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Femi Fani Kayode's Tribal Memo gets response from Intellectual Igbo Trader Samuel Okafor - A Truly Scathing piece

Samuel Okafor specially asks that Blogvisitors who come here read this and let him know what they think.
He responds to Femi Fani Kayode's Controversial 'Tribal' memo.

Femi Fani-Kayode; I am - for your information - an Ibo trader who trades intellectual knowledge; I attended the famous Dennis Memorial Grammar School and then studied History at the University of Nigeria Nsukka – first Class ooh. I then did a Ph.D in Nsukka on scholarship; you can check me out you half-baked intellectual. Introduction done, let us now examine the facts since Femi insists we do so. I will, point by point, address the most reckless amongst the tangle of reckless comments spewed by Femi, a character who with each punch of his keypad stresses his severely unwell conditions of logorrhoea, delusions of enlightenment, history and sociology - amongst others, that is.

Femi Lies About the Yorubas Being Nigeria’s Earliest Graduates:
From his myopic bubble Femi Fani Kayode claims the Yoruba were the first to acquire western education; the first ever known record of a literate Nigerian in the English Language is the narrative of an Ibo slave who regained his freedom and documented his life history as a slave from the time he was 11 years old in present day Ibo land till the time when he gained his freedom in the middle of the 18 th century. He later married an English woman and had 3 children. He died in 1795.

Femi, a basic Google-research will do you good here; check out the name, EQUAINO-OLAUDAH GUSTAVUS-VASSA. Further Femi claims that the Yoruba were the first lawyers and doctors in Nigeria. This is again a big falsehood. The first Nigeria doctor was an Efik man Silas G dove who obtained a medical degree from France and returned to practice medicine in 1840 in Calabar. This fact can also be verified from historical medical records in Paris.

I would also ask that you google the name BLYDEN - Edward Wilmot BLYDEN - an educated son of free Ibo slaves who by the mid 19th century had acquired sound theological education. He was born in Saint Thomas in 1832. He is one of the founding missionaries that established the arch bishop vining church in Ikeja. Before the next time you succumb toyour long-running battle with logorrhoea, Femi please do some research. 
What about the third president of a free Liberia – President J.J Royle again a man of Ibo descent. Please take some time to do some research so that we can discuss constructively. It is wrong to peddle lies to your people. It is academic fraud to knowingly misrepresent facts just to score cheap points with people who do not have the discipline to do research and accept anything you pour out simply because they say you are well educated. To again quote the great noble prize winner in economics Joseph Stiglitz; Femi fits into the category of third rate students from first rate universities with an inflated sense of self-importance. Let’s go on!
Who was the first Nigerian Professor of Mathematics – an Ibo man- professor Chike Obi – the man who solved fermats last theorem. He was followed by another Ibo man who professor James Ezeilo professor of diff entail calculus and the founder of the Ezeilo constant. Please do some research on this great Ibo man. He later became the Vice Chancellor of the University of Nigeria Nsukka and one of the founders of the Nigerian Mathmatical Center. Who was Nigeria;s first professor of Histroy – professor Kenneth Dike who published the first account of trade in Nigeria in pre-colonial times. He was also the first African Vice Chacellor of the university of Ibadan. Who was the first professor of Micro- biology – professor Eni Njoku he was also the first african Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos. Anatomy and physiology- professor Chike Edozin is an Asaba man and current Obi of Asaba. Who was the first professor of Anatomy at the university college Ibadan. Who was the first Professor of Physics- professor Okoye who became a professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of technology in 1960. He was followed by the likes of Professor Alexander Anumalu who has been nominated for the noble prize for physics three times for his research in intermediate quantum physics. He was also a founding member of the Nigerian Mathematical Center Nuclear physics and Chemistry- again another Ibo man – Professor Frank Ndili who’s gained a PHD in his early 20s at Cambridge Univesity in Nuclear physics and Chemistry in the early 60s. This young Asaba man had mad a first class in physics and Mathematics at the then University college Ibadan in the early 50s. First professor of statistics – professor Adichie who’s research on non-parametric statistics led to new areas in statistical research. What about the first Nigerian professor of Medicine – Professor Codilynye he was appointed a professor of Medicine at the University of London in 1952. He later became the Vice Chancellor of the university of Nigeria Nsukka after the war. What about Astronomy – again another Ibo man was the first professor of Astrnomy- please, look up professor Ntukoju he was the first to earn a double Ph.D in Astrnomy and Mathematics.

Let’s go to the social sciences- demography and statistical research into population studies- again another Ibo man – professor Okonjo who set up the first Center for Population Research in Ibadan in the early ‘60s. A double Ph.D in Mathematics and Economics. Philosophy – professor G D Okafor who became a professor of philosophy at the Amherst college USA in 1953. Economics – Dr Pius Okigbo who became a visiting scholar and professor of Economics at the University of London in 1954. He is also the first Nigerian Ph.D in economics. Theology and theological research – professor Njoku who became the first Nigerian to earn a Ph.D in theology from Queens University Belfast in Ireland. He was appointed a professor of theology at the University college Zambia in 1952.
I am still conducting research in areas such as geography where it seems a Yoruba man professor Mabaoguje was the first professor. I also am conducting research into who was the first Nigerian professor of English, Theatre Arts, Languages, Business and Education, Law and Engineering, Computer Technology etc., Nigerians need to be told the truth and not let the lies that Femi Fani Kayode has been selling to some ignorant Yoruba who feel that to be the first to see the white man and interact with him means that you are way ahead of other groups. The Ibo as The great Achebe said had within a span of 40 years bridged the gap and even surpassed the Yoruba in education by the 60s. Many a Yoruba people perpetually indulge in self-deceit: that they were the first to go to school; to be exposed to western education; that they are the first to go to school, that they are academically ahead of other Nigerian cultures of peoples. Another ignorant lie.

As far back as 1495 the Benin empire maintained a diplomatic presence in Portugal. This strategic relationship did not just stop at a mere mission but extended to areas such as education. Scores of young benin men were sent out to Portugal to study and lots of them came back with advanced degrees in medicine law Portuguese language to name a few.
Indeed some went with their Yoruba and Ibo slaves who served the sons of the Benin nobility while they studied in Portugal. These are facts that can be verified by the logs kept by ship owners in Portugal from 1494 to 1830. It is kept at the Portuguese museum of geographic history in Lisbon. 

Why then would several Yoruba people peddle all these false hoods to show that they are ahead educational in Nigeria?  The true facts from the Federal Office of Statistics on education tell otherwise, showing that 3 Ibo states for the past 12 years have constantly had the largest number of graduates in the country producing more graduates than Ondo Osun Ekiti and Oyo State. These eastern states are Imo, Anambra and Abia. Yet he calls Ibos traders. Indeed, the Igbos dominate because excellence dominates mediocrity – truth.
Let me enlighten this falsehood’s mouthpiece even further: before the civil war Ibos controlled and dominated all institutions in the formal sector in Nigeria from the Universities to the police to the military to politics
The first Black Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan was an Ibo man
The first Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos was an Ibo man
The first Nigerian rector of the then Yaba college of technology was also an Ibo man
The police was run by an Ibo IG
The military was a professional institution was also run by elite-ilk Ibos.
Facts can never be hidden. To be first does not mean you would win the race; let us open up all our institutions and may the best man win. Let us not depend on hand outs or privileges but on heard work. Let us compete and give the best positions to our brightest be it Ibo Yourba or Fulani and then we shall see who is the most successful Nigerian. 
I find it difficult not to respond to some of these long held lies that are constantly being peddled by Yorubas. One is that the Yoruba have the largest number of professors in the country. I would again ask that we stick to facts and statistical records. The Nigerian Universities Commission has a record of the State with the largest number of professors on their records and as at 2010 that state is Imo State followed by Ondo state and then Anambra State the next state is Ekiti and then Delta before Kwara State. I am sure you Yorubas are surprised. When you sit in the South-West do not think others are sleeping but I wish to address another historical fact and that is who we’re the first Nigerians to receive western education it is important that these issues be examined in their historical context and evidence through research be presented for all to examine.
I have continued my research for as the great sociologist and father of modern sociology – Emile Durkheim put it. The definition of a situation is real in its consequence – what this simply means is that one must never allow a perceived falsehood to become ones reality and by extension individuals who accept a defined position act as though the situation is real and apply themselves in that narrowly defined paspective.
Why is this important to state it is because for long the Yoruba have peddled lies it has almost become accepted as the truth by other Nigerians but it is important that we lay down the facts for others to examine and come to their own conclusion for facts are facts. Let’s go back to education historically western education resulted as a product of indigenous ethnic groups interacting with the whites through trade. The dominant groups sold slaves ivory gold and a host of other products to their European counterparts in exchange for finished goods- wine tobacco mirrors e.t.c.,.
The Beni who were the dominant Military force from the 15th to the 19th century raided and sold other ethnicities to the European. Top on the list of those they sold were the Yoruba Ibo and Igala. Various other ethnicities suffered as a result of the beni Military expansion. And the Benin Kingdom stretched from present day Benin up to what is now geographically referred to as Republic of Togo. Indeed the influence of the Benin empire extended to the banks of the river Niger to present day Onistha. There are huge Yoruba settlements in the Anioma part of Delta state who fled Yoruba land as a result of these attacks and constant raids. Yes there are Yoruba people who are currently living with Ibos in the Ibo speaking part of delta and they are full citizens of the place no one refers to them as strangers and there is no talk about the Ibos being the host community like we hear from the governor of Lagos State but let me return to research. Slaves were moved from the hinterland to the coast and many were sold through Eko to the New World. These slave were the first to encounter the Europeans and by extension their way of life- this included education in a western sense. The Beni king had taken pains to establish a diplomatic presence in Portugal and the relation ship developed into areas that extended beyond trade in the late 15th century and lasted well into the early 19th century. Scores of young beni youth were sent to Portugal and studied there. Coming back with advanced degrees in various disciplines. The next set of people to receive western education were the slaves themselves. Some of them managed to buy their freedom and develop themselves further
For the Ibo it does not matter who your father is the question is who are you? Who was Obasanjo’s father was he the most educated Nigerian? I am sure the answer is no. Yet this Great Nigeria led this Nation two times as a military head of state and as a civilian president. What about GEJ who was his own father? Was he the first Nigerian to go to London? The answer is no. In fact he had no shoes yet he is fully in charge. So it does not matter if your father was the first Lawyer or first Doctor in Nigeria but rather what matters is what an individual does with the talents the almighty has given to him. Let us open up Nigeria for competition. That is the solution to our problems. Those who want privileges keep reminding us that their fathers were the first to go to school in London. Every generation produces its own leaders and champions. Like Dangote who is the biggest employer of labour in Nigeria today and the richest man in Africa. Was his father the first to go to study in London? Yet he is the master of people whose parents gave them the best. My brothers the answer to the Nigerian problem is that we should establish a merit driven society. I get am before no be property.
Politics with the great Nnamdi Azikiwe of Africa also had an Ibo coloration
Indeed the action group developed as a result of Ibo domination of politics in Nigeria with Awolowo selling tribalism to his people as the only way to check the Ibos who he felt had taken his birthright by sweeping the elections into the western house of assembly. It was only after putting Fear into the average Yoruba man at the time did they cross carpet. These are facts. Awolowo started tribalism in Nigeria that is why he never ruled our country. Hate can never stand. All the Ibos ask for is fairness and competition. Open up all the jobs positions and academic spaces in our institutions and let us compete and we would see who comes out on top

Nigeria anyway has no choice. To remain relevant in the world,it must adopt best practice and become a merit driven society . When this occurs the Ibo would again dominate for in the words of the greatest African writer of all time the man who has sold the most books and the only African whose books have been translated into more languages than any – professor Chinua Achebe -  “the Ibo is a creature built for competition held down neither by religion no tradition”. My Yoruba brothers stop crying the game has only just started. Thank God GEJ would do another four years. It would only help to crate a level playing field for all Nigerians. To those who claim they were first at everything I have one simple thing to say. Again, I get am before no be property. Game on.

Femi to answer your question who owns Lagos, the question can be answered in a number of ways
Constitutionally Lagos is owned collectively by all Nigerians. What we know as modern Lagos started when the British annexed Lagos as a colony. Till today most of the titles for landed property in places like Ikoyi Victoria Island Yaba Ebutte-Metta, Lagos Island, etc., take their root from the Queens registry. The said titles were recorded in her Majesty’s registry evidencing the parcels of land allocated. These titles after independence were passed on the Federal Government and held until the recent sale to private individuals under the Obasanjo administration. Now the owners of the Land are private individuals from various ethnicities. Further communities in Lagos have also sold extensive land to new owners who come from other parts of Nigeria. When you sell a property and receive adequate monetary compensation for the property do you still own the property? Femi, answer me. The Ibos have worked hard and bought their properties from constituted authority and thus like every Nigerian have a right to lay claim to Lagos for they own a part of it. Femi what is all this talk about Ibos owning Lagos? Why are the Yoruba not concerned about the Ibos owning Ibadan Ife or Akure? Why is there so much emphasis now on the Yoruba owning Lagos? Is it because Lagos has all the attractions that other major cities in the South West do not have? Femi, the truth is that modern Lagos as we know it today is a product of the collective efforts of all Nigerians - Ibos inclusive. 
The Third Mainland Bridge, Eko bridge , Tincan Port, Apapa Port , NItel building , Carter Bridge, all the fly overs that you see; Federal Palace Hotel, Ikoyi hotel, just to name a few was not built with Cocoa money but mainly from oil money. I would refer you to the 1 2 3 4 development plans of the Federal Government and see what allocation Lagos got directly from the federal government for development. It is wrong for the Yourba to now start claiming Lagos and asking other nationals to go home. Let me ask you further how many states in the South West produce the resource which we all depend on? My dear Femi only one - Ondo - yet all the States from the south west continue to derive benefits from the Federal Government and there is nothing wrong with that. For we are a federation. And all the federating states have certain rights as well as obligations to its citizens. Femi, Nigeria fought a bitter civil war to ensure we are one nation and so nobody would ever divide us again neither you nor Orji Uzo Kalu. If we all start saying our Lagos, our oil, our Abuja our gas, collectively, we would all be losers.

Historically the rights of who own Lagos are clear Lagos was a Benin town with a Benin Oba who paid tribute to the Oba of Benin indeed his chiefs were the descendants of noble Benin families. The Benin empire ran Lagos for over 400 years before the colonial powers took over.
Yes the dominant people in Lagos were Yoruba but they formed not the rulers of the town but the subjects of the Oba just like we find in the United Kingdom today where people are subjects of the queen of England and not citizens. I would explain citizenship rights to you later.
So who owns Lagos? All of us! Take Abuja for example – who owns Abuja? The land was bare land owned by the Gwari people and in a span of 30 some years federal resources turned bare land into a paradise on earth. So who owns Abuja? Can the Gwari who are the original owners say to the Yoruba there – go back home? My answer is simple no they cannot. That city was developed by our collective efforts and resources indeed if anything the Gwari should be grateful to the Almighty for bringing them such lucky federal development. The South East continues along with the south-south to produce the resources that drive our economy. Imo,  Abia, Anmabra are oil producing states. The reserves of oil in Anambra State are now proven to be more than that of Rivers. The Ibo speaking part of Delta also has huge deposits of gas and we thank the Almighty for blessing this land called Nigeria. Who owns these resources?  All Nigerians. So when you lay claim to Lagos as “our town”, I say to you my dear you are myopic. We all own this land with its resources. Fashola has only built on a good foundation – federal effort. He must learn to correct his mistakes and not be misled by Fani Kayode whose family has been in the hate business for decades. His father was directly responsible with Akintola for operation Waite that led to the destruction of the first republic and later a civil war.
We must not allow his son to sell hate to us as Nigerians. When the trouble starts Femi would run to London where I am sure he holds dual nationality. Where do we have to run to? We must focus our efforts to ensure that we build a collective future for our children. We must collectively defeat these hate mongers.

I have had liaisons with Yoruba people; several are disciplined, visionary, focused and determined; these belong to an unusual ilk to which Femi can never belong – as several as his shots at elitism are, we can still see the mud on the skin of him. He belongs to that mediocre ilk, that unscrupulous bunch who have sold all their land and borrowed money from the Ibo trader to go to London to work as a toilet cleaners. These ilk have taken advances from their places of work and bought tickets on credit to be like the jones who are visiting London where their children are cleaners and house boys in London in order to pay their school fees. Most of their sons now return as homosexuals and crack heads from London. And the Ibo man laughs. Their women slip out at night to be serviced by Ibo traders who understand the game . The Yoruba husband is never there at home to satisfy madam. He is in London Paris New York. He comes home only to find his Lola or is it Nike heavy with child and he is happy. They are both happy or pretend to be happy. For the Yoruba life style is to pretend even when you know the truth. And an Ibo child is born. Who is the fool? The Oxford trained Yoruba lawyer or the UNN trained Alaba trader who has been having fun with Nike or Lola? You see, the present day Yoruba man is the Wise Man Who died in the Foolish Mans backyard. The Ibo man has him figured. His land is not his land he has sold it. His home is not his home for he is never there. His wife sleeps around for lack of warmth and ends up as a mistress of the Ibo trader, Emeka. And the worst part is his child is not even his. He has Ibo blood deep in his vain and would inherit all his property. Who now is the fool? That is the true position of most Yoruba homes today. It is happening today in Ikoyi VI ikeja etc. Many a Yoruba man is the wise man who died in the foolish man’s backpack yard.

Femi, return all the money you stole from the Ministry of Aviation and stop hiding behind your own personal agenda. For someone who cares so much about his country he would not have stolen 29 billion Naira meant for the development and rehabilitation of our airports. We are not surprised at your behaviour you come from a long line of thieves; Your real grandfather was shot dead in a court house in Lagos for duping a returnee slave descendant . Igbos say if a child does not know what killed his father, what killed his father will kill him. Like your grand pappi, the historic thievery of your ancestry and the arm of the law – this time in the authority of the EFCC have come for your blood. De ja vu.

Let me significantly have the Nigerian people know this too: that the name Fani Kayode comes from your maternal side and the Kayode part is a borrowed name from a friend. That you father dropped his real name out of shame. That was the only way he could practice law in Lagos. Femi tell us who your fathers father is? Stop hiding behind all Yorubas; who is your fathers father you bastard? A slave is always the one to shout the most for fear of being identified as a slave. The Yoruba nation would never trust your family, you drug-addicted son a dead thief. Your paternal grandfather was killed for stealing. Your father worked for the Ibos all his life heading the NCNC for most of his political career and the great Obafemi Awolowo never trusted your father Remi. 

Even in 1979 again your father worked against the great Awolowo and joined the NPN Nigeria and the Yoruba nation would never forget these facts. Again, you see your own political life? De ja vu. Which party did you just cross-carpet to? I think the drugs you are taking are affecting you. Better face your EFCC cases – and squarely too - and stop trying to gain favour with the Yoruba nation. You can never correct certain known facts try as heard as you want. Again the Yourba are not a race but an ethnic group- Cambridge fool.
Yes we may be traders now but we have bought up all your land. Look at Lagos; the you-called “host community” sells their land and then starts crying “Igbo domination!” after using the money for owanbeh.  Wise man way die for foolish man backyard- that is the average Yoruba.

Half of your women slip out and sleep with our Ibo traders and present the children as the first sons of prominent Yoruba families. Then you say the Yoruba are the first to go to school and the owners of Lagos: again history calls you to its books: Eko is a Benin word for camp; Idumota is a Benin word; Udumagbo is a Benin word; Eti OSA is a Benin word; the oba of Lagos was a vessel of the Oba of Benin crowned by the Olotu. What history did you study in Cambridge you crack head? The Yoruba were the slaves of the Benin empire sold to faraway places like Brazil. You grandson of a thief; say more and we would tell you a few truths. Thief.

*ouch!........Samuel Okafor you are a trader?this your writeup deserves an ovation oh.....abeg you don marry?in case any singly lady blog visitor falls for you after reading your writeup..ohon ohon!

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Replies to This Book Discussion

Good piece my brother

Keep it up

Nice one!How can fani kayode be so arrogant

this piece is a wit-humor version of the original text by seasoned elite and historian Dr Okafor of UNN in response to Femi,s lies and deceits. It only serves as a rejoinder and educate us that we have all it takes to take this country high, let us harness our human resources scattered all over the world or we just break up, we can,t keep on sit over our respective potentials when articles as Kayodes claims and the counter-claims it generates diverts our commitments to merit and competitiveness which ushers in growth and human developments. 

How can  we cotinue to be under the illusion that Nigeria is one, with

all these profane language and words of attack . It beats my 

 imagination whenever i hear some people say that'' NIGERIA IS not 

 nagotiable ''.How can these be possible i think it's high time we all

come to a roundtabe to discuss the structure and existence of Nigeria  

since we have not learnt our lessions after the long civil war .

My great brother, I salute u and I still salute u once more. We need people like u in the realm of power in this country. And for the illiterate yoruba man,all I can say is 'watch it'. He who step on the tail of a snake should know what to expect. I salute u once more my great brother.

fantastic piece! I couldn't stop laughing! sir, u certainly put him in his place! but most importantly you addressed a serious issue, that of the baseless superiority complex of the "elitist" Yoruba man, always expecting a free ride based on "fathers name", or claiming  rights and privileges based on ethnicity. in many ways they are just like some ignorant northerners who believe leadership of this country is theirs by birth- right. it is a stupid way of thinking and it baffles me how the Yoruba's who claim to be so exposed and educated still subscribe to such ridiculous notions. that your father was the first to dine with the queen of England doesn't make you special, its YOUR own achievements that stands you out! only a complete moron could have made such idiotic statements and to think Femi is actually" highly educated" makes it even worse. More's the pity!

Samuel Okafor or Femi Fani Kayode? Sorry can't see the difference. Tribalist, egoist, motor mouth.
both of u are idiots... if u guyz hv no plans watsova to move d country forward! u shud just shut d F'up! if some dah has lastclass is cluelesz, say u too dat claim 1stclass has no brain ni? smh. u people shud think wit ur brain not with ur as*. #AwonOdeOshi



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