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I’ve been knowing this guy I’m seeing for about ten years. We meet when we were in secondary school. We always liked each other and messed around while we were in school. So, after we graduated we both went to different uni. So, as time goes by, we run into each other again. So we immediately hit it off. He was so sweet and interested in my life. We just started talking and catching, getting to know each all over again. Then he told me that he need some help moving and he was two hundred dollars short, so I helped him. So, after a while he began asking me for money and lots of it. He has a job, but always wants to spend my money.

Then I asked him since we’ve been talking for about a year why won’t he friend me, and he tells me that he’s not ready for a relationship. Then he tells me the only way he will friend me is if I give him a certain amount of money. He told me that if I gave him that then it proves that I really love him and i am down for him. So, I gave it to him and then he started treating me worse than he already was. Then I told him that I couldn’t give any more money. Then threatened me by saying if I don’t give it to him then he won’t ever talk to me again. Then he tells me that he can find another girl who will do what I won’t. Then he only calls me if he wants money, but tells me that he loves me and wants to marry me. I don’t know what to do, but I love this guy. I want to know is he just using me or what? I really need some advice. – I’m So Lost I Need To Be Found

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I don't get it.You already know that his actions towards you are not nice and yet you still want to know if he is using you.He is not the problem.You are.Its your desire for him that's allowing you to torment yourself.Dump him and move on.He is not worth it.You wont miss him after a while.
mumu lol !
YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! He is using YOUUUUUUUUUUUU! My advice is this, get yourself another man who truely deserves your love. Wise up!
Baby Girl shine ur eyes ooooo! She is using U if U don't know.  At this stage.  There is nothing like luv here b/cos He doesn't luv U.  He is a Kingpin.  I don't tell U.
What a low self esteem and not knowing when the handwriting is on the wall only to be blinded or clouded with infatuation than stupid love. No amount of money can buy love and even if he change his mind to be with you it's temporal because it's ephemeral. It's like a butterfly visiting a flower to share euphemus relationship nothing more and nothing less...................Take a hike and cut losses!!!
you should by now know that he is after your money and not you, he does not love you at all, he is taking the advantage of the fact that you love him and extorts money from you, you need to forget about him and move on with your life, it may hurt but you must move on, they are better guys out here who will love you for who you are and not because of your money, treat you with respect and care, show you real love and be passionate about it, always taking care of you and not the other way round, stop fooling yourself and cry for spilled milk, its over between you two, just read between the lines and move on with your life before he drained you and dump you big time leaving you devastated. This is my candid advice, and there are real men here who can love you more than you can ever think of. For more you can inbox me, Thanks
thank God the guys have spoken wake up madam abi till he puts a gun on ur head
is this writer a graduate?...of which university?...she is a fool...


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