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Photos of Kano Youths "praise" Boko Haram in front of Blasted Kano Police Stations ? very scary Article from the US Washington Post

By Associated Press, Published: January 25

KANO, Nigeria — The angry youths piled on top of the burned-out truck near a blood-spattered police station Wednesday in Nigeria’s north, alternating praises for the radical Islamist sect that bombed the precinct and promising to kill any officer who returned.

The crowd overran the station that morning following an attack there the previous night, apparently by the sect known as Boko Haram, which last week killed at least 185 people in a coordinated assault that struck several police stations in the country’s second-largest city of Kano.

Their jubilation underscored a growing danger from Nigeria’s exploding population: a swarming unemployed and undereducated youth across the north whose anger at Nigeria’s corrupt and weak central government make them ready recruits for the sect and other radicals.

“The poorer Muslim north sees systemic bias in the provision of basic services and repeated incidents of police brutality,” a recent report from Washington-based think tank The Jamestown Foundation said.

Suspected members of Boko Haram surrounded the police station Tuesday night in the Sheka neighborhood of the sprawling and dusty city of Kano, home to more than 9 million people. The gunmen ordered civilians to get off the street, then began chanting “God is great” as they threw homemade bombs into the station and sprayed it with assault rifle fire, witnesses said.

Associated Press journalists saw youths overrun the station Wednesday, as black soot and smoke charred its walls. Doors to jail cells stood open. Blood coated the floor of the local commander’s private bathroom. Investigative files apparently rifled through by attackers or the crowd covered the floors.

Older men around the neighborhood attempted to calm down the youths gathered there, with one trying to lock up the station while security forces remained nowhere to be seen. Most Muslims across Nigeria’s north say they disapprove of Boko Haram, which claimed the assault Friday in Kano that killed at least 185 people.

“We are not satisfied with what is happening now,” said 26-year-old Abubakar Muawuya. Our leaders “have to call this Boko Haram and sit down with them.”

But the group there remained jubilant, repeatedly beating on the burned-out truck. Cheering youths waved an officer’s uniform and others jumped up and down on the truck, with one wearing a police ballistic helmet.

Some also ominously asked journalists visiting the site if they were Christians.

Nigeria’s youth represent what a British Council report last year described as a looming “demographic disaster” for Africa’s most populous nation. Estimates in the report suggest Nigeria’s population of more than 160 million people will swell by another 53 million people by 2050. And while the country makes billions from producing oil, agriculture and other vocations have wilted away, meaning fewer jobs for the growing population where many earn less than $2 a day without access to electricity or clean drinking water.

Illiteracy remains high as an education gap grows wider — children have access to better schooling in the Christian-majority south compared to those in the Muslim north, the report said. Analysts worry that will give extremist groups like Boko Haram fertile grounds to grow as well.


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Replies to This Book Discussion

This writer seems to be writing from hell. The story is not articulated. He is jumping from dissatisfaction with corruption in government, whether journalists are Christians, poor education standards in the north and unemployment. Journalists are one of the problems Nigeria has. Ignoring other issues, I wish to touch on two main points. Firstly, the south mostly, south easterners pay school fees from preschool to university. Communities come together and build schools, churches, roads, markets, town halls, bridges, hospitals and many more without government aid. The northerners will only sit back and wait for government to do everything for them with oil money. They have had free education up to tertiary level from the federal government to close up what they say is education gap. Cut off marks have been constantly reduced for northerners regarding university and even armed forces entry. Secondly they accumulate legions of wives without any reliable source of taking care of their scores of children. Family planning is not for them. In Malaysia and Indonesia that are seen as Muslim countries, anybody, from the president down to the office boy is not allowed to remain in public service with more than a wife. Just allow the regions go their ways. You can never satisfy Hausa/Fulani except they are at the top and lord it over others. What does this writer understand by the question: Are you Christians?

You and the writer who is more from Hell? since it is in your position to pass judgment and tomorrow you will call yourself or claim to be Christain. It is the like of you that cause problem in this country. Judgment is around the corner and God will judge you and not man. It is your people that stay back and wait for Govt. You betrayal and lack of Honesty is destroying your people because of money. I'm not writing as a novice but someone that spend most of her life in your land. That is why kidnapping, Robbery and Ritualists are ramped in your part of the country. So who is deceiving who. In your so called land, alot of your people have many wives and many children, so what are we talking about here? Is family planning for your people too because, I can't remember any when I was given birth there. Is it possible to satisfy the Igbo with their greed of acquiring properties wherever they go in the country like in the North which can never ever happen in your part of the world. I can atest to this I was given birth there and I grew up there and while we were still living in your own part of the country, Your people refused to sell any property to my people. Going our separate way will go along way in helping us alot because your people have already spoilt the name Nigeria because of your 419, Robbery, Ritual and Kidnapping. We need the spilting more than you can imagine.

I cry 4 nigeria when i see what is yet to come. I wish our leaders could see and hear what majority of the unemployed and undereducated youths of nigeria are planning. I weep 4 nigeria , i weep 4 the rich men and their spoilt kids. A word is enough 4 d wise.

This is part of the western world's strategy to break Nigeria apart.The Washington post is one of the media houses that is used to achieve policy makers in Washington;s aim.Boko Haram Might be their creation.

The footage is a bundle of street urchins called ALMAJIRI celebrating the murder of innocent people. They are budding sadistic killers undergoing radicalization in what are called MASALAChIs -Nigeria's equivalent to madrasa. The live in there , indoctrinated all day long and made to wakl the streets as mendicants. They have no idea whom their parents are. Those masalachis are run with money provided by Boko Haram. They are out in the streete because funding from Boko Haram dried up. The majority in that footage is below the age of 13. That is not the age for a child to understand issues like poverty, corruption in government., politics in a democracy , etc. The only language the understand is an instruction KAFIRIs, rape and loot property. For teenagers to spew into a scene of horrifyng carnage in a victory parade, unrestrained by parents or guardians for concern for lurking danger speaks volumes. Simply put, the situation is a carefully organized insurgency and all Northerners, young and old, are proud of what the footsoldiersare doing to Chritians. 
The footage shows young mulahs getting battle innocualtion and desensitization. They are all budding suicide bombers and future Islamic terrorists.

comment from washington post website .

The US is bent on breaking up nigeria the nore their plans are exposed the better ... But then as questions goes these youths need to cool down ! same thing can happen in the south 

The US is not bend on breaking Nigeria but it has more to do with Nigerians attitude towards their fellow Nigerian.There is a saying that goes this way " It is the rat in the house that invite the one outside to come inside the house because there is alot of food". US is only making prediction based on our actions. We are helping by proving them right through our actions and reaction. No man is an Island and in all actions, there must be a reactions. Yes,the youths need to cool down and this can be achieved if they are meaningful engaged. Our leaders needs to be abit less selfish and starts taking those they governed into consideration and we wouldn't find ourselves in this mess we are in today.

They are angry that what?  Oh they are happy that blood has been shed. Uncivilized states. Can this happen in the south east and children come out to jubilate on a tragedy like this.  These are children that ought to be in primary and secondary schools. Why can't the Northern leaders affect the lives of these children positively than using them to cause nuisance and disturb the peace of Nigerians. I even wonder why the cut-off mark of entering secondary and tertiary institutions in the Northern states are so low when we operate in the same economy and environment, yet their youths are in the streets killing people with the aid of their leaders in authority. It is nobody's fault that illiteracy is in the increase in the north despite the free education accorded to them. I have said it several times, this is happening because a northern is not the president of Nigeria today. Will this happen if the Atikus, Babangidas, Buharis are in power today? The answer is NO. Please, lets give peace a chance.

When making comment on any issues, first of all read the write up through and understand. You that came form Civilize states should be there to give or enlighten them on the ethics of becoming enlightening. You are right that they are children that are support to be in schools, unfortunately find themselves in such environment which you are I can't authentically say what they are doing. How are you sure that they are using them to cause nuisance? The problem with us in Nigeria is that we make quick to make assumption without verifying our source of information. The cut-off marks shouldn't be your problem, because even with the cut-off marks in place not all of the northerns are able to afford school fees and go to school. In all institutions that cut across the country, you still get children that have ready questions and answers sheets gotten for them by their parents which is always impossible with the Northern parents. I'm telling you from first hand information because I witness it, not hear say in the south since I was able to school there and I was given birth there.  When Niger-Delta Militants were on the rampage and a northern was in power, did you hear any northern making comparising just as you are doing. When Yar'adua was President and the Militants were on rampaged what did he do and during his period with the same Boko Haram, what did he do? As I said before verify information before postings.

fyi everyone we will not tolerate insults on our staff .. if you dont like what we REPORT kindly say it in language that befits your status as a 9jabook member .  thank you

I hope my replies are not offence and if they are pls I apologise. Thanks.

Aisha no need for appology if they don't want insult on their staff then they should verify before reporting this will save them.




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