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Hello ! ,

it is me your friendly neioghbourhod webmster Abi John Balogun aka AJB Weboga !

Founder of your multi weekly 9jabook Hub News

IT has been a While I spoke to this Community Directly .

Technology has become truly better but where is the time ? these days .

I hope all is well and you have been enjoying the plethora of emails I and Our Network 9jabook have been sending you:)

I think it is only fair to give people an out, so now would be a great time to let me know you are no longer interested in hearing about 9jabook and our increasing network of amazing sites and how we can add value to your personal or corporate organizations social media experience. As well as increase performance,send awesomne information and web tools to cut down on costs, and increase your user’s experience on the ever complex web (I could keep going...).

Hey I get it, you probably receive a ton of emails like this from people like me and it is hard to find time in your busy day to respond. But I would truly appreciate a little insight as to your curiosity when it comes to web networking and ecommerce .

You see We have been building something awesome for quite some time and will continue to do so
Please let me know if we should part ways, or if you would like more information about The Future of the 9jabook Hub and The Future of our Enormous Tweeterest Network .

We are now in Ghana Kenya & The UK now fully operational ! In Nigeria Kano Kaduna Delta Ogun Edo Akwa Ibom !

http://kano.tweeterest.com see below for full list of urls

All i am saying is simple . We hve kept a 22,000 Member cap or limit on our 9jabook Hub Daily Emails Because of The Dollar Increase We cant take more to reduce our costs . we are Privately Funded afterall .

if you really dont like our emails just go to the bottom of this email and opt out ! Glad to let you know Someone is waiting to Take Your place or send an email to biodunb@gmail.com or info@tweeterest.com

We know the Inbox is a great learning tool these days and what we see must be useful to us !

Knowledge is power,

if you are interested in knowing more call sms or send an email 234-8064950565
if you are interested in joining us and becoming a partner do the same or register on Tweeterest.com !

Tweeterest is looking for Career Doctors as Bloggers Consultants and Guest Writers to join an exciting new Health Care blog !

please inbox me if interested ! or call 2348064950565

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Lets Ride http://ridr.com.ng

Invest in Tweeterest Group Media

1.Sponsor/Fund one of our Websites from 10Dollars and Above and earn per dollar from ads Revenue !

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Go to our Fundraising Site http://dotifi.com and choose the site you like ! You have to Register First !

sites - videodey.com hotelz.com.ng retwtr.com isiewu.com ridrs.com.ng and more ! tv.vdeodey.com tweeterest.co.uk dott.com.ng hotelz.us and more !

if paying in naira the rate is strictly according to daily rates
tweeterest.com digital media

we are content with your content

Abiel John Balogun
CEO Founder
for more info call 2348064950565

Many of us are clamoring for a more meaningful and purposeful existence. We want more out of life than the 9 to 5 job and a paycheck. We want to make an impact. We crave the extraordinary.

We don’t want to live a mediocre life, settling for the daily grind. We want “one day” to not always be in the future, but to be something tangible that we can enjoy in this lifetime. And we never know when this lifetime will be over.

But we’re busy. More than ever before. It’s easy to forget that there are thousands of other people out there just like us that also want to live a more extraordinary and altruistically founded life.

This isn’t just about you. This is about everyone around you as well – your family, your friends, the chef at your favorite restaurant and the employees working down the street.

This Website Tweeterest.com is about the power of collaboration. It’s about recognizing that passion within us that we all can feel and strive for. I worked with quite a lot of people to create this concept over the years that Technology Wisdom Meets Passion – 9jabook Hub our motto is men make books and books make men a book that talks about joining generations and philosophies – not just in work, but in our overall perspective on the world.
Remember when your favorite bands came together to make that epic song? checkout videodey.com

Or that giant corporation came together with a great charity and profoundly impacted a community?
we saw potential in ankarafrica.com a free collaboration social network like no other amongst aFricans

When “they” become “we” – what would this concept do to change our paradigm?
Powerful things can happen when we collaborate. Big and small. As a matter of fact, most of the beautiful things we experience in life are as a result of collaboration. That’s where the magic happens.

At a Time we were stalled by the capacity and power of our Platform on 9jabook and our efforts dwindled as we could no longer effectively serve content to mobile devices and that was when the idea of Tweeterest was Born !

not one website but many tied together using open source platforms that scale and matter like wordpress http://tweeterest.xyz and joomla our favorite magento and drupal our secret lover :)

whatever model we choose they keep the web fresher and accesiblity smoother we call them the Tweeterest Collection , you might call them beautiful .Affiliates Programmers Content Developers Doctors and more are all welcome !

But in a time of information and sensory overload, life happens. We get caught up in the moment and forget to collaborate. We forget that we are all interconnected, and when we work together, beautiful things can evolve.

Check out the packages below. Read it with your older children and discuss the different perspectives. Get insights into how you can get more passion – or more wisdom – to create something beautiful with that idea.
Picture a 3-legged stool:
One leg equals passion for something – a cause, a product, an idea.

The second stands for your skills, abilities, and resources at your fingertips.

And the final leg… the one that takes a wobbly useless thing and creates a solid ground – an economic model.
In this 9jabook, and with these resources below, My Team and I dig deep to lay out how to build this. Create the stool that combines both wisdom and passion into a tool and something you can truly stand on – get started now!

my name is Abi John Balogun Aka Weboga Wishing greatness to your success.

Thanks For Your Time .

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