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Sacked chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mrs Farida Waziri, is set to open up on her troubled tenure in the commission today, as she receives a honorary doctorate degree at the Benue State University, Makurdi.

The decision is reportedly causing jitters in the government circles, as efforts were said to have been intensified to stop her from talking by officials of the state.

Emissaries were said to have been sent to her to dissuade her from opening up on what many in the government circles felt would be a can of worms if she talked about the undercurrents that characterised the execution of her assignments.

Saturday Tribune, however, gathered that the corruption war against her person by her traducers had firmed her resolve to speak up today.

A close source said that she would also tell Nigerians that the victory being reportedly celebrated by her traducers would be short-lived because the anti-corruption war had been ingrained in the minds of people and whether she was in the saddle or not, corrupt persons who are celebrating her exit now would still be caught up by justice.

“She would also assure the people that the lasting victory in the war against corruption belongs to them and the corrupt, despite their perceived victory against her, would not go unpunished,” the source added.

It was also learnt that some of the politically-exposed persons she had put on trial had been sending threat messages to her, that they had not finished with her, even after seeing her back from the commission.

She might be compelled, according to the source, to also speak on the trial of former governors of the ruling party, who were alleged to have been in the first line of attack against her and lobbied the presidency to fire her.

While in office, she had always complained about pressure from above in the handling of certain high-profile alleged corruption cases.

She could be opening up today on those unnamed powerful forces that were allegedly putting pressure on her to handle some allegedly corrupt persons with kids’ glove


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Tell us something else we don't already know. If your hands had been tied in the discharge of your duties, the next logical thing would have been to resign. It's not as if it was a solicited job on your part. Why would you wait until when you were pushed out to open the can of worms? So, it means you were benefitting from the job in one way or the other. I say to hell with all of you people. We are awaiting GOD's judgment on you all, since it's obvious Nigerians have been too emasculated to stand up for their right to good governance. And they say black men are stronger, more courageous, more intelligent than North Africans... hogwash.

Thank you Eze Uba for your contribution; lick your wounds Farida Waziri we all know you are part of the dirty system and governance in this part of the world is about looting. We also know our common enemy. Judgment awaits the desperately wicked political office holders in 2012 as they shoot themselves in the leg.


She should shut up. They used and dumped you. Your greed didn't let you speak. Since Ribadu left EFCC all other going there had been pretenders to the office. I hope they also put you on trial for non-chalant performance, you aiding and abetting criminal.

If she had dealt with the corrupt persons while she had the power, they would have been behind bars now and will not be able to do her anything. usually it is the guilty that are afraid.

the honor that Benue State University is about giving her is sycophancy. I wait to hear the citations.

This is rather unfortunate, all of these still keep us in doubt as funnily we are total strangers in a country we call our home...........Farida is suffering from what i can call 'Pasan ti a fi na iyale' please forgive my use of language, it means 'the cane that was used to flog the First wife'......We cant fight corruption like this...


open up now !


Farida Waziri want Jonathan Goodluck to settle her, because she knew Jonathan Goodluck and his wife secrets. Do not worry he will soon send another billion of dollars into your accounts.  Stop fooling yourself, why cann't you do your job well by arresting his wife and tell Nigerian how she is stealing our money. Now they kick you out and you said you want to open, open if you want to open and remain closed if you do not want to open. If you were not kick out you will still enjoy the kick back and kick fron from them.  Do not worry revolution is on the corner wait to ripe.


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