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Sad:Indian 12yr old girl kills self to give Dad eyes & Brother kidney

Don't read this if you are weak hearted ... Mumpy Sarkar was a 12-year old girl who had a mission in life. She came from a poor family and not having money for the costly organ transplants, she decided to take her own life and donate her organs to her father and brother.

Her father was a daily labourer in Dhantala, Nadia district of West Bengal and had problems of vision; her brother had a damaged kidney and was in need of a kidney transplant to help him recover. For doing that, she decided to take her own life – at least her organs would take care of a portion of the costs. Moreover, apart from saving the lives of her father and brother, she would also remove their headaches of arranging money for her own marriage …

Accordingly, she made her preparations and scribbled a note to her mother spelling out her intentions. She even consumed a poison and, her father rushed her for treatment. It was most unfortunate that all her efforts went in vain because the note she had scribbled to her mother was found only after her body had been cremated.

Photo:Poverty row: A family husk rice with a manual thresher in a village in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal

NADIA: For days, Mumpy would listen quietly as the elders discussed how only an eye surgery could save her father's vision and a kidney transplant her brother's life. But both surgeries were beyond the family's meagre means. So, Mumpy hit upon a plan, which to her 12-year-old mind seemed the answer to all troubles. She would kill herself, which would save the dowry, too, and her organs would give her loved ones back their lives.

Mumpy did stick to her plan. But the suicide note in which she had scribbled down her wishes was found the day after she was cremated.


The incident took place in Dhantala's Jhorpara on June 27. Her father's and brother's ailments had left Mumpy Sarkar, a Class VI student, anxious. One of the kidneys of her brother Monojit, a Class XI student, was damaged and the other was getting weak. Father Mridul Sarkar, a daily wager, was also gradually losing his eyesight.

"The family had approached the local MLA for help. We had decided to grant them some money for the boy's treatment. But the tragedy happened all of a sudden," said Dhantala panchayat pradhan Tapas Tarafdar.

Mumpy had taken elder sister Monica, a Class VIII student, into confidence and had urged her to commit suicide as well for the "cause". When Mumpy told Monica about her plan on the morning of June 27, the latter laughed it off and left for school. Their father was away at work and mother Rita had gone to fetch rice.

"Finding herself alone at home, Mumpy consumed Thiodan, a pesticide. Then, she ran to meet her father, who was about half a kilometre away. She told him that she had dreamt that someone had poured poison into her mouth and her stomach ached. Her alarmed father took her to a local pharmacy immediately where she was given some medicines. But her condition worsened soon and she had to be rushed to the local Baranberia hospital. From there, she was referred to Anulia hospital. But the doctors declared her brought dead," Tarafdar said.

It was only the day after her cremation that Mumpy's father found a note on her bed. Addressed to her mother, the girl requested her to make use of her eyes and kidney for the treatment of her father and brother. This left the aggrieved family inconsolable. "We were too late in understanding the feelings of a very sensitive child," Mridul wept. Mumpy's mother has gone into shock.

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Replies to This Book Discussion

Too bad for a poor helpless girl.

May her gentle and innocent soul rest in peace. Amen

i feel for this girl
May her soul rest in perfect peace.
So sad, may her soul rest in peace.
Mumpy, my girl, RIP. Find sweet rest in the bosom of our dear God for a clean heart such as yours, I guess, u will truly find rest.
What a tragedy with a good intention only to bottom out to a failed mission. She's bold only to come short and may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. I believe others who're in position to help out would step to the plate to getting her wish fulfilled.
this is d saddest story av read this week
what a pity the poor girl is helpless may your soul rest in peace


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