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Can you marry a man that lied to you that he had no wife and you later find out he had a wife and you had already had a son for him

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Don't marry a man who lied to you - period!
before i answer you question is the man still on good term with his wife?
May be this is a question for women, but as a man I like to make my contribution. How far can you go with a relationship founded on falsehood? It is a callous act to the man's wife. Do you think the same act will not be meted out to you if you go ahead to marry him? Now this is why we say premarital sex should be avoided in relationships. Then you wouldn't have a baby for an irresponsible man. I sound like old school, right? Yes, but what about the heartaches? What about the uncertainties and inability to trust? No, I wouldn't marry him. I would ask God to forgive me for messing around with another woman's husband and trust Him to give me my own.
@dele,good talk
I will not marry a man that had lied to me becos such man there will not be any truth in his life again ,so women before u rush in check ur man properly to know the type of person he is.
Well it all depends on the kind of marriage contracted with the first wife, if the marriage contracted is valid, then what is the essence of marrying the said man,unless your religion permits it, on the contrary, it now depends on your conscience, i would not advice you to marry or not, but be rest assured that what ever decision you make affect people. we should think less of ourself.
Thanks Chidi you put it right that whatever decision we make as regard the subject matter affects people while we think less of ourselves. The genie cannot be put back in its bottle why crying over a spilled milk.
there is no basis of having a relationship not based on trust
All that glitters is not gold! Don't rush marriage, it's a lifetime investment! Don't jump unto a man you don't know his background just because you feel your mates are getting married. Don't cast blame after carrying a live snake. Don't endure marriage, it's for enjoyment. Open your "AIZE" very well and pray to God before you say YES. You mistakes affect your children psychologically.
Many women just rushed into marriage because they feel the man has money he is rich,wealthy without even getting to know the man very well. then later on they start complaning, what are u complaning about, why did you not find out first before you just leap into the man because you saqw money Ego, many is root of evil and good i guess lol. be careful you Golddigger women or wetin i go call am self, ha ha ha. na monkey dey born monkey born cimpanzen....zombe zuebgbe like una i never see, na only lies u na dey like u fake women na make una dey fall for wrong hand, if good man come plan to una una nor go agree, una go call him mumu, not knowing that na una be the MUMU MUGU MONEY MISS ROAD..
challenge me ke make i see.
ogechi ave u not lied b4.
God, lead us not into teptation, But deliver us from Evil.


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