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Three Nigerians were yesterday beheaded in Saudi Arabia. They had been found guilty of robbing and murdering fellow Nigerian, Omar Mohammed Adam. This was announced by the Saudi Interior Ministry and publicised by the official SPA news agency.

Mohammed Ismail, Abdulqudus Adam and Mohammed Kabir Ali broke into the house of Omar Mohammed Adam where "they beat him and his wife, tied them down and strangled Omar to death," the statement said. Then they burgled their compatriot's home, it added.

The beheadings in the western Red Sea city of Jeddah brings the number of executions in that country to 31 since January 1.

On June 10, London-based watchdog Amnesty International called on Saudi Arabia to stop applying the death penalty, saying there had been a significant rise in the number of executions in the previous six weeks. According to Amnesty, 15 people were executed in May alone.

In 2009, the number of executions was 67, compared to 102 the previous year.
Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Saudi Arabia's strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law.

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it's very simple.d strict penalties will restrict pple from committing crimes that warrants death sentences.so,if u can't adhere & abide to d rules,u're free to go elsewhere,where crimes are committed,even with clear evidence & witness,d offender still goes scot free with d acquisition of a so called competent lawyer.it's a holy country,so justice must prevail,& it does prevails.even if d offender is d king of saudi arabia,he'll face judgement.Allah subhana wa ta'ala,pls instill this kind of scenerio in nigeria,she needs to be cleanse,so that all our leaders can turn new leaf,i subscribe 100% to this

Anybody who takes another person’s life has no right to live. The law should also be practised in Nigeria.

That is good for them
this picture is not recent,it should be like 30 yrs old or more...
gidi this is not the exact picture

It serves them right.


you for leave am without pix,cos this will look like a frame up...my opinion though..
Despite being beheaded sentence carried out every Fridays of the weeks has such crime abated of course not. Agreed life should go a life but beheading is out of the norm and inhumane no matter how justifiable it might look. Firing squad, hanging and beheading should be taken off the book because they're cruel and inhumane. Moreover those involved might not be the one that did what was alleged or they might not had good representation or understanding of the law or the language spoken. Once the genie has been let of the bag it can't be repack back into the bottle. These we are discovering in the present that some were coerced or forced into submission during interrogation. Movies are portraying it too. Finally, sometimes we must just have a forgiving spirit to let them be incarcerated for life where they would at the end come to reality the gravity of what they've done if indeed they did. The draconian law of killing and the motives behind it is to come to finality, but one thing still stands that what has been done by those individuals can't be undone no matter how many times they're killed or maimed before they finally died. Killing or taken lives before their expiration by the government to make a statement is to chide away from responsibility of using the taxpayers money for taking care of those on death rows.
I very well agree with you mr. Moses.... there is a saying that said, an eye for an eye makes the world go blind... two wrongs can never make be right, am not in support of any criminal.. buit the state have no right to kill.
This is a deterent to others. Before you kill someone, u should bear in mind that u too dont love ur life, for u will be killed. This is a sign for those who thinks
It serves Nigerians that are not patriotic right.



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