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I’ve been knowing this guy I’m seeing for about ten years. We meet when we were in secondary school. We always liked each other and messed around while we were in school. So, after we graduated we both went to different uni. So, as time goes by, we run into each other again. So we immediately hit it off. He was so sweet and interested in my life. We just started talking and catching, getting to know each all over again. Then he told me that he need some help moving and he was two hundred dollars short, so I helped him. So, after a while he began asking me for money and lots of it. He has a job, but always wants to spend my money.

Then I asked him since we’ve been talking for about a year why won’t he friend me, and he tells me that he’s not ready for a relationship. Then he tells me the only way he will friend me is if I give him a certain amount of money. He told me that if I gave him that then it proves that I really love him and i am down for him. So, I gave it to him and then he started treating me worse than he already was. Then I told him that I couldn’t give any more money. Then threatened me by saying if I don’t give it to him then he won’t ever talk to me again. Then he tells me that he can find another girl who will do what I won’t. Then he only calls me if he wants money, but tells me that he loves me and wants to marry me. I don’t know what to do, but I love this guy. I want to know is he just using me or what? I really need some advice. – I’m So Lost I Need To Be Found

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he is jst using u..pls try 2 get urself 2geda nd muv on wit ur life..he s nt worth ur love... And 4 dos of u insultin dis poor lady, ur nt betr dan she is..infact most of u are worse....pls girl, seek a gud counsellor to help on dis matter.
RUN!!!!....This guy has nothing to offer u,he's just after ur money.u;ll find another guy who will treat u better without takin a penny from u,n rather he will give u what he has n treat u right.


you should know that the guy only cares about yr money,and not you.if you can control yr emotions and stand yr ground and deny him yourself and yr money maybe he would appreciate you for who you are and show you love,but if he doesn't he is only collecting your money.
Don't leave him, continue to buy his love, keep pumping more dollars into his account, you might be lucky one day. Ode!

My Dear woman, he is just using you. Love does not hurt and if he loves you, he wont be disrespecting you. It is very obvious that he is just interested in your money.

Please, wake up and stop talking about love. He does not deserve you.



Fool no b small hw can u b lookin 4 advice y d whole tin is clear even a sec. sch. gal cannot behav dis way. u are a disgrace to woman hood
try and be urself and face life. let me have ur contact
hmmmmmmmm i know say by now you don old,if not i for take over from the guy.lol

steer clear of dis goat, he meant you no good'hhhhhhhhhhm


Are you a fool or something else is involve is obvious this guy does not want you for anything why kill yourself over a man that's not worth it when God has position a man that will love you and cherish you. My dear all you have to do is for God to connect you with that one man that will treat you like a queen you are. We all make mistake and I see this as a mistake and urge you to leave him and move your life forward you don't love him you are only afraid of moving forward and until you do this you won'[t know peace. I know you can so move.
probly he prefer other girls .........y nt leave him and get a better person.


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