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It is very important to educate some who really buy the excuse that owing a private jet by Pastors makes the work of getting around easier for them. That is NOT TRUE in any inference.

1) If private jets are a necessity in the first place, these guys can buy ones at less than $1 Million.Why buy gold-plated jets for $30M-$45M with all bells and whistles?

2) The cost of maintenance of private aircraft within the hangers and cost of running is 20 times more than flying first class. A trip from Lagos to London in a private jet for 5 days is enough to fly first class for several such trips in a year. Cost imperative is bad owing a private jet.

3) Having a private jet does not mean you can get into it and fly any time you want. You have to get series of permissions from your airport and your destination, and then you follow all same protocols other aircraft oblige to. Time and effort is severally more costly to own private jet. Its not like owing a private car.

4) Private jets cost a fortune keeping on the ground, so it is gulping money even when not in use. What sense is in that?

5) One yearly service call on a private jet is enough to keep several families happy all through the year. Why the waste, all in the name of showing "you are blessed".

Why this severe waste in a land where suffering is written in caps on people's faces? It is ungodly and outrightly wicked.

Corroborating my point is Warren Buffet. Here him

"Do you know that Warren Buffet owns the largest private jet manufacturing firm in the US? Yet he has never flown in one because he says "everyone who says they need a private jet to make important appointments is a liar". "They need it for their ego. Name me one of them busier than I am who owns more US corporations than I do". "I travel constantly across the US and the world in commercial jetliners, live in the same house since the 70s, still buy $9 ties and $75 suits and still drive my 22 year old immaculately maintained Lincoln". Buffet is one of the richest men in the largest economy on earth!"

British government DOES NOT OWN one jet because it is very expensive. The British Prime Minister flies BA. Think about that people. Call me names, call me whatever but you cannot fault the TRUTH.


Nigeria's club of jet owners

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nigeria's club of jet owners



The recent media report that Nigeria is now holding the enviable record of a country with the highest private jet ownership in Africa is unarguably rankling.

This untoward development has brought into sharper focus the paradox of a nation that is endowed with huge oil resources but where only a few privileged individuals are wealthy. In a country where the average citizen or over 70 percent of the population lives on less than $1 per day, it is astonishing that there is a super rich class of business moguls, bankers, preachers, politicians and oil magnates whose private ownership of jets is more than that of any other country in the continent. The report has it that ownership of state-of-the-art jets in Nigeria has increased to over 200 in 2012 from 50 in 2008.

It also indicates that N1.30 trillion may have been spent by Nigerians in the last seven years to acquire jets. The cost of a jet ranges between N2.4 billion and N9 billion. Though successive Nigerian administrations have generously dubbed the country as the "Giant of Africa," the reality on ground indicates that Nigeria does not deserve to be so called.

Ours is a system riddled with systemic corruption and officially-sanctioned profligacy. Over the years, we have not fared better in any index of development by any African and global ranking bodies. While it is the prerogative of individuals to decide what to do with their money, we think that the rush by wealthy Nigerians to acquire private jets is fast becoming an obsession that should be curbed.

The new craze among public office holders is unnecessary show of power, prestige and personal ego. Acquiring a private jet has now become a status symbol for a few privileged nouveau riche Nigerians including members of the political elite. Given that some oil-rich states of the Niger Delta region can afford the luxury of a private jet for their chief executives, the same can hardly be said of other states of the federation where basic necessities of life are still a campaign issue. Even among the oil-rich states, some environmental challenges occasioned by years of oil exploration and exploitation are still begging for attention that acquisition of jets cannot be a top priority.

The recent havoc caused by flood in many parts of the country shows the enormity of environmental problems facing most of the states. Besides, every state in the country is bedevilled by the blight of unemployment and poverty. The country is still battling with general insecurity occasioned by armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism and other social ills.

Moreover, the nation's education and health sectors are in a shamble, yet we parade the highest number of jet owners in Africa. We decry the new craze to acquire jets among Nigerians, especially the public office holders. In fact, public office holders should seriously face governance and other developmental issues and do away with the tendency to buy jets.

Apart from being an avoidable drain on the state's resources, there is no need and justification for such ego-tripping. This overt and stupendous consumerism culture epitomizes poverty of ideas and misplacement of priorities. It should be stopped forthwith. While there is nothing basically wrong with private individuals owning jets, we should not bring the Nigerian factor to bear on it so that it does not become nauseating.

We urge Nigerians to moderate their taste for ostentation and curb the new craze. We appeal to state governors to channel those resources to the enhancement of democracy deliverables to the people. Let them compete on developmental issues and not on jets. Above all, government should regulate the acquisition of luxury goods including jets by increasing taxation on them. Efforts should be geared towards improving the nation's aviation industry.

Perhaps, the mad rush to acquire private jets can be lessened if the aviation sector is working. People resort to acquiring jets to possibly overcome the shortcomings of the ailing aviation sector. A situation where only two or three private airlines service the nation's domestic flight needs is not good enough. Floating a functional national carrier in addition to having a few more functional and effective private operators can largely address the problem.


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Replies to This Book Discussion


Awesome write-up, I'm still surprised at the total number of private jets

Thank you so much for this wonderful write up. I pray that all those who bother to read it learn the wisdom herein. One day God will judge all men of their deeds here on earth! It is very clear that it is beyond oppression of the masses... The masses, especially the so called Christians (Pentecostals) have been so brain-washed that they Celebrate the Oppressors. So, in the latest case of the private Jet ownership of Papa Ayo, we learn that his church members bought it for him as a birthday gift! This is the paradox of the matter!... The Oppressor is Celebrated by the Oppressed...

One Private jet will Turn many of our Public Schools into Private well equipped Schools .. What is the Church turning into or has everyone in support of this private jet madness gone MAD ! Church schools are not affordable by the poor . I dont et it at all and the poor are the ones saying they deserve these JETS ! The church is supposed to be the source of solace the comforting home for the poor the embassy for the redeemers instead we the poor now are comforting the CHURCH !

so sad!, how many of these so called weaalthy Nigerians have NGO's Foundation, Charitable Oganisations that takes care of the poor masses or under previledge among us. If they look in ward, they will know that Great number of Nigerians even within their environment where they live or in their churches are hungry. Time will tell very soon.

Don't mind all this pastors, all they want is their own pocket. All in the name of God,people are duping one another. Just because people are living in hardship, we nigerians want to hear that one day, it will be fine. And. They use it to their advantage "somebody tell your neighbour that this year is your year of prosperity" everybody will shout and after ,you will come and sow a seed,these people are exploiting us .

all private jet owners in Nigeria deserve to be shot so that their jets can be sold and the proceeds used to feed the millions they have deprived.


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