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Today’s Conception about Weddings = A very Serious Mistake. God’s Idea of joining two together.


Thank you for you interest in the article. But before you begin, I would like to clear you on the fact that while the ideas in this article are wonderful and wins my total support, they are not mine but the words of Monicque Sharman, author of THE BIBLE, SEX AND THIS GENERATION.




In the book of Amos, we are asked this lovely simple question, “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” (Amos 3:3). ‘Walking together’ is certainly what two people must do after indulging in the eternal act of sexual intercourse. Therefore, before participating, it is good that the partners know and discuss the fact that they will be required to be lifelong companions. Couples should (but often don’t) agree to ‘walk together’ for life before taking the plunge to sexual activity, and this is one of the reasons why the actual ceremony part of the wedding began: It was a formal agreement made before witnesses to ‘walk together’ forever.


Weddings didn’t always include such a ceremony with a formal agreement. They began as celebrations of new marriages recognizing the beginning of a ‘walking together.’ They celebrated an end to childhood, the start of new married life, the start of a couple running their own household, of prospective parenthood, and of an entire new way of life for the people involved. The first time a person had sex was a momentous occasion – certainly something to celebrate.


Back in ancient times when the wedding was just a celebration, it was not thought of as the beginning of marriage, for people knew that it was sex itself that was sacred and sex was the only ceremony needed to start a marriage relationship. People knew that a wedding was not what married a couple just as a funeral was not what killed a person. A wedding only marked the marriage in the same way that a funeral only marks death. People also knew that sex meant ‘walking together’ forever – so they were careful in their choice of partner.


These days, the story should be the same, however it isn’t. People have sex without thought, and the modern wedding has very little to do with the start of a new sexual relationship (marriage). Almost every person having a wedding ceremony today has previously had sex (often with numerous partners). And because of this large gap between sex and marriage, people even think that it is a wedding or the priest that joins two people together in marriage. Think about it yourself: What do you view as being more closely aligned with marriage? A wedding, or sex? Biblically speaking, sex should be your answer. However, most today would overwhelmingly answer ‘a wedding.’ If you say you are ‘married’ these days, people understand this to mean that you’ve had a wedding. Sexually active people are often still considered ‘unmarried.’


In chapter 11 of this book, we looked at some reasons why Christian couples who are not married legally should have a wedding. In this chapter, we look at how Christians should really view the wedding ceremony, and at some of the reasons why Christians have always thought of a wedding as being Biblically mandated. Christians should know that it’s not the priest, the wedding or the contract etc. that joins a couple to each other. When a couple has sex then they are bonded and have entered into covenant relationship with each other, and it is each person’s internal commitment to this that keeps a marriage together. Now, believing that this internal commitment can be made only when a person has a wedding ceremony, or signs a marriage contract is a very serious mistake. People should make this internal commitment when they are going to have sex with someone, or if they are currently in an otherwise righteous sexual relationship.




You enjoyed it or intend to criticize, let’s have your comments.

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