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Grief is not a sweet cup of tea, nor a fruity blend of veggies, so how does one grieve when pain and loss comes calling?

Is there a foolproof recipe that would make it all better and help it all go away- the pain, confusion, sadness, feelings of depression etal that accompany grief?

Probably not, but today I would like to share some tips that worked for me – that made it bearable and provided a foundation for healing.

Let it all out

This for me is the first step… Crying my eyes out, bawling even – lashing out was cathartic. In retrospect, I realise that when I bottled all the emotions in, grief festered. It was only as I began to let it all out, that recovery started.


Credits: colintipping.com

Returning Home

Finding a way back home (home being loosely used here to mean where the heart is) is very vital too. Returning home helps to provide a quick support nest of friends and family. They in addition contribute a lot to how well the grieving process goes.


Credits: npcs.com

Avoid playing the blame game

The temptation is often strong when grieving to play the blame game. There is no use crying over spilt milk is the ideal axiom here… Trying to pin the blame for the loss does not bring restoration so it is a futile endeavour. A much better approach is to recognise the finality of what is past and thus carve a new path into the future.


Credits: wikipedia.en.org

Be bold, reach out in love
No words for this than to say take that plunge, open the box of new friendships and risk getting hurt all over again. It is well worth the risk.


See the silver lining too…

No matter how bad grief is, there is a silver lining in that cloud. Embrace it and let the joy of fresh new starts envelope you as you reflect on the good things that can come if you find out how to turn your grief into gain. The photo below says it better.


Credits: thegrieftoolbox.com

Fellow travellers, despair not – when life happens and we must necessarily grieve, there is always a way of escape. Cheers.

Do you know of other ways to cope with grief? Please share, I d love to hear how you grieved and triumphed over the pain. Thank you.

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