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Couples who live together in sexual relationship without being legally married are

called ‘de facto’ couples. Many of these relationships exist today in the world. And many

people living in these relationships are looked down upon by others, including, and

perhaps especially, Christians. De facto couples are said to be ‘living in sin,’ although

that is a term that should more appropriately be used of any person who lives their life

oblivious to God in rejection of Him. In this understanding, we see that there are many

married people who are living in sin, as there are many single people doing likewise.


‘Living in sin’ has nothing to do with sex; it has to do with rejecting God.

Should Christians discourage people from living in de facto relationships? Can a

verse such as 1 Cor 5:13 (expel the immoral person) be used against them?


Bible, Sex & this Generation



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Replies to This Book Discussion

Anything dat the Bible condems should b regarded as bad & against God. So, lets take God for His word & depart, forsake & run away from 'Sin' no matter d name given to it. God bless you.

These words are not my words though. They are the word of Mornique Sharman, the author of the book: Bible, Sex & This Generation. It’s free and available for download when you follow the link in the post.


But, seeing all these comments I can’t help but join this argument platform. I agree with some of the views of Momoh. What really is God’s Concept of marriage? If marriage is man’s institution, then maybe I would agree that it’s wrong culturally but is it biblically a sin? If marriage is only man’s institution then what is God’s concept of fornication and adultery?


I would like anyone reading this to download the ebook and read it. It’s  not really ‘evil’. Reading the book will give you the full gist and a better understanding of this post.


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