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Dating is supposed to be fun, spontaneous and adventurous. When you’re young, you will most likely date a lot of different people, test the waters and figure out what type of man (or woman) you’re most attracted to. 

According to the “modern day match maker”, Paul , it’s important for women to date more than one man at a time, after all, men do it, so why shouldn’t we?

Paul recently did an article on six reasons why a woman should date more than one man at a time. If you’re anything like me, you think of dating as a skill that is to be learned, practiced and perfected and if you’re single, then maybe it’s time to change up your dating routine with some fresh advice from the modern day match maker himself.


Take a look at the reasons that Paul gave, and see if they match up to your personal dating techniques. (Feel free to take notes and practice when necessary)

1. Dating takes time-”if you choose to date sequentially, on average, it will take you longer to meet “the one”. On average, a woman will date 27 men before finding Mr. Right. Assuming the average number of months you date each person is 1 (this is a very conservative estimate), dating sequentially would mean an average of 10 1/2 years of dating to find your beloved!”

2. Dating is a learned skill- “the more you date, the better you will become and the better you become, the more you’ll enjoy dating”.

3. He’s dating multiple people- “The reality of dating is that, whether men are honest about it or not, MOST of them are already dating aggressively — however, only few disclose it.”

4. Comparisons allow you to see who stands out- “when dating aggressively you can see how they stack-up against the competition”

5. Your dates will show intention faster

6. Don’t front, a dating strategy is effective- “We rarely do anything successfully in life without a plan… dating should not be different.”


Find this Book and Laugh ! 

Another great tale of love gone wild from author Michelle Cunnah, a favourite voice of Avon Trade fans whose loveable characters are creating a stir.

A good relationship is like a pair of comfortable shoes, right?

At first, they may pinch and squeeze, but with time (and blisters) they mould to your feet for a perfect fit.

Rosie Mayford isn't sure she believes this theory-after all, she takes a size eleven wide, so she has first-hand experience of the trials and tribulations of finding exactly the right shoes. She's praying finding the right man won't be nearly that hard. With the "help" of her meddling family and friends, it's not, even if she partly found a Mr. Right just to get them off her back.

But now what? Rosie and Jonathan couldn't be in more different places in their lives, and they are about to find out just how exhilarating-and disastrous--a mismatched love affair can be. Will they get to the part where they're broken in and life is nothing but great sex and comforting hugs, or will one of them get sent off in scorn like a pair of too-small stilettos that felt okay in the store? What do you do when Mr. Right gets the timing wrong?

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Replies to This Book Discussion

not one of them enough to turn into a whore
And when she has dated plenty,plenty she becomes fairly used, no man wants a second hand wife... yes date multiple but be discreet about it, most times it comes back to bite you in the ass...
more than anything else, one should be safe (wear protection).  then, be picky; if you can attract many, you have the right.  if you just having fun, you must accept the risks; just don't put others at risk for your selfishness.
Don't worry the more the merrier,but live dangerously to have a regrets of what life is all about.One at a time is good enough for me to give me time to learn my mistakes before going into another one so it wouldn't repeat itself.This are the reason men are so discreet in their choices of women only at the end to be left in the cold before they knew it.
why does it sound so pinchy to men wen you hear things like dis about female but for men you believe you can have as many as you can without marring to them. stop been hot is tit for tat.


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