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This is Unconfirmed but these Men should Step out and DEFEND THEMSELVES !

A Suspect? - Jonah Uche

Could the photos below be innocent people who have been wrongly accused for the Abia State University (ABSU) gang of 5? If they are, could they report to the nearest police station or better still engage the services of lawyers to file for libel.

Te Abia State Governor has really been consistent at least in maintaining the video is a RUSE. You have to give him credit for that. A ruse?

Meanwhile, this despicable act has already attracted international press attention. The British located Daily Mailwith the  headline “Woman begs for captors to kill her in rape video causing outrage in Nigeria” while America’s Huffingtonpost with the title Nigeria Rape Video: Footage of Brutal Attack on Woman Outrages Nation has also been posted.

On Wednesday, 21st September, 2011, I took a risk to take this scandalous case to another level by publishing the names as well as the photos taken from Face Book. I was blasted by an aggrieved lady blogger who thought only her had the exclusive right to publish or write or investigate this case. I had made my point. I chose to withdraw the post. I will now go back to remove the password to enable viewers read and properly view these SUSPECTS. Of course, they are alleged rapists. They are only Suspects. And the blogger (whom I had adjudged on her post when she recently celebrated her birthday as the Nigeria’s no 1 blogger) had the unprofessional act to paste a comment on this blog calling me irresponsible. Well,I rest my case. But has the blogger and her fans ever bothered while these suspected rapists haven’t made any statement via their lawyers?

Anyway its never and will never be about you or me and driving traffic to site, I don’t know about you though. And by the way, two of the alleged rapists Ifeanyi Justin Ogu and Jonah Uche are FACEBOOK FRIENDS? Another coincidence, huh?


An independent blogger has identified the names of the suspected gang rapists from the infamous Abia State University rape video.  The anonymous blogger writing under the name Sugabelly, has from the video clip picked out the names of the rapists as Uchenna , Wisdom, Zaki, Chisom, and Ifeanyi or Ugbaanyi.

“The portion of the video that I have doesn’t really have any good shots of the men’s faces and only of the victim’s,” the blogger stated. “However, I watched the video about four times over with full volume and headphones and even closed my eyes in order to focus on the sound. They were speaking English and Igbo but mostly Igbo. I speak both and I clearly heard the men referring to each other as they were taking turns and they used the following names to address each other: Wisdom (I specifically heard them say “Wisdom done dey talk now”), Chisom, Zaki (I specifically heard one of the men say “Do you know who Zaki is?” to the victim, Uchenna (I specifically heard the victim beg “Uchenna” to stop as he was raping her), and Ifeanyi or Ugbaanyi (the last name was not very clear but it most definitely is one of the two although I think it was Ugbaanyi). Also, I specifically heard one of the men say he was a Law student and one of them said he had a car. They threatened the victim and said they would keep her in the room for two days if she kept protesting. I heard that clearly,” the writer wrote.



ifeanyi.o.justin http://www.facebook.com/ifeanyi.o.justin




By: Kanayo Nwachukwu

Their Names

1. Ifeanyi Justin Ogu
2. Jonah Uche (final or extra year accountancy)
3. Zaki (resides in Duberville Lodge, ABSU)

(PM NEWS) – Five male students of the Abia State University (sadly my alma mater) raped a young female student August 16. Sources say the victim insulted one of her rapists who then decided to teach her a lesson of her life.

In the rape video, which lasted well over an hour, the girl could be seen trying to fight off these animals-in-human-skin. When her efforts proved abortive amidst beatings, she resorted to pleading with them to spare her; but her pleas fell on deaf ears. And when she could not take the excruciating pain any longer, she begged them to kill her, instead of let her live with the stigma our society would pile on top of her already horrendous trauma. As she pleaded with them, the boys laughed and mocked her, asking her to ‘co-operate’ or face two more days of torture by rape.

Rape at ABSU has become a steady occurrence. Most victims of this ungodly act would rather keep mum over the incident than report it and face stigmatisation from the society. So far, there are over 1,356,662 downloads of the rape video.

In the video, the girl’s face is clearly seen but the faces of the five boys remain blurred. One could clearly hear them speak Igbo and English plus refer to each other by names; for instance, one of the rapists said, “Wisdom don dey talk now.” Other names the rapists called themselves during the ‘operation’ include: Chisom, Zaki, Uchenna. Zaki even bragged to the victim, “Do you know who Zaki is?” The fifth name is a little muffled but sounded very much like Ifeanyi. One of them identified himself as a 400 level law student, while another claims to be studying IT or Information Technology.

Ifeanyi Ogu Justin - one of the RAPISTS

And one of them has a car…Whereas, the federal government of Nigeria has vowed to bring these bastards to justice, incompetent-extraordinaire-governor of Abia State – T. A. Orji – and his cabinet want to sweep this matter under the carpet by denying that the incident happened or occurred at ABSU…PLEASE, folks, let’s take matters into our own hands and do T. A. Orji’s job for him by helping bring the culprits of this crime to justice, using any means necessary: blog, Twitter, Facebook, etcetera.

Jonah Uche

These beasts are known. That the Abia State officials want to sweep this matter under the carpet clearly shows that these cowards are the children of Igbo’s men of timber and calibre. Please, let us put pressure to bear on them to ensure this innocent young woman gets the justice she deserves. Let people cast fear to the wind and come forward with information that would lead to the prosecution of these idiots…Remember, this innocent student could have been anyone’s sister or relative.

And yes, we can do it!

Thank you!

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Replies to This Book Discussion

Something has started to come out and if this two were apprehended others would be fish out as well. If they're innocent as alleged let comes out and refute the charges or they have nowhere to hide to because eventually they would be apprehended and prosecuted and they would end up in jail destroying their future by that single act of about two hours of stupid enjoyment taking laws into their hands.

This is Unconfirmed but these Men should Step out and DEFEND THEMSELVES !


Keep up the good work
We should pressure the government into giving justice for once. The issue of rape has been treated too lightly for many years. This is getting crazy. I join in the pressure group.Let's go for the jugular!
guys. i have no confidence in the government. We have started hunting these guys!!!!!!!!period.

On a very serious note, the law frowns @ the offence of rape very seriously. It still beats my imagination while somebody who calls himself a 400 level student should be involved in such an illegal act. I don't know what our judiciary & the acdemia are up to. All hands must be on deck to curb this menace militating agaings the smooth delopment of our nation, Nieria @ this important period of our National development. The parents, the gov't, pressure groups... name them.

Charity, they say, begins @ home. Fellow youths, let the change & rebranding start from us. That will go a long way!


Whatever it is, at least we are heading somewhere with this case!
Thank God getting us this far in this dastardly act of shame; however am glad that we're getting some where and hopefully within the shortest possible time these culprits would be brought to book.


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