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These millennials spend their days on the beach and still make money. Here's how to do it in Nigeria !

It's a Friday afternoon in Lagos, Nigeria as Abi John, sits behind his laptop at a co-working space. Usually a Restaurant a Hotel . He has just left a client who he came over to see 

The space, which offers free open seating for its members, is far from typical: A few minute walk from the beach, it has no proper doors and its ceiling is covered by bamboo. Members take off their shoes before entering and work barefoot. Across the street is a parlor offering one-hour massages for 2000Naira.

A Shed can cost from 500 to 3000 Naira a day to sit on 

I bring a collapsible chair 

There is Suya and Drinks a Few feet away 

Abi is a software consultant who has worked with various firms and has lived in Benin City for the last two years.

"Most people don't understand that I can wake up, open my computer and have a full day's work from anywhere in the world," Abi said.

He is part of a growing movement, called "digital nomads," driven by millennial entrepreneurs, designers and developers.

"Most of the people I've worked with, I've never shaken their hand," he said. "I'm building my work around my lifestyle. Not the other way around."

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Unlike many of his peers, Abi's  aka Weboga (nigerian digital webmaster) major life decisions are less about renting an apartment versus buying a home, and more about where his next destination will be. Digital nomads usually spend anywhere from a few days or weeks to a  few months to several years in a city town or country, and then they move on.

The popularity of the nomad lifestyle has sprouted new platforms like the retwtr.com  jobbr.com.ng  which ranks cities around West Africa based on just four criteria: cost, internet, safety and fun. Currently Benin City Edo State is the top ranking city.

Two other digital nomads,  Austin Kabo and  Peter Ohams , are making a business out of their lifestyle. They started The Drupp Club ,  with Abi   http://drupp.us  a company that helps millennial men and women convert their private cars into moving vans chauffers etc like uber build online businesses while traveling the world, by providing online courses that teach skills like for Driving Routes to avoid mechanics etc and Inter City Advice .They are former cab men who keyed in on one of their Customers and have setup a thriving Business Online with Abi as one of their Directors .

Abi - Originally based in Lagos I have been living in and  around Nigeria for four years now, and have spent the past 2 years in Edo State .

I lived in England for about 6years That is where i perfected my Nomadic Lifestyle . I have moved in and out of countless homes and just love thatr feel it gives me breathe of exhalation its like starting a new life each time :) 

Skeptics may argue that digital nomads are just taking a permanent vacation — at a steep cost. But many of these roving techies would argue it's the opposite, and they're actually being smart with their funds.

Every Year I pay just about 500k to live in a 3 Bedroom Flat. I dont own a Car but use Cab Services Which I have designed websites for like a mini uber I  have daily housekeeping and have fresh  Meals  delivered regularly.

Meanwhile, Abi said he pays roughly one-third the cost of most major U.S. cities, and eats out for some  of my  meals. He also noted he goes swimming/dancing almost  every other  day.

"I've never been happier, or healthier in my life," he said. "I am around people who motivate me to work harder and be a healthier, or a more productive version of myself."

"Most people don't understand that I can wake up, open my computer and have a full day's work from anywhere in the world including my bed :) ,"

and they will still want to pay or make you to pay your Hotel Pay Airfare . Spend hours Travelling for you to come and sit with them for 1hour and they ask you the SAME Questions :) and when you say No Lets do Skype they think its an affront !

not everyone loves to fly or sit in hotel rooms lol ! but i do thanks for the free vacation  :)

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