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My People 9jarians,we musn'y deceive ourselves,notin like 7point. Lets advice the President to solely concentrate on Power Project,and ensure that he achieve 6000Megawatt before leaving office. Instead of him facing7 without accomplishing one.
How can we develop without steady Electricity?

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way to go. Good Word.
i quite agree with you Ayodele, we all know our problems, and the too much comfort that the ''oil money'' is giving the government is blinding them from seeing beyond their noses, all they care about is the satisfaction of their greed, if not, for christs' sake do you have to tell anybody, talk much of those who claimed to have all it takes to govern us that you need electricity as the pinnacle for all development? what is the point of singing 7-point agenda when we 'live and reason in darkness? companies are folding up in tens just because all their profits is used for salaries and dissel for their generators and the independent marketers and generator sellers keep rushing to the banks to make deposits and nobody is doing anything about it instead of correcting the problem of NEPA, they changed its name to PHCN and instead of correcting the problem of the Police, they changed the uniform, is the name the prob. or the uniform?. All i want to believe is that our leaders have lost focus, recently the world bank report scored us very low in terms of employement, people are dieing everyday of hunger yet not one advert from the federal govt of job vacancies. SEVEN POINT AGENDA INDEED.
My friend,i am happy that you share the same view with me, on the state of the nation.
Another word for the Nation is that Rebranding should start from the Executives,imargine a public office holder will squander public funds just like that. I imargine sometimes if EFCC is still functioning.
How do we also explain the INEC electoral mess, just to mention a few. All we need now is Divine Intervention.
NO ELECTRICITY, NO FUEL. Wetin we do our leaders?
You're talking of 6,000 when u haven't seen 1,000 yet. Do u know that there are still some nooks and crannies of the country that do not have rural electriication not to talk of PHCN. Our Leaders do not and have never gotten their priorities right. Power is the ultimate. Without this there cannot be meaningful devlopment. Our current leader/leaders have been pursuing shadows. I do not know when they will hit the substance.
my friend,the issue is so much that wecannot discuss all.
One thing the leaders should know is that we followers are not fools, one day,they will know that.
Our democracy is the government of the priviledge by the priviledge and for the priviledge. All they care for is demselves. Power probe, Halliburton scandal of which dem be beneficiaries, notin came out of it. The 7 point Agenda is a scam, PDP is the worst dat can happen to Nigeria. Ekiti re run is another case study. Fuel scarcity another wahala in the land of plenty. Where are we going? We need power to grow


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