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The New Lagos Law - Beat your wife Go to Jail ! Was it legal Before ? What about the kids the housegirl the gateman ?

There's a new Domestic Violence Law in Lagos State, and it states that if you beat your wife, you will go to Jail. It is now an offense for any man to hit his wife.
According to the deputy governor of Lagos State, Hon Joke Orelope-Adefulire, the Domestic Violence Law is made not only to protect women who are most times the target
of violence in the home but also to safeguard the interest of men, children, servants, maids and everyone who may be a victim of domestic violence.

What baffles me about such a law is that How come it is a NEW law . Was it legal to beat your wife your gateman and your houseboy before ? ? 

In case of man/woman abuse issues, it does not matter whether there's a valid contracted marriage between the victim and the perpetrator of the act as long as they are
living together in a home setting. 

Here's what happens when there's a case of domestic violence.

1. Remove the abuser from the home pending when the abuse is corrected
2. Or remove the complainant from the residence and put in a protective home
3. Provision of financial assistance by the state via the Office of the Public Defender/Legal Aid Council to victims of abuse who maybe financially unable to seek redress in
4. The court can issue warrant of arrest and remand order.

Now that it is a law you have all heard at least .

thanks to Fashola !


Domestic violence occurs across society, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, wealth, and geography. The figures show, however, that it consists mainly of violence by men against women.

Children are also affected, both directly and indirectly and there is also a strong correlation between domestic violence and child abuse.


However, not confusing the two; Domestic violence unlike child abuse is defined as “any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between adults who are or have been intimate partners or family members, regardless of gender or sexuality.” Tina Musuya, the executive director of Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention a Non-Governmental Organization, stated different forms of domestic violence to include; Emotional and psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual assault, economic or financial abuse, honour based violence, forced marriage, domestic violence perpetrated against people with disabilities, teen ‘dating’ abuse, domestic abuse during pregnancy, domestic abuse against men, stalking among others.

She emphasized that, whatever form it takes, domestic violence is rarely a one-off incident, and should instead be seen as a pattern of abusive and controlling behaviour through which the abuser seeks power over their victim.


The abuse involves a pattern of abusive and controlling behaviour, which tends to get worse over time. The abuse can begin at any time, in the first year, or after many years of life together. It may begin, continue, or escalate after a couple have separated and may take place not only in the home but also in a public place.


Research also shows that domestic abuse is caused by several factors including; strong association with the consumption of alcohol and drugs, a potential link to HIV Aids with studies from Africa showing an increased risk of violence in other words, when the man is HIV positive or when the woman perceives herself to be at high risk of acquiring HIV from the man and finally, evidence highlights that children who witness family violence are more likely to become perpetrators of victims of violence in adulthood.

According to the 2011 domestic violence report of the Centre for Domestic violence prevention, studies indicated that the eastern region was the most affected area. Women and children are the most vulnerable because they are naturally known to be weaker than men and they are the ones who suffer more severe and sustained attacks.


Sources also say that, women are four times more likely to suffer emotional and physical turmoil than men as a result of violence meted against them. However, not all women are victims of domestic abuse and they are associated with a reduced risk of violence. Other studies have found that women with a high status as measured by their educational attainment, degree of autonomy or control over resources, are more protected from the risk of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence

Copying with a Violent Spouse

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Replies to This Book Discussion

Husband beating nko? Dat wan nor get law???????

I no know for them o!!!

They are out to destroy homes.

The first three responses are quite disappointing. It is a man's world and woman are most often than ever always at the receiving end. THEY SHOULD BE PROTECTED! The serial maltreatment of women in our system is really insane please. Kudos to  the promulgators of the law. 

Also how does this constitute to destroying homes? An abusive man has broken his home already please. How the hell will you beat the mother of your children.

Yes I agree with you. It is men that are more guilty ofbthis crime. However, women can wage psychological warfare too. What will they be charged with?

Women given same shoe will not be better off their male counterpart as seen in the western world now. I do not support men brutalizing women but a common ground and balance be sought before men too become miserable due to such law. Remember the recent case of one Nigerian ambassador that his wife claimed she was battered by the husband, though it turned out she did batter herself just to disgrace and humiliate the husband. The husband was only lucky one of his daughter or son was there to testify.




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