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Satorial - #BringbackthenameSodom for the Gays just like "Nigg..R" Days by Abi john Balogun

Shoudlnt the Word Gay be banned just like the Word Nigger ?  If i call you nigger and i am white is no good .. if i call you gay and am ungay should be too ...

If you arent homo sexual you are Straight  if you are not straight  you are Gay .. A lil fairy told me this once

Who is the Bent and who is the Ungay ?  and since when did it be that One can no longer literarily say ..
O pray tell What a gay Day !

Or  you are looking so gay and dandy today !

Or Marvin Gaye's Dad  was not very gay(happy) about Marvin

and if the Gays are the Happy Folk

Why have they been so Unhappy that they couldn't marry each other   !
And If Marrying the same sex is such a Big deal Why do those who marry a different sex Divorce so often ? Or are they not Gay ?

I mean Happy about being married to the same sex ?

The truth is that there should be a law that makes Adultery ILLEGAL !  
If you legalise Marriage Pls Stop mocking us, Legalise Adultery !

Or what is the opposite of Adultery is it being gay or married or heterosexual ?  i am lost here ...

Straight to the Point

Abi John is not gay about this post he wrote :)


ps \=And if the gays are like the nigRs i feel so sad if you are a  gay nigRs (sic)

Now The Gays and the Blacks are being lumped together .. Blacks were chained  Hung and Enslaved for over 300 years in America  . Gays have been running around since biblical times in Sodom  erk that was what it was called before someone changed it to something happy  !

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A sin is a sin, go and Check your Bible in book of Leviticus 18 :22 says "You shall not lie with a male as a woman. It is abomination.

i wonder o Bro !



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