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Rick got married when he was 18 to a woman who herself was only 22.Things started to go badly, and at 23, Rick was divorced. Two years later,at the age of 25, Rick became a Christian! Shortly after, he met Sue, andwhen he was 27 they got married. Since becoming a Christian, Rick hadonly had sex with the one woman (Sue). However, when he was nominatedto become a deacon within his church when he was 32, his churchreluctantly disallowed him from taking this position, due to the fact that hehad had two wives. They believed that their decision was wholly Godly,and used 1 Tim 3:2, 12 and Titus 1:6 to back up their decision.

In the same church, at the same time, another man, Steven, was alsonominated to become a deacon. Steven was 31 years old, and he had beenmarried for seven years. His nomination was accepted, and he became adeacon. What was not known – or even cared about – was the fact that inhis life, Steven had had sex with over ten different women, and two ofthose had been brief ‘flings’ while he was both a Christian and married.However, because legally he hadn’t been married more than once, thechurch didn’t see any reason to exclude him from the position he sought.

Pls people, what's your take on this.

Bible, Sex & this Generation


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