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Pastor Oritsejafor: No One Has Monopoly Of Violence, Tells Shariah Council

IS He advocating violence now ? As the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria (SCSN) has said that Nigerian Muslims would rather go to war than give up the quest for Islamic Banking, the president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, has stated that violence is not the preserve of one person.

Oritsejafor, who addressed the press yesterday at the general aviation terminal (GAT), Lagos on arrival from a trip overseas, said that if a group of people advocate violence, they should not expect others to fold their arms.

“Let me tell you this, nobody can intimidate me or the Church. There are so many things that just happen in Nigeria that people just allow. Now, if a group of people say they are prepared to go to war, won’t you also expect us to respond to that naturally? But by the time we start responding, people will turn around and say ‘you are heating up the polity’. It is difficult for me to comprehend; my only response to what you have said for now is that I want to assume they were misquoted.

“But I will be surprised if the SCSN thinks the best way to find a solution to a problem and to bring peace to Nigeria is to declare war. Violence is not the preserve of one person, anybody can be violent and we don’t advocate that. I will never come out to say we are prepared for war, but you are hearing it now. Let me settle down, you will hear our response and they will also get our response. We love Nigeria,” he declared.

The PFN president explained that no one is against the Muslims wanting a bank that would meet their needs, but that it is wrong for the governor of the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN), Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to spend state funds promoting a sectional banking system.

“We are not basically against Muslims. You can have a bank that will meet your needs. What we are saying is this, does the law of this country permit the CBNgovernor to spend state money promoting a sectional banking system? We are not against non-interest banking; after all, it started from the Bible. It is the Bible that every other person has imitated. You see, it’s like someone or some persons are trying to blindfold Nigerians, but what we are against is the sectional non-interest banking.

The CBN is the CBN of Nigeria and not CBN of northern Nigeria or of Islamic Nigeria. It’s a CBN of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that comprises everybody. Now, how do you take state funds running into billions to promote one kind of non-interest banking? That is a question that must be answered. It is absolutely wrong,” said Oritsejafor.

Reacting to the call for amnesty for the members of the violent Boko Haram religious sect and the threat by a Christian group in the North to retaliate the killings of Christians in that region, the clergyman prayed the situation would not degenerate into a religious war.

“No nation survives a religious war. I pray that Nigeria will not get to that point. BokoHaram is not just a group that came up because of economic reasons, but is purely a religious group with religious ideology. How do you now give amnesty to them? Are you going to tell them to give up their religious beliefs? The only way I think you can do this - I don’t rule out dialogue, but I think dialogue should begin within the North itself, among the Muslim leaders. We are not hearing their voices. When we had problems in the Niger Delta, we heard a lot of Niger Deltans shouting and making noise,” he said.

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Replies to This Book Discussion

Wisdom sell itself because of the special aroma attached to it. God bless u, God bless PFN and long live Nigeria!
well said, these are the way intelligent men speak
Papa Ayo may Almighty GOD Bless U for Ur Well elaborated comment....U really spoke as a True Man of GOD. May GOD Bless You.

Please, i have been looking for ways to talk with General Overseer Pastor Oritsejeafor. Having studied, read and understood the scripture, popularly called the "Holy Bible", largely used by "CHURCH" attendees, a book where accounts of Great minds who were close to or were one with divinity are been recorded, like every other religious books in human existence, the Bible becomes perculiar because it is centred on the account of, My Lord and Master Savoiur "Christ Jesus" (This is a Confession out of my Personal Conviction and understanding of His Personality which was primarily informed by the book, BIBLE). This have nothing whatsoever to do with or associated in anyway with the word or term, "CHURCH", neither do i mean that devotees to such religious gatherings understand, not to talk about derives the ability or grace to adhere, comply, or able to apply its precepts to their practical living, which is simply the SUM OF THE MATTER. (The Why and Purpose of the Book). In the First Place, the "BOOK" warns clearly of the institutionalization of its DOCTRINE, which is clearly what the "CHURCH" as it is today Do. Now we have an organization called "CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA", (CAN), Something furthermore distance from CHURCH, which i for one next to the majority of Believers in "CHRIST JESUS" who are not even qualified to lay such claim of being called, CHRISTLIKE or CHRISTIAN but mere followers or disciples OF CHRIST know anything about, now we see A MAN WHO CLAIM TO BE THE PRESIDENT of the Assembly or Association of CHRISTIANS, Which i know from the biblical principles and standards DOES NOT EXIST ANYWHERE. Pls sir where are these ChristLike Association and what is their STRUCTURE, PURPOSE?. I am concerned to know just for one reason being that the name of My Lord, "CHRIST JESUS" is appended to it, and it is currently even opposing my Lord, Christ Jesus expectations of the achievement for why He came and suffered amongst mankind, being enshrined in His teaching of our prayer. LET THY KINGDOM COME AND THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

The Islamic Banking is the actualization of the above phrase in my Lord 'Christ Jesus' Prayer and i am surprise you are opposing these principles of JUST BALANCE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, COMPASSION AND LOVE, in an unsubstantiated feign sentiment of religiousity. Please Sir Jesus Christ did not come to establish religion, CHURCH OR MOSQUE or whatever institution, but came to (REVEAL THE DIVINE UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES/INEXONERABLE ORDERS OF EXISTENCE) TEACH the TRUTH, SHEW THE WAY AND BECAME THE LIGHT HIMSELF for RIGHTEOUSNESS and ETERNAL LIVING as an examplary living indicating it was possible for others to do the same, and was strongly opposed by the then BLIND Religious institution leaders, who were just ignorant men pretending to know the way, and defrauding the unsuspectiing, Socio-economic and Politically overburdened, oppresed and exploited masses made passive by these blind guides, just like what we have today. History has always repeated itself because men and government never learn from past. Now Sir, please i have been following your conversations so far on this issue of ISLAMIC BANKING, YOU HAVE NEITHER PROFFER ANY SOLUTION BUT ONE A CRITIC, being only on the DEFENSE against what? Pls let us know, is it the term, "ISLAMIC" that have been in existence and used in varuious respects and aspects before you were born or the "PRINCIPLES" of the Banking System Which is RIGHTEOUSNESS, or not supporting sales and supply of PORK meat alone that rubbishes the entire financial application? Sir, why did CAN or any of its members not come up with such a proposal all along? If a Muslim or any member of the Islamic sect have sponsored such proposal, shouldn't they have their right to append their religious background to their preposition? Do not use the name of our the Lord our God in Vain Please Mr Pastor, I beg you Speak for yourself as you are entitled to your own opinion. Thank you sir and God bless you.

Good contribution from George Ansa Duke, the whole issue is being politicized. The politicians and our religious leaders (Muslim and Christians) will benefit from the confusion. A committee has been set-up on Boko Haram using the tax payers money. It is predictable that the report will never be seen as others in the past.



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