised in Mental Hospital, we all knows that his sin is what is pushing him to says out of sense statements.  He needs mental disorder treatment it is urgent.

Yes he needs it. He is on a self-destruct mode.

Only an Obasanjo can produce a coruupt and inept fct minister (former) who can openly be sectionalising a national issue and put up his hand only to say nothing constructive but to defend the evil of his ethnicity to the destruction of his nation.

The North is most cunning of all humans when it comes to Politics. Cunning (craftiness) is the halmark of their political lifestyle. They only began to involve the so-called christian bombers (assuming anyone in Nigeria who isnt a Moslem must be a Christian) lately when the accusation became clear that what we are faced with were Muslim Suicide bombers.

How can a Christian decide to kill other christians on the charge that all christians must convert to Muslim? Innumerates! I dont even expect you to know if that is logical or not, cos you aint schooled.

Haba Jama'a, if anybody is trying to create confusion it shouldn't a el-rufai whom i believe is a prominent figure, who understood the meaning of his oath, the office he held and leadership attributes expected. Probably he should realise that rushing to pick sides in religious matters is dangerous especially when the architects of this mayhem are still faceless. And when they do come out you will certainly suffer to reclaim your respect dear sir!

Thats it! Thats the point on which our leaders has been capitalizing upon- IGNORANCE, POVERTY, SENTIMENTS, SUBJECTIVITY, etc..Why is it difficult for people to allow simple reason guide their utterences and actions? In the first place, it's not el-rufai that wrote this piece. Secondly, all these were said and backed with references. Anyone that's sceptical about it should first investigate before making any negative remarks. But alas, we'r too blinded by sentiments, ignorance and sort. NAIJA PEOPLE. UNA WELL DONE OO

Hi Jaane Jaan,

I find you more crafty than El rufai.Number one, you don't have a proper nane.Two, i don't believe you are a Nigerian.Three,you use the same language with Boko Haram writers'investigate'It is very easy to identify Boko supporters because they never condemn any violence.May i ask you a simple question.What is the difference between a reported  and a direct speech?Second question.What is your relationship with El-rufai,a friend,fan or gang mate.Did El-rufai send you to speak on his behalf?Most of you would have been apprehended long time but for some sss supporters of Boko Haram who hamper probe.I would wish all you christian murderers be banned from representing yourselves in this kind of forum.       

Who is writing this Elrufai or Aminu Sarki...mind you.. a lot of people assume the names of another in twitter or facebook to do what they do...so i am asking for verification of this article before we judge or make comment on it... and the comments i read here like the one made by Oyedapo: who doesn't know who God is, though correct in some sense but blaspheming in lot of issues...so lets go straight to the point, no religion preaches war but peace.it is we the human who are subverting and diverting what is called faith and belief to something else of blood shedding... God in his infinite mercy has given us the choice and freedom to choose the way to follow..but are we following the right path or way..NO...the Muslims aka Boko Haram choose blood letting.. who gave them right to take life created by God... many Christian do not practise their true faith,. Pastors and most Christians have turned greedy for material wealth like wise the Muslims..either politically or religiously .. but in all the worse is having to take the life of a fellow human being not to talk about genocide.. evil will never triumph over good...he who kills by the sword will die by the sword...but if you life is useless and frustrating that you need to take the life of another to justify your cause, why don't you do it in the corner of your room quietly without involving others..for a life you take you will definitely pay for it even in death..... there is no peace for the wicked..



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